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Information about 3.2. expansion visit i gcdp 101

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: yurilahar

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iGCDP Ad-Hoc + Project

Market Value Personal Value Organisational Value

What happens We sell things we don`t know for people that don’t need it

Product understanding & Market research

Product Understanding and Product Packaging 1. Definitions 2. iGCDP Sub-product evolution Product Packaging based on sub-product 3. Value propositions 4. Minimum cost 5. Successful product packaging

let’s define what we are doing.

What is sales? The exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or its equivalent

What is product? Something produced by human or mechanical effort or by a natural process

let’s explore issues.

iGCDP sub-product 11 master issues 45 sub issues

Why issue segmentation strategy is helpful source and direction of growth faster matching Better Customer Experience Aligned Business Intelligence Stronger showcasing and marketing Competitive Advantage

Is every issue relevant for Indonesia?

Maybe not :/

so, Currently we focusing for 6 master issues:
 1. Culture understanding 2. Literacy 3. Health and lifestyle 4. Environment 5. Economic growth 6. Career development

Cultural Understanding Sharing about internship experience within ‘culture-shock’ Global Village Learning about Indonesia culture Information sessions/ workshops and events Visiting historical places in Indonesia

Literacy Teach to unfortunate people Sharing experience through social media / blog Information sessions/ workshops and events

Health and Lifestyle Seminar about lifestyle and health Visiting patients in hospital Share internship through social media and blog Information sessions/ workshops and events

Environment Events about preventive actions Events to increase awareness of environmental issues Competition and Exhibition Share internship through social media and blog

Economic Growth SME-Visit Business Plan Competition Information sessions/ workshops and events Share internship through social media and blog

Career Development Information Sessions/workshops/ events Share internship experience through social media/ blog

Who knows concrete direct impact of internships we organize?

Social Impact Model 3 Analyze current reality of Indonesia What should we do, our strategies 4 How we will measure our strategies Clear outcome we want to see after project 2 1 Description of how the project works ➢ 5 ➢ ➢ ➢ Connection of activities with mission Groups involved Evaluation Costs and Revenues ➢ ➢ 7 How we measure whether 7 we succeed or not Short-term results! Measures the capacity to implement the plan! ➢ Shows the progress of activities

1. Social program definition (example of national health and lifestyle project)

Cardiovascular disease

Male smoking

Example of Health & lifestyle project Social Problem Definition • Heart • Lung • Overweight/Nutritional deficiencies ! Caused by: • Smoking • Lack of physical activity • Wrong food consumption

Mission In the next 6 years from (2014 to 2020): • Lung and heart disease is not the first reason of death • In each city community of people that will live healthy lifestyle increased for 50 %

Impact strategies •decreasing amount of youth that is smoking •people eat proper food •people do physical activities Operating model ! •info sessions at schools •holding events that helps to increase awareness of issue (running competition, GV, 24 hours without smoking) •cooperation with other NGO, companies •creating information recourse center about healthy lifestyle Economic indicators •decreasing level of tobacco smoking for male from 61 to 30% •20% more people start to eat healthy food •20% more people do physical activities !Organizational and Program indicators ! # info sessions at schools, universities # of students changed their behavior (stopped smoking, start to eat healthy food, start to do physical activities) # of people increasing time to walk each day -complain against smoking -changing food in canteen of schools - organized yearly event against smoking

Vision of success Podio Project report

Project brand refreshment HERE

how much does it cost?

Minimum cost

let’s explore our product


PRODUCT-CUSTOMER FLOW PRODUCT EVOLUTION 1 ! UNDERSTAND! --------! FOCUS! Analyzes Internal Analyzes External Supply and Demand 
 Supply and Demand Choose your focus

Analyses External Supply and Demand 
 Youth surveys Social Issues trending on media General Economic Report by Government or consulting groups Companies interested in CSR Growth in NGO’s/ Social Businesses

Information Channels 1.Search Engine(google) 2.Social Network and online promotionLinkedin 3.Business and Social Newspaper and Website 4.Event and Forum 5.NGO, schools, orphanage website 6.Deep talk with our supporters -alumni, partners, school professors etc.

National Indonesian statistic site • http://www.bps.go.id/eng/index.php United Nations website • http://unstats.un.org/unsd/default.htm World Health organization • http://www.who.int/en/ Earth observatory • http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/

United Nations Development program in Indonesia • http://www.id.undp.org/indonesia/en/ home.html Human Development Report • http://hdr.undp.org/en/countries/ country_fact_sheets/cty_fs_IDN.html MDG report form UN • http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Default.aspx UNICEF • http://www.unicef.org/

Analyzes Internal Supply and Demand 
 Customer profile data Customer feedback Previous realizations according to issues (countries) LC Goals for the 13-14 according to issues (countries)

Customer profile data http://www.myaiesec.net/

Customer feedback https://www.cg-express.com/an/login.php

Previous realisations according to issues (countries) http://www.myaiesec.net/content/ viewfile.do?contentid=10279774

Choose your focus Market: NGO, 
 school, orphanage etc

what is our value?

PRODUCT FLOW 1 2 3 4 PRODUCT EVOLUTION ! UNDERSTAND! --------! FOCUS! ! ! CUSTOMIZE! 1. Value CUSTOMER FLOW Proposition DELIGHT! ATTRACT! 2. --------! Product ! CONVERT! --------------------------! ! --------! Evolution SHOWCASE ! CLOSE

Product evolution is needed Product adaptation is needed

Value Product Ad hoc National projects Local projects •Providing constant impact through year •Financial sustainability • Giving specific education needed for institutions •Long term impact to society •Easier to sale to partners (companies) •IR • Giving direct impact on specific issues in city

Ad hoc Target: Orphanage Channel Sales Value •Bringing international environment •Introducing foreign culture •Providing simple education for children •Building global mindset of children

Ad hoc Target: School Channel Sales Message •Bringing international environment •Introducing foreign culture •Encourage students to be confident in speaking English •Building importance of learning language •Building global mindset of students

Ad hoc Target: NGO Channel Message Sales, Events on specific topic of issue, Alumna •Bringing international environment •Introducing foreign culture •Giving perspective about specific issue from intern`s home country •Encourage people in NGO to be confident in speaking English •Building importance of learning language •Building global mindset for people in the NGO

1. Define between people of function: a) sub product to focus (project, ad hoc) b) market (NGO, orphanage, school) 2. Set personal target for calls meetings and follow up meetings 3. Create list of potential TN Takers for each market (NGO, Orphanage, school)

Check the goals 1 2 RE Goal Write down my specific iGIP goals: they should be defined per sub-product and have specific targets (Industry, SME etc.) Undergo backward planning using your conversion rate to further define your goals and your sales team structure. MA Goal RA Goal For suggested iGCDP Structures please see: ! http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewfile.do? contentid=10287618 Sales Meeting Goal Team/Individual Cold Calling Goal Number of Sales Members/ Structure Average productivity per sales member

Review Current Members 3 Do your members fit with the iGCDP Seller profile below?

Review Talent Gaps 4 What are the Gaps? Ensure that through individual coaching and Talent Review, that sales members can get the Learning and Development they need.

Give Education 5 Align the gaps in member knowledge/skills/attitude with individual course content and objective of the Sales Development Program

Review Sales Bottlenecks 5 Now look at the sales context of your reality. What are the bottlenecks you are facing? Is it a problem in (for example): 1. Not enough people 2. Individual Capacity is low 3. Low understanding of the market 4. Can’t negotiate 5. No education

Track. Track. Track. 6 Track your members and focus in on these highlighted topics. Track member growth in those sales processes Growth in number of cold calls per week in target members Growth in number of cold calls per week in target members. Growth in conversion rate from cold call to meeting Growth in number of cold visits per week in target members Growth in conversion rate from cold visit to meeting Growth in number of meetings per week in target members. Growth in conversion rate from First Meeting to Negotiation Meeting Growth in number of negotiation meetings per week. Growth in conversion rate from negotiation meetings to raises. Growth in number of TN Raises RA-MA Time Period MA-RE Time Period NPS Score Growth in # of re-raises

Track. Track. Track. 7 Assign additional KPIs to VPTMs and VP iGIPs for tracking VP TM: VP iGCDP: # of TMPs in iGCDP Sales # of iGCDP TMP Sales participating in SDP Retention Rate of iGCDP Sales Members Conversion Rate per Member dependent on member/team focus (See previous slide) # of applicants for higher positions

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