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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Maurizio

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Integrated Tree Cropping - Experience With FSC:  Integrated Tree Cropping - Experience With FSC ITC Company Overview:  ITC Company Overview ITC established in Albany W.A in 1990 by Bruce Mattinson. Grown in size from an initial 800 ha to now managing 110,000 ha for various clients across five states. The company has always had a strong environmental values. Currently employees 30 full time staff and numerous contractors in local areas. Why FSC for ITC :  Why FSC for ITC Strong environmental ethos. Involvement in many local environmental projects. Commitment to Sustainable forest management. Achieved ISO 14001accreditation Customer preference. Customers Choice:  Customers Choice ITC’s major clients who comprise major pulp wood trading houses and pulp mills prefer wood grown in a sustainable manner in preference to old growth or native forest timbers. However there is no premium paid for this product!! Slide5:  Excerpt from The Japan Times (On-line http://http://www.japantimes.co.jp/) Demand rises for goods from legally logged trees (4 September 2003) The popularity of products made from trees certified as having been legally logged is spreading in Japan as consumers become more environmentally aware.   Mitsukoshi Ltd., a leading department store chain, set up its first wood-products sales area in its flagship store in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district in August.   It featured wooden home goods -- certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a Germany-based nongovernmental organization -- that targeted adults and children.   While critics slammed Mitsukoshi for merely trying to cash in on heightened environmental sensitivities, Wataru Tokinoya, the store's sales manager, said the wood-products section was set up to help people understand the importance of forests.   He said visitors to the store seem to be more interested in FSC goods than other items on sale. Slide6:  Demand rises for goods from legally logged trees (continued)   "I had no way of knowing the origin of the wood and paper products we usually procure. The spread of the certification system will contribute to adequate supervision of forests," said Seiichiro Otsuji, board director of the Sanshokai group, which is made up of World Wildlife Fund-affiliated firms that handle FSC-certified wood products.   Forestry specialists say forests are disappearing because trees are being illegally logged.   Globally recognized FSC certificates are only issued to loggers that properly manage forests, can pass strict checks and consider such issues as ecological diversity.   On the domestic front, nature groups, including the Japan office of the WWF established in 1971, act as intermediaries to further enhance local awareness of the environment and help market FSC-certified wood products.   Ten Japanese forests, including those managed by the Hayami Ringyo forestry company in Mie Prefecture and Yusuhara Shinrin Kumiai forestry cooperative in Kochi Prefecture, are certified by the FSC.   Local governments and forest owners are scrambling to be certified.   The Japanese paper pulp industry, which uses great quantities of lumber, leads the pack in securing FSC approval.   Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. was the first company in the industry to import FSC-certified lumber from its forest in Chile last year.   Nippon Paper Industries Co., an industry leader, announced in August that it will obtain FSC certificates for all its forests, both in Japan and abroad.   Industry sources say the use of lumber from trees grown and felled properly will complement the recycling of paper.   Initial FSC assessment of ITC:  Initial FSC assessment of ITC Non - Conformance with the FSC standard in the following major areas. Management planning. Native forest management. Liaison with indigenous communities. Chemical use (simazine, 1080). Community consultation. ITC response to assessment:  ITC response to assessment Following the initial assessment ITC set about rectifying the areas of weakness against the standard. Changes made in our chemical use. Management plan format changed. Flora and Fauna assessments of native forest undertaken. This is a gradual process and is ongoing – a number of works in progress. Increased level of public participation. Environmental Projects:  Environmental Projects Fox Control Program in the S.W. of W.A . Support for the Mallee fowl preservation group. Eastern Barred Bandicoot project. Corridor plantings. (G.T. and W.A.) Streamlining. (Replanting stream zones) Fox Control Project (VIC):  Fox Control Project (VIC) Projects with Indigenous Community:  Projects with Indigenous Community Gidarjil project in Queensland. Employment of aboriginal staff in the sandalwood project in Kununurra W.A. Liaison with local landowners in fox baiting Boddington W.A. ITC Chemical use in Plantations:  ITC Chemical use in Plantations Cessation of the use of Simazine from our operations. Application of fertilisers undertaken after extensive foliar analysis and recommendations made by an independent third party. Application for a derogation to continue using 1080 for fox control. Participation in an industry group to look at alternative chemicals for the plantation industry. FSC Audit Sept 2003:  FSC Audit Sept 2003 Full FSC audit undertaken in the past 10 days highlighted the following:- Where to From Here for ITC :  Where to From Here for ITC Undertake all our forest management activities in line with the FSC standard and the FSC principles Progress the certification to other outlying ITC activities eg (Solidwood QLD and Sandalwood W.A ) Support the introduction of the FSC in forest management across Australia. Strengths of FSC Standard:  Strengths of FSC Standard FSC is the only global standard. Strong standard in regard to the triple bottom line ( economic, social and environment). FSC is supported by Non Government organisations. Preferred by major pulpwood customers. FSC has chain of custody facility Weaknesses of the FSC Standard :  Weaknesses of the FSC Standard Standard set up primarily to assist organisations in third world countries No premium paid for products produced in compliance with the standard. Chemical standards are set without consultation with industry. (Aust) Summary :  Summary In undertaking to conform to the Forest Stewardship Council standard ITC has committed to climb up the FSC staircase that will ultimately lead to continuously improving forest management!! Presentation Concludes:  Presentation Concludes

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