3 Reasons a Murphy Bed May be Just What You Need

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Information about 3 Reasons a Murphy Bed May be Just What You Need

Published on January 5, 2017

Author: samueljames48

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slide 1: 3 Reasons a Murphy Bed May be Just What You Need Murphy Beds have been a popular choice for many Americans for the past several decades. For most people a murphy bed is both an effective and comfortable solution for years to come 1. Durable Murphy Beds: At Flying Beds you can purchase durable murphy beds at any weight any size and any thickness. Their high quality beds are totally customizable you can even choose the mattress brand. However they offer a great quality “Wesson” model mattress from the Old West Mattress Company. 2. Comfortable Murphy Beds: Many homeowners are pleased to learn that murphy beds when manufactured correctly and installed by experts can be quite comfortable. These pieces of furniture are popular options for those wanting to maximize the most of their space. 3. Convenient Murphy Beds: Durable murphy beds are easy to operate. Stress weight lift capacity and leverage points must all be taken into consideration so that the average user can easily operate the bed. FlyingBeds offers an enhanced lift capacity and seamless safety components. To learn more about FlyingBeds and their extremely durable murphy beds please email pilotflyingbeds.com or visithttps://www.flyingbeds.com. Flying Beds International 4470 Garfield Street Denver CO 80216 303-333-3052

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