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Published on June 9, 2016

Author: paulkoyich

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1. Defensive Driving Participants will learn techniques to driving vehicle in a Safe and Defensive Manner which will enable them to adapt their driving style to varying road, weather and traffic conditions. On completion of the course the participants will be able to: Follow the traffic rules and regulations. Carry out roadworthy checks on the vehicle. State the effects of varying road and weather conditions on braking distances. Safe following distance/ 3 Second Rule Lessons Learned and Driving Habits     

2. Defensive Driving Drive to be the Best BuckleUp Alert Courtesy

3. Six Conditions For Safe Driving Driver Vehicle Road Weather Traffic Visibility

4. Six Conditions For Safe Driving Light/Visibility:  You need to see and be seen and adjust your driving to suit the existing  conditions.   Weather:           Sometimes you have to battle the elements for traction, visibility and vehicle  control.  Your best weapon is good judgment.    Road:                Is the road you are on long and winding or wide open.  Be aware that conditions  change from road to road and the conditions on the same road can change due to weather, traffic or  construction.     Traffic:             Not only do you need to consider other vehicles on the road, you need to watch out  for pedestrians, motor cyclists, bicyclists and animal that also share the road.  The more traffic, the  greater chance for conflict and collisions.     Vehicle:          To prevent collision, your vehicle must respond reliably and efficiently.  Vehicle  defects endanger you and others on the road.    Driver:            The driver is the most important factor.  You must be physically and emotionally fit  to drive.  Factors such as alcohol, age, attitude, drowsiness, fatigue, drugs, physical impairments  and emotions affect the ability to drive safely. 

5. 3 Second Safe Following Distance 100 Kph = 88 feet Second 120 Kph = 115 feet Second   Your Vehicle Fixed object Reference Point

6. 3 Second Safe Following Distance 100 Kph = 88 feet Second 120 Kph = 115 feet Second  Your Vehicle Fixed object Reference Point

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