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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Dionigi

Source: authorstream.com

HELIODYNAMICS Ltd A Developer of Cost Competitive Distributable Solar Systems:  HELIODYNAMICS Ltd A Developer of Cost Competitive Distributable Solar Systems It’s not done with smoke and mirrors But We do use mirrors! Explanation of Harmony technology:  Explanation of Harmony technology The HD211: Our First Product Slide4:  Where does the HelioDynamics Product Line fit in? Distributed Combined Heat and Power Electricity and stored geothermal heat Electricity and air conditioning Electricity and commercial process heat Industrial grade heat (steam to 300C) Utility scale electricity Agricultural electricity and drying/cooling What makes HelioDynamics so Special?:  What makes HelioDynamics so Special? Our technology breaks the Capital Cost Barrier through clever, patented designs that harvest the heat as well as the electricity! Slide6:  The present (Where we are right now) * Distributed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) - With solar powered air conditioning - Optional emphasis on electricity only - Optional emphasis on heat only Southwest USA is a prime location for solar energy:  Southwest USA is a prime location for solar energy Solel Trough at Kramer Junction:  Solel Trough at Kramer Junction LOWEST COST SOLAR ENERGY:  ‘Harmony’ Product – Low cost, high savings, 1-axis concentrating solar that provides air conditioning, heat and silent electricity. Reliable, in production. Markets – commercial buildings, light industry LOWEST COST SOLAR ENERGY ROOFTOP BUSINESS CASE:  ROOFTOP BUSINESS CASE Location: Central Valley, CA SE Spain 1 CHP module for air-conditioning, electricity, space heating and hot water Installed price $12,000 (Solar hot water is the law!) Air-con saved 4,000 kWhe/y 2,500 kWhe/y Direct power 2,300 kWhe/y 2,200 kWhe/y Gas saved 9,000 kWh/y of heat 12,000 kWh/y of heat Payback after incentives 4 years 6 years PV & vacuum tube after incentives 10 years 9 years The next stage in our development:  The next stage in our development higher concentration PV cells (up to 500x) For lower cost per kWe in small systems For utility scale grid electricity * Utility scale solar steam For electricity For industries like food processors * Industrial scale heat * Utility scale electricity LOW COST SOLAR: “Concert”:  LOW COST SOLAR: “Concert” Product – Low cost, high savings, 2-axis concentrating solar that provides heat and silent electricity efficiently. Motive – 50% of market cost 2nd Generation Gallium Arsenide technology – 24 kWe LOWEST COST SOLAR ENERGY:  Heliodynamics’ ‘SunSpot’ Product – Large scale 2-axis concentrating solar: industrial heat and power, up to 24 hours per day. Ready for pilot projects. Markets – Industry and utility generation Motive – 50% of current market price level LOWEST COST SOLAR ENERGY Sales pipeline:  Sales pipeline Sales – $1m+ Florida, solar power air conditioner Modesto, Assisted living facility Proposals- $5m Sausage factory Commercial buildings Agricultural Leads – too many to follow up The pot of gold:  The pot of gold We‘re Looking for Projects! We’re Looking for Partners! Slide18:  Anders Jepsen Jepsen@heliodynamics.com In the USA: 1-925-254-3079

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