3 Steps to Maintain & Cleanse your WordPress site

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Information about 3 Steps to Maintain & Cleanse your WordPress site

Published on July 13, 2016

Author: paulcook159

Source: authorstream.com

3 Steps to Maintain & Cleanse your WordPress site: 3 Steps to Maintain & Cleanse your WordPress site Slide 2: Just like your room and wardrobe, even your website needs cleaning and brushing up every now and then. The idea is that once you have create something, you have to prepare to maintain it as well. I know that WordPress offers the most user friendly websites but the need to recreate a website that helps in making a more elaborate effort to understand the most definite set of instructions. Slide 3: But before we start! Backup your website! Do not proceed with cleaning without creating a backup I repeat ‘Create Back-up before you initiate cleaning process! Slide 4: Remove Unnecessary Elements Upgrade Secure it Slide 5: Remove Unnecessary Elements When you have a website since a long time, there are possibilities that much spam is accumulated. Also, you may find unwanted post revision or unused metadata, 404 errors etc. Slide 6: Remove Unnecessary Elements They take up the space of your server and bloat querying times. This kind of spam chunk can affect your SEO ratings. You can remove all these elements by following the given steps. Slide 7: Fix 404 Errors For this, get a plugin called Broken Link Checker. Run the diagnostics on your website to look for dead URLs. When you use the plugin , you will get an option to fix, remove or redirect these URLs. Slide 8: Fix 404 Errors Select the suited option and lead them somewhere or simply remove it. This will optimize your website and also lead to better user experience. Slide 9: Cleaning up Database Integrate WordPress DBManager . This will help you in cleaning and do the necessary repairs to your wordpress website. Many wordpress developers generally use this to optimize the databse . Then, backup your database and set a schedule according to your maintenance plan. Slide 10: Delete Spam Use a plugin like Akismet or WP SpamShield Antispam that will help you clean the spam of your wordpress site. You can delete the currently spammed comments from your database by running jquery through phpMyAdmin : DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = ‘spam’    Slide 11: Upgrade As WordPress has a large community of WordPress developers, the core of WordPress always receives a lot of updates, error patches and fixes. Once you are set out to repair your website, it is important that you incorporate updating as a part of it. Upgrade Slide 12: Upgrade When you stay updates, you have better security and also new features that make the performance of your website better. Here, it is not just important to update your core but also the plugins that you may have integrated or the theme that you may have used while developing the website. Upgrade Slide 13: Upgrade When Ask WordPress Development Specialist in order to gain further understanding. Upgrade Slide 14: Technology Core Upgrade to the latest version of WordPress technology. Ask WordPress Development Expert to help  you migrate to WordPress 4.5 the current version for better security and latest features. Visit the official website www.wordpress.org for major updates. Slide 15: Website Themes It is high possibility that the theme you selected long ago has a new version and you have not upgraded to it. In this case, you may be losing on much like aspects of look and feel and the perks of the newly introduced version by the author your WordPress theme. Slide 16: Website Themes So here, all you need to do is change the appearance modification that you have done to the theme and then save it in child theme. After that, simply upgrade as your theme author directs you to upgrade. Slide 17: Website Plugins This is something very important. Today, due to the requirements of a website, the use of plugins has largely increased. So even upgrading these plugins can be major task. Use tools to know about the new and latest upgrades of the plugins that you are using. So you keep updating them time and again. Slide 18: Website Plugins When you are cleaning, make sure you start with uninstalling all those plugins or widgets that you are no longer using. Then update the ones that you are using one by one. Do not update all your plugins at once. Slide 19: Website Plugins I suggest Outsourcing WordPress development for such cleaning or maintenance processes so you do not encounter any problems. Slide 20: Secure it When you are following this process, the part of the plan must also include tightening security. As it may be the case where you have a wordpress website which has been there for long and no measure are taken seriously on the security level. Here is what you can do. Slide 21: Secure it Obviously you run security scans through trusted security plugins . But once you are done with all of that, remove and clean all the malicious activities in the scan results and make sure you block the IP address of its origin. Slide 22: Secure it You can change the settings of the wp-config.php or function.php for enhancing security. You can also use tools or extra layers of protection to tighten the security of your website. Make sure you choose tough passwords. Original Posted : http://goo.gl/4a9dsD Interested To Know More About?: Interested To Know More About?   Wordpress Web Developers Wordpress Website Development Outsourcing Website Development

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