3 things you must know about fayetteville ssdi claims

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Information about 3 things you must know about fayetteville ssdi claims

Published on December 16, 2016

Author: disabilitylawmarketing

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1. 3 Things You Must Know About Fayetteville SSDI Claims You’ve finally made the decision to file a disability claim to receive SSDI benefits, and you have high hopes of having your claim sail through the process and get approval. If only it were that easy. While you probably feel you are deserving of benefits, Social Security Disability administrators are pretty tough to convince. Truth be told, your claim has a high probability of being rejected. However, you can improve your chances of approval by heeding some important information shared by Fayetteville legal experts. 1. Make sure your doctor backs your claim. The claim filing process requires submitting all sorts of paperwork. Among the paperwork you must submit is a doctor’s report that provides details of an official diagnosis of an ailment or medical condition. Your personal physician must substantiate your claims of disability. Agency representatives rely on medical reports for evaluations of the merits of all claims, and doctors know this. When you inform your doctor that you’re applying for SSDI benefits, you may assume your doctor is going to be 100-percent supportive. This is a wrong assumption. It’s quite common for doctors to tell patients they are okay with providing a medical report to SSA on your behalf, but then fail to follow through. This usually happens when a doctor doesn’t believe you are

2. truly disabled. It’s crucial that you find a doctor who is willing to take time to fill out and submit documentation of your disability. You may need to switch doctors to achieve this goal. 2. Never misrepresent material facts. As soon as SSA begins evaluating your claim, it takes a hard look at the material facts involving your case. Information you provide in your paperwork must be true, and backed up by proof. Don’t try tricks such as fudging the numbers in order to receive a higher payout of benefits. This tactic usually backfires. Some claimants lie about their income or fail to reveal certain employment information. Understand that falsifying information on claims can lead to charges and penalties for committing Social Security fraud. 3. Having legal assistance improves your chances. Consider getting legal help to improve your chances of having a successful outcome in the claims process. While you may get lucky and beat the odds, most Fayetteville disability claims are denied. Most likely, your claim is going to end up in a hearing, and it’s far better to have an experienced lawyer helping you fight for benefits, than trusting that a judge is going to automatically rule in your favor. Article Source: http://www.clausonlaw.com/ssd/3-things-must-know-fayetteville-ssdi-claims/

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