3 Key Components of Effective Weight Loss Program

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Information about 3 Key Components of Effective Weight Loss Program
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Published on March 1, 2014

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These 3 key components of effective weight loss program can help in achieving your goals. You will reap the weight loss rewards by using hypnosis for weight loss program to gain greater energy and vitality.

3 Key Components of Effective Weight Loss Program 1. MINDSET CHANGE 2. FOCUSED EXERCISE 3. CORRECT NUTRITION

1. MINDSET CHANGE • If weight loss was easy, there would not be obesity. It involves having new habits and changing your lifestyle. You must change your thinking to avoid failures • It is a mental battle that needs you to make changes to the way you think and feel about yourself. • Many people set extreme goals and expects never to fail but with mindset change, you must start with small goals and creating new and lasting habits. • To effectively change your mindset you must talk to your physician about your weight loss goals and listen to his or her recommendations.

How To Change Your Mind Set Have a plan • All journeys begin with a destination. It would be crazy to begin a journey to a place you are unfamiliar with without planning your journey. You must have a plan to succeed in any venture. • Have a plan to be as a reference when necessary. With a plan you are probably much more likely to be successful in your efforts. It will be as a marker to aim for. • You must take enough time to plan ahead. You will stick to your set plan, have a feeling of achievement and movement towards your goals. Once you have a plan the rest will be so easier and straight forward because you’ve already mapped out your way.

Here is how to make a plan • Make a list of all the diet foods you are going to eat and the scheduled mealtime to boost your metabolism. They foods must be recommended on your diet and you should try to maintain the scheduled time so that your body can adjust to hunger at appropriate intervals. List vegetables, fruits, drinks, meats and other foods in sub-lists in your table, depending on how low proteins, fats and carbohydrates you want to take.

• Purchase your foods ahead of the time and remove all tempting foods you want to avoid from your home. • You must be prepared on how to deal with cravings and avoid overeating. Write down the reasons you are losing weight, this will keep you against going down the road. • Make your exercise time. It is important to make a table of activities or sports you enjoy. You can engage in high intensity aerobics and weight training exercises at least 30 minutes everyday. • Keep the record of your success and failures to track to be aware of your challenges. Be ready to face possible obstacles in your endeavor • Involve your friends in your efforts and to motivate you in the weight loss program. Talk to them and let them know about your efforts and let them help you to achieve your success.

2. Focused Exercise • You don't need to spend hours in an intense exercise or a gym every day to loose weight. It is well known that people who have lost weight may not exercise that much – but the way you exercise could be different. • The most Significant way to lose weight and feel happy is to combine a healthy low-calorie diet with the best weight loss exercises.

Three best exercises to burn calories and lose weight Regular aerobic exercise • Regular aerobic exercises such as swimming, walking, Jogging and biking for at least 30 to 60 minutes can be effective. Weight lift strength training • Weight lifting doesn’t burn as many calories as aerobics but they build lean muscles which helps you to burn more calories all day long. Lifestyle physical activities All movement burns calories. So increase your exercises to lose weight by walking more places, climbing more stairs and being more active. It all adds up to burn more calories.

Some healthy physical activities you can practice on your own place are? Martial arts Jumping jacks Push ups Leg lifts Aerobic Dancing Squats Crunches Walking

1. CORRECT NUTRITION • You can achieve a healthier body through both Nutrition and exercise. Nutrition is an important component of weight loss because without it during exercising you can cause more health problems to your body which can also prevent you from losing weight.

1. CORRECT NUTRITION – Calorie control • Regulate your calories – To lose weight faster, you must understand calorie control. Understand how many calories you should take every day and how much you want to cut back but don’t cut too many calories. • You can gain a healthy and permanent weight loss by eating low calorie foods and burning more calories in your body. • Consider eating lean high protein and high fiber foods. Such as fruits, whole grains and fresh vegetables. • Drinking plenty of water each day can help in detoxifying your body to make you feel fuller.

• Pick Healthy foods – Avoid chunky foods that has little or no nutritional value. Your body needs proteins, carbohydrates and fats to function well. • Protein and carbohydrates are the main sources of energy and fats help in body lubrication. They assist in producing concentrated energy. • Five meals a day – To avoid snacking and overheating, you should eat regular small meals in a day than eating three meals a day. • Your body needs more nutrition during these meals. It is therefore important to eat five smaller meals a day. • Each meal should come at 2- to 3-hour intervals in a regular day. • This will help control cravings and will help your metabolism to run smoothly and quickly.

Hypnosis ―H Y P NOSI S CA N H E LP Y OU U N LOCK T H E D E MON S T H A T CA U S E Y OU T O OV E R E AT . ―I T CA N H E LP Y OU TO A CH I E VE WH A T Y OU N E E D T O A CH I E V E I N Y OU R WE I GH T LOS S S U CCE S S ―Y OU CA N LOS E WE I GH T I N MOR E D R A MA TI C WA Y S A N D F I N D E N J OYMENT I N Y OU R E X E R CI S E. •If you want to achieve your goals faster, hypnosis for weight loss can make great difference in your efforts. • You will be taught on how to achieve your goals and loose weight permanently.

Is weight loss Hypnosis effective? •w e i gh t lo ss hy pno si s m ay h e l p y o u a gre at de al i n l o o si n g w e i gh t . •it i n c l u de s die t, e x e rc i se an d c o u n se lin g. •H y pn o sis has a po si t i v e e f f e ct w i t h w e i gh t re du c t i on e spe c i ally w h e n l ac k se lf c o n tro l and m o o ds. •Wi t h H y pno sis y o u c an u n de rst an d y o u r pro bl e m at ic be h av i o rs an d m o o ds suc h as o v e re ating an d sh u n n i n g e x e rc ise. •B u t i t i s im po rtant to n o t e t h at i t i s n o t h y pn o si s i t se l f t h at c an c au se y o u r w e i gh t l o ss but it is y o u r h e al t h di e t an d e x e rc ise.

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