3 divorce mistakes men make #1

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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ejmarsh


Description When it comes to divorce advice for men, this may be the most important tip of all. See a divorce attorney soon as you sense your marriage is on rocky ground. Men tend to delay talking with an attorney because they usually believe marital counseling or mediation will take care of things. But that is rarely the case. This delay in getting good legal advice is one of the biggest divorce mistakes men make. An initial consultation will help answer important questions about assets, child custody and the marital home should you go on to separate and begin the divorce process. Do not delay in setting up an appointment to see a good qualified divorce attorney. This may be the best piece of divorce advice for men.

3 Divorce Mistakes Men Make: #1 Discover three common mistakes most men make during their divorce

It’s been said that the three toughest things to deal with in life

are death, divorce and the loss of a job.

I’ve experienced all three.

But it took my own divorce to see that some light needed to be shed on divorce and a man’s life.

While there are hundreds of books out there by noted lawyers, psychologist s, educators, gurus…

…I found few offer some simple golden nuggets to help you get through this painful period.

As liberated as this world is now, men still get screwed more often than women. Our justice system is way behind the times.

And divorcing wives (and their attorneys) use this well-known fact to their advantage time and again.

Whether it involves children, division of assets or anything in between, divorcing husbands are almost always on the short end of the stick.

So just what is a guy to do?

You need to avoid 3 costly errors made by most of the 1,000,000 men who divorce in the US each year.

It seems that no matter what background a man has he ends up committing this trio of errors,

which I discuss in detail in my best- selling Amazon ebook, “9 Secrets a Man Needs to Know to Survive a Divorce.”

#1 Mistake: Not Seeing an Attorney ASAP

Even if you are considering mediation or marital counseling,

it is critical you see a qualified divorce attorney if your marriage is on rocky ground.

You need to clearly understand all the possible options if you should go on to separate or divorce.

Your divorce attorney can fill you in on all the possible scenarios for you in the state you live in.

Yes, laws regarding divorce do differ from state to state.

Your attorney will tell you how your financial and custodial responsibilities might change.

For a more detailed free report on the 3 costly mistakes men make in divorce,

please go to http://www.divorcet ree-report.

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