2nd RNA-Seq,17-19 June 2014 in Boston, MA

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Published on March 4, 2014

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- An overview of the RNA-Seq field & a look at new technologies.
- RNA-Seq strategies in precision medicine and RNA-Seq sample preparation.
- Data: what are the options available?
- Technology panel discussion & roundtable sessions on software, technologies, data & clinical applications.

Produced by Hanson Wade Integrate the Technology Manage the Data Interpret the Results June 17th – 19th 2014 BOSTON, MA 21 EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDING: Lore Gruenbaum Qingqin Li Joshua Levin Lead, Global Biomarkers & Experimental Medicine Roche Scientific Director Johnson & Johnson Senior Scientist, Group Leader Broad Institute David von Schack Yihong Yao Maarten Leerkes Associate Research Fellow Pfizer Director, Head of Pharmacogenomics MedImmune Genome Analysis Specialist NIH PROGRAM PARTNERS: www.rna-seqsummit.com SPOTLIGHT PARTNERS:

RNA-Seq 2014 | A Hanson Wade Event Master RNA-Sequencing to Crack the Transcriptome RNA-Seq 2014 will showcase the very latest pre-clinical, clinical and drug discovery case studies that are revolutionizing the field. Gain first hand knowledge of how RNA-sequencing is revealing the, previously untold, therapeutic potential hidden in the transcriptome. This meeting brings you together with the industry’s leaders to dissect the latest advancements in RNA-Sequencing. Critically evaluate, with the biggest players in the field, which technologies and software packages are proving successful, and which hold the most promise for you. As the only meeting solely dedicated to RNA-Sequencing, RNA-Seq is the annual meeting for the entire industry, attracting academia, pharma and research institutions alike. Discover how they are managing and analyzing RNA-sequencing data to generate results with exquisite speed and efficiency. Submerse yourself amongst those who feel confined by the same challenges as you, and those that have overcome them. Discuss, debate and decide your solution. Leave brimming with new ideas to maximize your RNA-Seq projects. Top Benefits of Attending 1 Blueprint your complete RNA-Seq workflow and strategy demonstrated by Merck, Pfizer and Gilead Sciences 2 Roche and Johnson & Johnson reveal how you can overcome the main RNA-Seq challenges for development of new therapies 3 Maximize pre-clinical and clinical outcomes - discover how NIH and MedImmune store and manage RNA-Seq data 4 Get ahead of the game and find out which RNA-Seq technologies and software packages are coming out on top in direct comparative studies at The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Infinity Pharmaceuticals 5 Understand how RNA-Seq has been essential in a global multiinstitute research project as demonstrated in the Genome Tissue Expression Project (GTEx) Search groups for RNA-Seq Forum to join the online community Follow us on Twitter #RNASeq2014 Testimonials I thought that the conference was well organized, sessions were well planned and we had a good mix of academic & pharma speakers. Conference was a great success. GSK I thought the RNA-Seq conference was a huge success. Definitely learned more than I expected in just two days. Genzyme Hanson Wade continued their excellent organization skills, and the focus towards making innovative fields and technologies more and more visible. Baylor College of Medicine RNA-Seq 2014 Boston | www.rna-seqsummit.com Email: diane.mckenna@hansonwade.com | Tel: +1 (212) 357 5898 | Fax: +1 (212) 357 5898

RNA-Seq 2014 | A Hanson Wade Event EXPERT SPEAKERS: Maarten Leerkes Joshua Levin David von Schack Genome Analysis Specialist Senior Scientist, Group Leader Associate Research Fellow Dongliang Ge Lore Gruenbaum Ted Burckzynski Director, Bioinformatics Lead, Global Biomarkers & Experimental Medicine Executive Director Biomarker Technologies Gary Schroth Yaoyu Wang Jianchao Yao Distinguished Scientist Associate Director Senior Scientist Seth Crosby Steve Kain Qingqin Li Director, Partnerships & Alliances Director of Product Management Scientific Director Qichao Zhu Todd Lowe Thomas Tibbitts Principal Scientist Chief Scientific Officer Research Director Alexander Seitz Yihong Yao CEO Director, Head of Pharmacogenomics Senior Scientist Alisa Jackson Monica Wang David DeLuca Senior Marketing Manager, Automation & Genomics Lead System Engineer, Project and Program Manager Computational Biologist Brian Haynes RNA-Seq 2014 Boston | www.rna-seqsummit.com Email: diane.mckenna@hansonwade.com | Tel: +1 (212) 357 5898 | Fax: +1 (212) 357 5898

RNA-Seq 2014 | A Hanson Wade Event CONFERENCE DAY ONE - Wednesday June 18th 2014 8.00 Registration & Breakfast 1.00 Networking Lunch & Poster Session 8.50 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Maarten Leerkes, Genome Analysis Specialist, NIH 2.00 An Unbiased Comparison of RNA-Seq Technologies • Which RNA-Seq technologies came out on top in direct comparative experiments? • How do these technologies tie in with each other? Yaoyu Wang, Associate Director, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute RNA-Seq: Spearheading the Genomic Revolution Setting the Scene: An Overview of the RNA-Seq Field & a Brief Look at New Technologies • The basics of RNA-Seq • Specialized methods – how to pick the best ones • What have been the key breakthroughs in the field? Joshua Levin, Senior Scientist, Group Leader, Broad Institute 9.00 Cost-Effectively Managing the Integration of RNA-Seq 2.30 An Automated RNA-Seq Pipeline for Developing & Executing Workflows on the Cluster 9.30 RNA-Seq Sample Preparation: Solutions for Challenging Samples • Sample prep tailored to the demands of total RNA from human whole blood and FFPE samples • How this pipeline has been built and what it encompasses • The applications of this pipeline to Merck’s internal projects Jianchao Yao, Senior Scientist, Merck • RNA-Seq sample preparation starting with as little as 10pg total RNA or single cell lysates 3.00 • Application of NuGEN’s lnDA-C technology for targeted depletion of virtually any unwanted transcript types Steve Kain, Director of Product Management, NuGEN Technologies RNA-Seq vs Microarrays: A Precise Comparison as to Which Approach is Most Cost-Effective for Which Situation • A look at case studies where identical samples were run on microarrays and RNA-Seq • How the results were analyzed and what this means for the relationship between these technologies 10.00 RNA-Seq Strategies in Precision Medicine • How to efficiently manage large amounts of data at different levels of precision to ensure a seamless data flow • How to annotate and present the data to make it comprehensible and deliverable • How to design and execute clinical trials more effectively Dongliang Ge, Director of Bioinformatics, Gilead Sciences 10.30 Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments 11.30 RNA-Seq Sample Prep Does Not Need to be Complicated • Simplicity, reproducibility, and strandedness make SENSE for RNA-Seq • Introducing QuantSeq library prep: Gene expression profiling by simply counting 3’ ends • Pay only for the data you really need Alexander Seitz, CEO, Lexogen Implementation & Comparison of RNA-Seq Technologies Seth Crosby, Director, Partnerships & Alliances, Washington University School of Medicine 3.30 Introduction to Automated Solutions That Generate Highly Reproducible Technical Replicate RNASeq Libraries for Improved Transcriptome Analysis • How increased sample quality can improve sequencing results • A look at pre-programmed methods that enable quick implementation • Increasing throughput to meet demand of high-capacity sequencers Alisa C. Jackson, Senior Marketing Manager, Automation & Genomics, Beckman Coulter 3.45 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking RNA-Seq in Action 4.15 Roundtable Session: The Breakdown of RNA-Seq More practical and highly interactive breakout roundtables where attendees can crowd-source solutions and share opinions to debate a best practice in pre-assigned topic areas: Technologies - What are you going to use? 12.30 Panel Discussion: Where are we with RNA-Seq Technologies? Software - Which are you going to apply? • • • Data - How are you going to store and manage it? Clinical Applications - How are you going to decide where to focus your efforts? Ted Burczynski, Executive Director, Biomarker Technologies, Bristol-Myers Squibb 5.30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks Gary Schroth, Distinguished Scientist, Illumina Yaoyu Wang, Associate Director, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 12.00 Total Solutions for RNA-Seq Within the Illumina Ecosystem Gary Schroth, Distinguished Scientist, Illumina What can some platforms offer that others cannot? How do these tie in with other technologies? How do you decide what is best for you and how do you implement this decision? Panel Session Interactive Session Networking Session RNA-Seq 2014 Boston | www.rna-seqsummit.com Email: diane.mckenna@hansonwade.com | Tel: +1 (212) 357 5898 | Fax: +1 (212) 357 5898

RNA-Seq 2014 | A Hanson Wade Event CONFERENCE DAY TWO - Thursday June 19th 2014 8.00 Breakfast 8.50 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Maarten Leerkes, Genome Analysis Specialist, NIH • Examples of RNA-Seq based analyses, what have Pfizer learnt, where are they going and what is the promise of RNA-Seq? David von Schack, Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer The Data: What are Your Options? 9.00 Comparison of RNA-Seq Data Analysis Parameters Using Multiple Datasets • Case study: From alignment to differential expression when a gene has been knocked out • Data management and computation infrastructure • Factors to consider in an RNA-Seq experiment Qingqin Li, Scientific Director, Johnson & Johnson 9.30 RNA-Seq of FFPE Specimen for Biomarker Discovery & Development • The effects of RNA input mass and sample quality on expression quantitation • A case study in applying RNA-Seq to profile archived thyroid tumor samples for diagnostic biomarker discovery Brian Haynes, Senior Scientist, Asuragen 10.00 Panel Discussion: Dealing With the Data: What Approaches are Out There? • Comparison between managing in-house and outsourcing • What other options do you have at your disposal? • How do you get the best return on your investment? Maarten Leerkes, Genome Analysis Specialist, NIH Thomas Tibbitts, Research Director, Infinity Pharmaceuticals Monica Wang, Lead System Engineer, Project and Program Manager, Takeda 10.30 Beyond Known microRNAs: Exploring the Rest of the Small RNA Transcriptome • MaverixAnalytic Platform: Pre-configured RNA-Seq analysis pipelines to explore small RNAs • Cloud-based analytical environment • Examples of where small RNAs have been utilized Todd Lowe, Chief Scientific Officer, Maverix Biomics Inc 12.15 Using RNA-Seq to Characterize Animal Models of Chronic Viral Infection • How Roche have overcome the main challenges for development of new therapies for chronic Hepatitis B infection • How RNA-Seq contributes to a better understanding of animal models • How RNA-Seq is used to generate biomarker hypotheses that can be tested in clinical studies Lore Gruenbaum, Lead, Global Biomarkers & Experimental Medicine, Roche 12.45 Networking Lunch 1.45 Genotype Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project • A look at how RNA-Seq has been fundamental in the GTEx project • How RNA-Seq has leveraged detailed insight into the transcriptome in multiple human tissues David DeLuca, Computational Biologist, Broad Institute 2.15 Incorporating RNA-Seq into Drug Development • Novel biomarker identification and how this links to personalized medicine • A look at the big picture, where does RNA-Seq tie into drug development? Yihong Yao, Director, Head of Pharmacogenomics, MedImmune Maximizing the Potential of RNA-Seq 11.15 Exploring Scalable Options for Processing & Storing RNASeq Data • Molecular characterization of patient samples from clinical trials for rapid data processing, efficient storage and retrieval of results for downstream analysis • Investigation of new cloud-based approaches • Implementation and comparison of open-source and commercial tools for scalable data processing and storage Thomas Tibbitts, Research Director, Infinity Pharmaceuticals The Power of RNA-Seq: What’s Next? • RNA-Seq technologies and their future perspective • Where are we going with data analysis? • Case study of RNA-Seq applications in drug development Qichao Zhu, Principal Scientist, Boehringer-Ingelheim 3.15 10.45 Morning Refreshments & Networking 2.45 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking 3.45 Mastermind Groups and Open Q&A: What are the Lessons Learned from the Day 1 Roundtable Sessions? In this session, roundtable moderators will pool together and feedback the key takeaway messages from the interactive roundtable debates on day 1 of the conference. This is the perfect opportunity to crowdsource information around the most pressing issues in the RNA Sequencing field and align best practice with your peers. The moderator feedback will culminate in a closing panel discussion and audience debate on: What are the Next Moves with RNA Seq? Pre-clinical, Clinical & Drug Discovery Applications 11.45 RNA-Seq & Exploratory Biomarker Analyses in Clinical Trials • • • • Logistics and operational aspects in and out of Pfizer • How to incorporate RNA-Seq data analysis workflows in exploratory biomarker analysis 4.45 Discussion as to where best to invest in the RNA-Seq field and where the hottest areas of research are How to implement what you have learnt at RNA-Seq 2014 How will the field progress and what do you want to be discussing at RNA-Seq 2015? Chairman’s Closing Remarks 4.55 Close of congress Panel Session Interactive Session Networking Session RNA-Seq 2014 Boston | www.rna-seqsummit.com Email: diane.mckenna@hansonwade.com | Tel: +1 (212) 357 5898 | Fax: +1 (212) 357 5898

RNA-Seq 2014 | A Hanson Wade Event Conference Workshops RNA-Seq 2014 delivers more than just a 2 day learning and networking experience. In the constantly developing field of next generation sequencing, these two conference workshops enable you to get to the heart of some of the most pressing issues in the field. This is facilitated through an interactive learning environment and peer-to-peer discussion to deepen your knowledge and become inspired by new ideas. Workshop A RNA-Seq: A Fundamental Guide to the Field Date: June 17th 2014 | Time: 9.00 – 12.00 A practical introduction for those at the start of the journey and what’s new for those who have already set off. Whether or not you are new to the field, this all-encompassing workshop will give detailed insight, in an interactive format, across the entire RNA-Seq landscape. RNA sources and preparation, the myriad library construction options, sequencing: to pair or not to pair, and the world of analysis – all will be covered and discussed in this complete learning experience. Leave this workshop with: • A comprehensive understanding of the RNA-Seq landscape • Further development of the questions to ask when considering RNA-Seq • A review of the bench and informatic technologies that are right for your specific research needs Workshop leader Seth Crosby Director Partnerships & Alliances Washington University School of Medicine Seth has been at Washington University for nearly 12 years. During that time he directed the Genome Technology Access Center during its first 2 years. Prior to that he was the Director of Translational Research at the Genome Center (now the Genome Institute). Prior to his tenure at Washington University, Dr. Crosby worked in the field of genomics and drug discovery at Abbott Laboratories, Pfizer and Pharmacia. Workshop B A Cross-Omics Approach to Annotation of Human Splicing Transcriptomes Date: June 17th 2014 | Time: 1.00 – 4.00 Transcriptomic and proteogenomic annotation using cross-omics approaches by integrating datasets from genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics aids in putting together alternative splicing fingerprints. The concerted usage of post-genomic applications enhances gene model reconstruction when different omics technologies are used in genomic and transcriptomic annotation initiatives. This workshop gives a hands-on experience with the use of these automated transcriptomic annotation pipelines that allow you to use RNASeq data as well as peptide data from proteomic mass-spectrometry. By following this workshop, you’ll get a unique insight into innovative ways of bridging technology gaps in this new era of “big data”. You will also find ways of annotating the splicing transcriptome and use this information in downstream functional analysis. Leave this workshop with: • A comprehensive understanding of the innovative ways of bridging technology gaps in the new era of big data Workshop leader Maarten Leerkes Genome Analysis Specialist NIH In his role of a Genome Analysis Specialist and Computational Biology Specialist, Maarten collaborates with NIAID scientists to statistically design, analyze, manage, interpret, visualize, and illustrate genomic-scale experiments. His specialities include using primarily next-generation sequencing technologies, de novo sequence assembly, whole-genome and exome variant analysis, RNASeq, strand-specific sequencing analysis, ChIP-Seq, ChIP-exo, and meta-genomics, as well as microarray technologies (SNP, miRNA, protein, and/or standard expression arrays). • Up-to-date perspective of the latest advancements in this area and what is just around the corner • A better understanding of how alternative splicing is key in fingerprinting the transcriptome RNA-Seq 2014 Boston | www.rna-seqsummit.com Email: diane.mckenna@hansonwade.com | Tel: +1 (212) 357 5898 | Fax: +1 (212) 357 5898

RNA-Seq 2014 | A Hanson Wade Event SPONSORS PROGRAM PARTNERS: Illumina is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of life science tools and integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and function. We provide innovative sequencing and array-based solutions for genotyping, copy number variation analysis, methylation studies, gene expression profiling, and low-multiplex analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein. We also provide tools and services that are fueling advances in consumer genomics and diagnostics. Our technology and products accelerate genetic analysis research and its application, paving the way for molecular medicine and ultimately transforming health care. Lexogen is an Austrian biotech start-up located at the Campus Vienna Biocenter. It was founded in 2007 and currently employs 27 scientists and staff. The company’s mission is already reflected in its name: Lexogen literally means “word of gene”. We are focused on the development of unique technologies enabling complete transcriptome sequencing. Lexogen‘s SENSE mRNA-Seq library preparation kit is a fast, all-in-one protocol which generates rRNA free libraries with exceptional strandspecificity from low amounts of total RNA. Lexogen‘s SQUARE technology subdivides the transcriptome and enables the detection and quantification of unique splice variants as well as exact start- and end-sites, allowing the complete profiling of all transcript isoforms present in an RNA sample. Since the company was founded in 2000, NuGEN has been a leader in the development of novel genomic sample preparation solutions for microarray, qPCR and NGS analysis. Through the use of innovative technologies employed in rapid and simple workflows, NuGEN enables accurate representation of biology with no compromise in data quality for a broad range of samples. NuGEN’s RNA- Seq portfolio offers sample preparation solutions for the most challenging samples with the flexibility of a broad range of inputs down to a single cell. For DNA analysis, NuGEN offers low input and PCR free library preparation products in addition to a novel target enrichment technology using single primer extension for rapid, single tube workflows and easy custom design capability. Asuragen is a molecular diagnostics company using genomics to drive better patient management through best-in-class clinical testing solutions. With a pioneering position in miRNA, Asuragen has assembled cutting edge technologies to discover, develop and commercialize diagnostic products and clinical testing services. Our experienced team utilizes these capabilities to operate with efficiency and flexibility with our internal R&D programs as well as with our companion diagnostic partners. Building on the company’s heritage, Asuragen has developed a reputation as a world class molecular diagnostics company and has created a culture driven by nimble, innovative and determined teams of scientists and professionals inspired to improve patient management through molecular diagnostics. RNA-Seq 2014 Boston | www.rna-seqsummit.com Email: diane.mckenna@hansonwade.com | Tel: +1 (212) 357 5898 | Fax: +1 (212) 357 5898

RNA-Seq 2014 | A Hanson Wade Event SPONSORS CONTINUED SPOTLIGHT PARTNERS: Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ global leadership and world-class service and support delivers instrument systems, reagents and services to improve workflow and outcomes for researchers in academic and commercial life sciences laboratories, enabling discoveries in biology-based research and development, and solutions for bioprocessing. A leader in centrifugation and flow cytometry, Beckman Coulter also has brought to market innovations in capillary electrophoresis, particle characterization and liquid handling laboratory automation. Its products are used to further important areas of scientific investigation, including genomics and proteomics. Maverix provides life sciences researchers direct interaction with a secure, cloud-based platform to manage, explore, and visualize genomic data generated via high throughput sequencing. Integrating best-inclass open-source software, scientists are empowered to ask new questions; build collaborative “communities of discovery” to share data, methods, and results; and integrate their data in context with the latest public and private biomic information for viral, bacterial, vertebrate, and plant genomes. The Maverix Analytic Platform is also optimized to discover previously unknown roles of small RNA in every aspect of cell regulation. MEDIA PARTNERS: GET IN TOUCH If your organization needs to raise profile, promote products and services or develop new partnership opportunities in the RNA-Seq sector then contact us now to find out more. Diane McKenna, Commercial Director, Genomics Hanson Wade Tel: +44 20 3141 8746 Email: diane.mckenna@hansonwade.com RNA-Seq 2014 Boston | www.rna-seqsummit.com Email: diane.mckenna@hansonwade.com | Tel: +1 (212) 357 5898 | Fax: +1 (212) 357 5898

RNA-Seq 2014 | A Hanson Wade Event PRICES AND DISCOUNTS: Package Register & Pay before 14th March* Register & Pay before 25th April* Register & Pay before Friday 30th May* Standard Price* GOLD PACKAGE: Conference + 2 Workshops $3397 (Save $500) $3497 (Save $400) $3597 (Save $300) $3697 (Save $200) SILVER PACKAGE: Conference + 1 Workshop $2798 (Save $400) $2898 (Save $300) $2998 (Save $200) $3098 (Save $100) BRONZE PACKAGE: Conference Only $2199 (Save $300) $2299 (Save $200) $2399 (Save $100) $2499 Workshop Only $699 Academics & Non-profit organizations GOLD PACKAGE: Conference + 2 Workshops $1997 (Save $500) $2097 (Save $400) $2197 (Save $300) $2297 (Save $200) SILVER PACKAGE: Conference + 1 Workshop $1598 (Save $400) $1698 (Save $300) $1798 (Save $200) $1898 (Save $100) BRONZE PACKAGE: Conference Only $1199 (Save $300) $1299 (Save $200) $1399 (Save $100) $1499 Workshop Only $499 * All discount offers (including team discounts) require payment at the time of registration to receive any discount. ‘Early Bird’ discounts require payment at time of registration and on or before the cut-off date to receive any discount. All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer. The conference fee includes lunch, refreshments and course documentation. The fee does not include travel or hotel accommodation. Venue: Courtyard Boston Downtown 275 Tremont Street Boston , Massachusetts 02116,USA www.marriott.co.uk BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY* register@hansonwade.com www.rna-seqsummit.com/register *For full T&C’s visit the website Priority Code: SPX TEAM DISCOUNTS 3 delegates: 10% Discount 4 delegates: 15% Discount 5 delegates: 20% Discount *Please note that discounts are only valid when three or more delegates from one company book and pay at the same time. TERMS & CONDITIONS Changes to Conference & Agenda: Hanson Wade reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event, to change the location or alter the advertised speakers. Hanson Wade is not responsible for any loss or damage or costs incurred as a result of substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellation of an event for any reason and including causes beyond its control including without limitation, acts of God, natural disasters, sabotage, accident, trade or industrial disputes, terrorism or hostilities. Data Protection: The personal information shown and/or provided by you will be held in a database. It may be used to keep you up to date with developments in your industry. Sometimes your details may be obtained or made available to third parties for marketing purposes. If you do not wish your details to be used for this purpose, please write to: Database Manager, Hanson Wade, Charter House, 13-15 Carteret Street, London SW1H 9DJ RNA-Seq 2014 Boston | www.rna-seqsummit.com Email: diane.mckenna@hansonwade.com | Tel: +1 (212) 357 5898 | Fax: +1 (212) 357 5898 Event code: 4439 Full payment is due on registration. Cancellation and Substitution Policy: Cancellations must be received in writing. If the cancellation is received more than 14 days before the conference attendees will receive a full credit to a future conference. Cancellations received 14 days or less (including the fourteenth day) prior to the conference will be liable for the full fee. A substitution from the same organization can be made at any time.

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