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Published on February 14, 2008

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On Hanukkah they light candles of hope:  黑龙江省大庆市第八中学 张伟 On Hanukkah they light candles of hope Slide2:  Do you like spending festivals with other people? Why? Which festivals do you know? Can you name them and tell us which dates they are on? Slide3:  Easter Dragon Boat Festival Mother’s Day Spring Festival Christmas Mid-Autumn Festival Tomb-Sweeping Day Valentine’s Day Double Ninth Festival New Year’s Day Father’s Day Halloween Slide4:  ( )1. Hanukkah is a holiday which lasts eight days. ( )2. Hanukkah is a holiday for all people around the world. ( )3. People know Hanukkah because there is enough fuel. ( )4. The holiday marks the date when a Turkish King destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem. T F F T Slide5:  ( )5. Jews get together to celebrate Hanukkah. ( )6. Children like singing songs and thanking God and their ancestors. ( )7. Dreidel is a game for children. ( )8. When the top lands on a certain side a child must sing a song. T F T F Slide6:  Choose the best answers: While reading 1. _______ is a Jewish holiday. Spring Festival B. Hanukkah C. Thanksgiving Day 2. A flame is said to have burned _____ days in the temple. A. five B. six C. seven D. eight Slide7:  Choose the best answers: 3. People _____ on Hanukkah. sing songs B. light candles each night of the holiday C. play Dreidel 4. People eat _____ on Hanukkah. A. potato cakes B. fruit-filled donuts C. other specially prepared foods D. all the above Easter:  In April It is the time when Jesus is said to have died. Eat chocolate eggs Easter Christmas:  Christmas On December 25th Christians celebrate it as the birthday of Jesus Christ Christians go to churches , give cards and presents to friends and relatives Valentine’s Day:  Valentine’s Day In February People send roses and cards to the people they love. Dragon Boat Festival:  Dragon Boat Festival In June The day the poet Qu Yuan died Eat rice dumplings and watch boat races Tomb-Sweeping Day:  Tomb-Sweeping Day In April The day we remember our dead relatives Visit graves Mother’s Day:  Mother’s Day In May We give flowers and presents to our mothers. Mid-Autumn Festival:  Mid-Autumn Festival In September The day we enjoy the full moon Play lanterns and eat moon cakes Spring Festival Chinese New Year:  Spring Festival Chinese New Year In February We celebrate the beginning of the lunar new year. We light fireworks and get lucky money Slide17:  Which festivals do we find in each month? Calendar 2008:  Calendar 2008 Calendar 2008:  Calendar 2008 Calendar 2008:  Calendar 2008 Calendar 2008:  Calendar 2008 Free-talk:  Free-talk 1. Search for some information about different kinds of festival. Introduce them to classmates. 2.Christmas Day, Hanukkah,New Year and Spring Festival are coming. Which do you like the best? How do you celebrate them?

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