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Published on September 24, 2014

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Federalism Today

Unit III Lesson 3 Federalism Today State Governments National Government

Essential Questions: • What is Federalism? • What are the powers of state and local governments in an era of new federalism and devolution? • What influence should the federal government have over the states?

1 “Delegated Powers” 2 “Reserved Powers” 3 “Concurrent Powers” Unit I “Federalism”

“Delegated Powers” 1. National “Federalism” 2. States “Anti-Federalists” Jefferson Powers 1789

States National


“Grants-in-Aid” 3.5 TRILLION Dollars “Federal Budget” 2 Types “Grants-in- Aid” National Income Taxes

Block Grants- Money given to the states by the national government “Block Grants” with broad guidelines; states can use the money at THEIR discretion (“Spend it how you think it’s needed Georgia”) “Freedom of Choice” “Block Grants- Grants” in-Aid “Block Grants”

Grants-in- Aid “Block Grant”

Categorical Grants- Money given to the states by the national government with strict provisions on how it may be spent (“We’ll Grants-in- Aid Categorical Grants 2013 “Conditions of Aid” “Categorical Grants” TELL YOU how to spend this money Georgia”) “Freedom of Choice” “Categorical Grants” 106 Billion Dollars

“Block Grants” “Categorical Grants” “Spend it however you think it should be spent Georgia!”

Washington Adams Franklin Madison Hamilton Mason King Henry Jefferson Federalists Anti Federalists State Governments National Government

“Federalists” George Washington James Madison “Nationalists” Ben Franklin Alexander Hamilton

“Anti-Federalists” George Mason Rufus King Thomas Jefferson “Give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry “States Rights”

Devolution- Shrinking the size of the national government and giving states more independence in developing their own policies (Ex. Welfare, Healthcare, Job Training, etc.) “States Rightists”

“States Rightists”

Laboratories of Democracy

Laboratories of Democracy

Laboratories of Democracy

“State’s Rights” Laboratories of Democracy





States Rightists Nationalists

1787 2014 Hamilton Jefferson Nationalists States Rightists

Which type of government funding allows states the most “discretion” (freedom of choice) regarding grants-in-aid? A. Block Grants B. Matching Grants C. Pell Grants D. Categorical Grants

Republicans more so than Democrats support which of the following types of federal grants: A. Block Grants B. Matching Grants C. Pell Grants D. Categorical Grants

Homework!!! Textbook Pages: 49- 74 Graphic Novel Pages: 20-21 and 118

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