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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: sparkagility

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Constella)on   Fast  Pass  

The 3 Key Ingredients to Enabling Agility Salah Elleithy @selleithy

Salah Elleithy ! Managing Consultant and Trainer at SparkAgility ! Over 15 years of experience; financial analysis, business analysis, project management, team facilitation & development, process improvement and agile coaching ! Bachelors in Business / Accounting and Masters in Information Systems & Financial Management ! Driven by helping individuals and teams reach their full potential ! Passionate about spreading agility to the community (PMI Agile Community of Practice, PMI local chapter and Meetups) ! Project Management Professional (PMP), Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching & Facilitation (ICP-TC), Certified Trainer in Training from the Back of the Room @selleithy salah@sparkagility.com

“If you want to make Significant improvements, work on paradigms, if you want to make small improvements, work on behaviors and attitudes”. Steven R Covey Living the 7 habits

Practicing agility Learning agility Why agility? Source: #AgileDC2012. Jim Highsmith. Adaptive leadership: Accelerating Enterprise Agility.


Agility is   the   flexibility   to navigate   constraints the to get the of your project   most value as quickly as possible. - Ahmed Sidky, PhD. (Dr. Agile)

Learning Agility

Stages of Learning SHU   Follow  the   Rule   “Obey”   Source:  Alistair  Cockburn   HA   Break  the   Rule   “Detach”   RI   Be  the  Rule   “Separate”  

Mindset Fixed   Inherent  and  staBc   - Avoid failure - Look smart - Stick to what I know - Failure means lack of talent - Criticism is personal Source:  Mindset.  Carol  Dweck.  h;p://blogs.hbr.org/2012/01/the-­‐right-­‐mindset-­‐for-­‐success/   Agile  Mindset.  Ahmed  Sidky,  PhD.   Growth   Can  grow   - Not afraid to fail - Exert effort to learn - Continuous learning - Embrace challenges - Ask for feedback - Criticism is about capabilities

Ownership Community Discuss the “Undiscussables” Courage Commitment Responsibility Source: Peter Bregman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuPfbTAVBP4#t=15 Trust Morale Attitude (Get comfortable with the uncomfortable)

Understand the Agile Manifesto We  are  uncovering  beHer  ways  of  developing  soJware  by  doing  it  and  helping  others   do  it.    Through  this  work  we  have  come  to  value:   Process and tools Individuals and interactions Working software Customer collaboration Responding to change Comprehensive documentation Contract negotiation Following a plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. Source: www.agilemanifesto.org

Individuals and interactions Working software Processes & tools Comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration Responding to change Contract negotiation Following a plan Maintain Balance That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. Source: www.agilemanifesto.org

Testing Development DevOps Stakeholders Business Analysis End Users Project Management Architecture Sponsorship User experience (UX) Bring ‘Silos’ together TEAM

Slow down to speed up

Learn to Unlearn

Measure “what is measured improves!” Peter Drucker

Explore knowledge & competency based certifications Accredited training organization

Practicing Agility?

Guide to Agile Practices Source:  Agile  Alliance,h;p://guide.agilealliance.org/subway.html  

Adopt a framework then evolve Source: Mike Cohn. Mountain Goat Software

Lead by Example Guide (Teach, Facilitate, Mentor, Coach) Example (Frameworks/Practices) Relationships (Structure / Incentives)

Why  Agility   •  Vision  (Define  purpose,  desired   outcomes  &  SMART  goals)   •  Iden)fy  Stakeholders   •  Assess  Readiness   Learning  Agility   PracBcing  Agility     •  Stages  of  Learning  (ShuHaRi)   •   Understanding  Agile  manifesto  (Values   &  Principles)   •   Promote  a  culture  openness  and  trust   •   Encourage  collabora)on  and   con)nuous  improvement   •   Develop  metrics  to  measure  progress   •   Inspect  &  Adapt   •  Adapt  a  framework  then  evolve   •   Use  common  language   •  Lead  by  example  

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