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Published on December 4, 2008

Author: MrBlackwell

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Slide2:  Do we need any government? What would happen without an organized government of any kind? Slide3:  What were the colonists most afraid of in forming a new government? Slide4:  REPUBLIC – a government in which the people chose representatives to govern them Slide5:  In 1776 the Continental Congress passed a plan for a national government – THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION Slide6:  The national government would be run by a Continental Congress Slide7:  All the states approved the Articles of Confederation in 1781 and it became the official government Slide8:  The national government could wage war, make peace, sign treaties, and issue money Slide9:  The Articles of Confederation left most of the power to the states Slide10:  The Articles did negotiate a peace with England after the war and set up a plan to organize the Northwestern Territory Slide11:  The Articles created a very weak national government and had many weaknesses Slide12:  1) Lacked power to enforce laws Slide13:  2) Lacked the power to levy taxes Slide14:  3) Could not regulate trade between the states Slide15:  4) All 13 states had to vote yes to change the Articles Slide16:  Other weaknesses included no military, no President, no national court system, no national control over trade with other countries Slide17:  The Articles of Confederation become a temporary solution Slide19:  The United States gained a huge new area after the Revolutionary War Now had to decide how to divide it up into existing states or new ones Slide20:  NORTHWESTERRITORY Slide21:  The Northwest Territory was surveyed into organized sections a TOWNSHIP was a 36 square mile area Slide22:  TOWNSHIP 6 miles 6 miles Slide23:  1 TOWNSHIP = 36 SQUARE MILES Section #16 was usually reserved for the public school of the township Slide24:  The _____________________________ (1787) described how the Northwest Territory was to be governed. As the territory grew in population, it would gain the rights to self-government. When there were ______ free males in an area, men who owned at least _______ acres of land could elect an assembly. When they were _________ people, they could apply to become a new state. NORTHWEST ORDINANCE 5,000 50 60,000 Slide25:  NORTHWEST TERRITORY Slide27:  Minnesota Wisconsin Illinois Michigan Ohio Indiana Slide28:  The organization of the Northwest Territory was important because it created an orderly plan to settle a new area of the United States Slide29:  January of 1787 WHEN: Slide30:  Massachusetts WHERE: Slide31:  Farmers were upset about high taxes – if could not pay taxes they were put in jail WHY: Slide32:  Every state was having economic trouble in the mid 1780’s An average family paid $200 a year in taxes – more than most people made in a year Slide33:  DANIEL SHAYS leads a rebellion of about 1,500 men, mostly farmers They are upset about paying high taxes and want debt relief from the government Slide34:  Government does not help them They gather and march on a federal arsenal – a storage place for weapons Slide35:  About 900 state militia men stop the uprising The general public sides with the farmers Very close to having chaos because of taxes Slide36:  SHAYS’ REBELLION Slide37:  RESULT: The uprising is stopped Shays is pardoned years later Slide38:  LASTING EFFECT: America realizes they need a stronger national government if they are to survive as a country.

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