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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: RoyOsing



3 questions you need to ask yourself when the end is in sight...

3 On-The-BrinkOf-Disaster Questions

3 On-The-Brink Questions • First what does it mean? It’s not an EBITDA problem. An inventory turn issue. The need to rationalize your product line. • The End is Near when you are no longer RELEVANT to your Fans. • CEO’s can be good denial artists. They suddenly turn into rationalizing speech makers who explain away the fact that the Grim Reaper is at their doorway and that they are becoming irrelevant. • Yellow Pages believed they could compete with Google by transitioning their Print business to the on-line world but were unable to table a believable way to do it.

3 On-The-Brink Questions • Blackberry denies they are in “deep do-do” yet to date they have produced nothing substantial to turn the tide. • Rhetoric rules the airwaves. Intent abounds. Aspirations are plentiful. • But no tangible counter play is offered. • Defensive retreat. Saving Face. Appeasing investors. • The truth is, leadership does not want to believe they are on a path to irrelevance. That they no longer deliver the value they once did. • They want to believe that somehow a miracle will happen and new relevance will be pulled from the hat.

3 On-The-Brink Questions • Believing in something is a long way from doing it. • Leaders need to recognize when the end is near. • They need to be honest enough to admit that they are going under unless a drastic intervention is done to re-create themselves. • That they need to start a revolution. Cast aside tradition. • It’s not about leveraging current strengths. • It’s about building NEW capabilities that will create NEW relevance FOR PEOPLE. • Create a new GAME not a new play.

3 On-The-Brink Questions 3 On-The-Brink-Of-Disaster Questions 1.What would your Weirdest Fan suggest you do to save your business? Why do all CEO’s believe the big Consulting companies know what you should do? THEY DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS! 2.What if you went in the opposite direction to your competitors? What would a 180-degree Plan look like? 3.What desperate things can you do NOW? What, you don’t think you are desperate? You’re fooling yourself. 4.Desperate times (like becoming irrelevant) demand desperate measures. And I don’t mean cost cutting. •Execute 3 Desperate Acts over the next 24-hours.

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