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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Vital

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Maintenance Availability:  Maintenance Availability LT Tom DeNucci (860) 444-8672 Maintenance Availabilities:  Maintenance Availabilities Maintenance Days Responsibilities Development of Specification A-team Process Contract Administration Completing Work Items The Who’s Who of Availabilities:  The Who’s Who of Availabilities Contracting Officer (KO) Contracting Officer Representative (COR) NESU Port Engineer (PE) MLC (vr) Type Desk CG Inspectors Contracting Officer (KO):  Contracting Officer (KO) The person on the CG team who has the ability to legally modify the ship repair contract and negotiate changes to the contract Contracting Officer Rep (COR):  Contracting Officer Rep (COR) Keeps KO informed of all technical and contractual difficulties encountered. Inspects all work Reviews all CFRs Monitors daily work progress Originate change requests Maintain surveillance over contractor’s safety programs. Required (web-based) training Also called Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) NESU Port Engineer (PE):  NESU Port Engineer (PE) Assist COR/COTR Conduct pre-arrival training Assist COR with government estimates Review changes to scope of work Advise COR/COTR and KO Review CFRs MLCP (vr) Type Desk:  MLCP (vr) Type Desk Reviews work request after the Port Engineer for technical accuracy and approves the funding for all work requests and orders for GFE Coast Guard Inspector:  Coast Guard Inspector Must be intimately familiar with spec and CR work. Be available for inspections and testing Be familiar with equipment/item. No CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGES! Development of Specification:  Development of Specification Cutter Class Maintenance Plan (CCMP) NEM and MLC SOP Naval Engineering Project Listing CSMP Engineering Change Requests LRMP NESU Quarterly Visits A-team Process:  A-team Process Work Definition Conference 1st A-team – identifies funding, time frame, amount of work to be accomplished. 2nd A-team – review of specification and drawings. 3rd A-team – post availability feedback A-Team Considerations (XO Stuff…):  A-Team Considerations (XO Stuff…) Duty Sections – will minimally manned sections be enough personnel Fire Watches Crew living aboard Work hours Inspector Duties Ship’s Work Items to Consider (continued):  Items to Consider (continued) Homeport Issues Off-loading of fuel Off-loading of Ammunition Safety Funding of items AFC-30/45 Conducting Availability:  Conducting Availability Contract Preparation Pre-Arrival Safety Fire Watch Pre-Arrival Deliverables Arrival Conference Contract Administration Contract Completion Third A-team Pre-Arrival Safety:  Pre-Arrival Safety It is the CO & XO’s responsibilities to ensure that their crew is trained, prepared and outfitted for the hazards anticipated during a repair availability. MLC Safety Brief MLC (k) visit or will provide training materials Safety Awareness:  HAZMAT Fuels & lubricants must be stored in safety storage lockers No compressed gas cylinders below decks, safety caps Cleanliness of the ship, trip hazards Watertight integrity Nothing over the sides Electrical safety and Tag Out OODs and Department Heads should make regular safety inspections Upon departure make sure the cutter and crew are ready for sea Safety Awareness Safety Awareness:  In summary, the crew must be constantly reminded to keep a keen awareness of things going on around them. They should be reminded to report anything they think may be a safety hazard. Safety Awareness Hot work and Fire Watch Management:  Hot work and Fire Watch Management Contractor’s Responsibilities Cutter’s Responsibilities Firewatch Responsibilities Slide19:  Contractor’s Responsibilities Work must be in accordance with OSHA safety standards Spaces must be certified “safe for hotwork/safe for personnel” by a certified marine chemist provided by the contractor Provide written notice to the cutter 30 minutes prior to the start of any hot work detailing the description of work, time it will begin, location and gas free status. Provide written notice to the cutter “designation of Competent Person” (DOL form OSHA 73). Ensure adequate ventilation - which includes discharging contaminated air away from the ship and ship intakes. Slide20:  Cutter’s Responsibilities Provide sufficient fire watches in a timely manner. Fire watch personnel must be protected from ultraviolet light, metal fumes and smoke inhalation, noise, hot metal and sparks. EYE PROTECTION - Welding goggles in shade #6 RESPIRATORY PROTECTION - Disposable metal fume respirators, 3M #9920 Slide21:  Firewatch Responsibilities Inspect work site with hot work operator. Ensure no fire is started, or damage is done, by the hot work. Have water type extinguisher within reach. PKP and or CO2 may be additionally provided Have a plan of action should a fire start. Stay on scene for 30 minutes following hot work, or until the hot work area is cool to the touch, whichever is longer. Return fire watch equipment and inform the OOD/duty watchstander that work is completed. Pre-Arrival Conference:  Pre-Arrival Conference Given by the NESU Port Engineer to EO/EPO and inspectors Just in time training Discussion of contract admin requirements Workbooks, faxing, work requests, growth work Inspection techniques Standard Procedures Goal is to have a unified Coast Guard team! Pre-Arrival at the Shipyard:  Pre-Arrival at the Shipyard Communicate with the yard before commencement of the availability (only after award, or with the permission of the Contracting Officer) to determine the planned docking date. Do not allow the shipyard to dock your ship immediately upon arrival if you haven't had a chance to inspect/verify the blocking ("walk the blocks"). Contractor Deliverables:  Contractor Deliverables Production Chart Safety Plan Hazardous Material List List of Key Personnel Heavy Weather Arrival Conference:  Arrival Conference The contracting officer (KO) will have an agenda to go through listing all things to be discussed at the arrival conference. Ground rules Key players Facility procedures Establish contract procedures. CO’s/XO’s lay down your expectations! Contract Administration:  Contract Administration Condition Found Reports (CFR) Inspection Reports Hotwork Management Work Requests (WR) Progress Reports Contract Deficiency Reports (CDR) CFR:  CFR CFR submitted, respond with 24 hours If necessary submit a Work Request to change contract Work Request should specify exactly the work necessary to be completed so that it can be negotiated by the KO and contractor. Inspections:  Inspections Prevention of unsatisfactory work is of much more value than rejection of work. Keep daily log in folders of work conducted and who conducted it. Witness tests and ensure appropriate CFRs are submitted. Weekly provided % completion to COR/COTR Work Requests:  Work Requests Discuss with PE and type desk to ensure item will be funded Submit WR to contractor Submit WR with Estimate to PE/Group Eng. PE/Group Eng will review Submitted to type desk for funding. KO negotiates with Contractor Quick Chits Work Requests (continued):  Work Requests (continued) If approved by KO, KO informs COR/COTR and contractor that work may begin. KEY! Ship CAN NOT authorize work to begin, only the KO can. Progress Reports:  Progress Reports Weekly progress report detailing the following information: % completion of all items Problems or potential pitfalls Status of outstanding work requests and CDRs Contract Deficiency Reports (CDR):  Contract Deficiency Reports (CDR) Documents unsatisfactory work or conditions, leading to unsatisfactory end product Officially notifies KO of problem Timeline for correction Recommendation for resolution Last resort after all other methods of resolution have failed. Contract Completion:  Contract Completion Prepare Reports: Underwater Body Paint Report Drydocking and Underwater Body inspection Worksheet Specification Feedback Reports Post-Availability Survey Contractor Performance Survey Contract Completion:  Contract Completion Third A-Team Meeting: Scheduled by MLC Discussion of the entire availability process Prepare for the next Availability!!

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