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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Tommaso

Source: authorstream.com

Visysphere Mars: Terraforming meets life adaptation:  Visysphere Mars: Terraforming meets life adaptation Mission Statement:  Mission Statement ‘Establish a self-sustaining system for humanity on Mars by the end of the century, using terraforming techniques in conjunction with assisted life adaptation.’ Sphere Concept:  Sphere Concept The concept of using spheres to describe the elements of the system is taken from Environmental Science terminology for planet-wide systems. Concept of a Visysphere:  Concept of a Visysphere Visysphere (Vital- System) Indefinitely self-sustaining habitation system, whether it is a space ship, moon, planet, or in any other form, created by the integration of various elements, or spheres, to various degrees. * Differs from geosphere since it includes technosphere & noosphere as well as the more traditional lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. The Spheres:  The Spheres Areosphere The inanimate matter of the planet, derived from the Greek “Άρης” (‘Ares’), the god of War associated with Mars Atmosphere and Hydrosphere The air and water surrounding the planet Biosphere All life on the planet, derived from the Greek “βίος” (‘bios’) meaning ‘life’ Technosphere All of the technology on the planet Noosphere All human mind on the planet, derived from the Greek “νους” (‘nous’) meaning ‘mind’ Slide6:  The Sphere TP Status (1):  TP Status (1) Milestones TP Status (2):  TP Status (2) 12th April - Deadline to hand in individual contribution 90% met individual contribution deadline 14th April – Deadline for chapter integration 18th April - 1st Draft ready TP status (3):  TP status (3) Team meeting with faculty & outcome considered in the project. e.g. Business & Management aspects. Outline (1):  Outline (1) 1. Introduction (The concept of a visysphere, Why Mars?, assumptions, justification ) Areosphere: ‘The planet’ 2.1 History and Physical Planetary Properties 2.2 Interior of Mars 2.3 Surface of Mars 2.4 Atmosphere and Climate of Mars 2.5 Satellites of Mars Outline (2):  Outline (2) 3. Atmosphere and Hydrosphere: ‘Terraforming’ 3.1 Trade off Analysis and Comparison 3.2 Synergic Approach 3.3 Artificial Super greenhouse gasses 3.3.1 PFCs 3.3.2 PFC properties 3.3.3 PFC Thermal Radiation Absorption Spectra 3.4 Technical Requirements for raising Mars surface Temperature 3.4.1 Mars surface Temperature Dynamics Equations 3.4.2 Polar Albedo-Greenhouse gasses triggered Temperature Calculations 3.5 Synergic Approach Outcome 3.6 Dark matter 3.7 Volatile impacts 3.7.1 What is out there 3.7.2 Asteroids 3.7.3 Comets 3.7.4 Where is the target 3.7.5 Trajectories 3.8 Bioseeding 3.8.1 The Issue of Life 3.8.2 A Methodology Outline (3) :  Outline (3) 4. Biosphere: ‘Life on Mars’ 4.1. Human physiology and psychology 4.1.1 Basics of Human Immunology 4.1.2 Adaptation of the Human Immune System 4.1.3 Humans on the surface of Mars meeting their needs. 4.1.4  Psychosocial issues 4.2. Genetic engineering 4.2.1 Methods of Genetic Engineering Recombinant DNA Techniques Gene Gun Liposomes Electroporation Outline (4) :  Outline (4) 4.2.2 How Micro organisms can help terraforming Mars Uses of a pioneer organism on Mars Implications of the Martian environment for a terrestrial pioneer micro organism How to select a pioneer micro organism for Mars? Genetic Engineering and Directed Selection Chroococcidiopsis caldariorum 4.2.3 Radiation Countermeasures via Genetic Engineering Telomerase D. radiodurans 4.3. Bio-robotics 4.3.1 Photosynthesis Based System 4.3.2 Water Electrolysis Based System 4.3.3 Ensuring mass and energy flux 4.3.4 Breathing 4.3.5 Biochips 4.3.6 Visychip: Combining Technologies 4.3.7 Neural Implants Outline (5) :  Outline (5) 5. Technosphere: ‘Enabling technologies’ 5.1. Cybernetics 5.1.2 Augmented Reality 5.1.3 Head Mounted Displays 5.1.4 Tracking and Orientation 5.1.5 Mobile Computing Power 5.1.5 Applications to the Mars Terraforming Effort 5.1.6 Brain Manipulation Scenario 5.1.7 Scenario Implementation 5.2. Robotics & Vehicles 5.3. Space suits 5.3.1 Developing the Mechanical Counter-Pressure Suit 5.3.2 Mechanical Counter Pressure Considerations 5.3.3 Development of an Active EVA suit technologies 5.4. Habitats 5.4.1 ISRU : In Situ Resource Utilization  5.4.2 Building constraints and requirements 5.4.3 Construction phases Outline (6) :  Outline (6) 6. Noosphere: ‘A Martian frame of mind’ 6.1. Business & Financing 6.1.1 - Financing Requirements 6.1.2 - Financing Source Selection Tools 6.1.3 - Terraforming programmed: Individual Projects Financing Source Analysis 6.2. SocioPolitics 6.3. Law 6.3.1 Legal implications of genetic engineering 6.3.2 Existing legal limitations in international law on terraforming 6.3.3 The Mars Convention proposition 6.4. Religion 6.4.1 Genetic life adaptation to Mars: a Religious perspective A Hindu view A Buddhist view A Christian view An Islamic view A Jewish view Outline (7) :  Outline (7) 6.5 Ethics 6.5.1 Genetic Engineering and the Acceptance of Somatic Cell Therapy 6.5.2 Utilitarism vs. Humanism: Humans as a Mean? 6.5.3 Our Case: Uplifting or Genetic Enhancement 6.5.4 A Mechanistic View 6.5.5 Resistance to Genetic Engineering   6.5.6 The Greatest Fear: Eugenics 6.5.7  A Favorable movement: Transhumanism 6.6.8  Against transhumanism 7. Conclusion: ‘A Space Faring Species’ Organization (1):  Organization (1) 3 Groups 1.Editing Team 2.Executive Summary Team 3.Presentation Team *Facilitator in each group Organization (2):  Organization (2) 1.Editing Team Tasks: Proofread, references, formatting, integration, printing, content management, bridges between chapters, conclusion Members: Élyse, Luke, Julio, Angelo, Martin, Goran, Tobi, Olathe, Anis, Peter – 10 people Organization (3):  Organization (3) 2. Executive summary Tasks: Summary, layout, graphics, cover page (main document, executive summary, CD-ROM), posters?, CD-ROM Members: Erik, Steven, Teague, Thomas, William, (Aaron, Damian) – 5+2 people Organization (4):  Organization (4) 3.Presentation Tasks: Final presentation, website & movies Members: Catarina, Diogo, Shahram, Olivier, Wendelin, Damian, Aaron – 7 people Contacts Status:  Contacts Status Ozgur Gurtuna Consultant and co-founder of Futuraspace Kevin Warwick Professor of Cybernetics, University of reading Art Dula Space lawyer 4. Andre Brack Exobiologist/Astrobiologist, CNRS 5. Jacques Arnould Philosopher/Priest , CNES Concerns & Mitigation :  Concerns & Mitigation No management part in previous outline  Separate Business & Management Part included Difficulty in entire team meeting deadline. Deadline extended (2 days). Lack of commitment from a few members. We welcome proposals on how to deal with this. Slide23:  THANK YOU

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