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Published on November 30, 2007

Author: Garrick

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2C CA Plex Status and Plans:  2C CA Plex Status and Plans William Hunt Senior Product Manager Daniel Leigh Director, Development CA, Inc. CA Blue R0 G132 B201 CA Green R51 G158 B53 CA Dark Blue R0 G132 B201 CA Dark Green R51 G158 B53 CA Light Blue R0 G132 B201 CA Light Green R51 G158 B53 CA Gray R106 G105 B100 CA Tint Gray 30 R218 G218 B203 CA Tint Gray 10 R246 G246 B246 Session Agenda :  Session Agenda This session will highlight the following: CA’s Application Development tools alignment with CA’s EITM strategy User Community and Events CA Plex and SOA Release Status and Plans CA Plex r6 Review CA Plex r6.1 Preview Beyond r6.1 Summary About The Presenters :  About The Presenters William A. Hunt (Bill) Senior Product Manager at CA Midrange application development solutions Metadata repository tools Have served as CA Plex/2E Product Manager since 2000 Experience in marketing, development (QA Engineer for Plex in 2000) Based in Columbus, Ohio USA Daniel Leigh Development Director at CA CA Plex and CA 2E First joined Synon in 1989 Based in UK at CA’s EMEA HQ in Slough EITM:  EITM CA Enterprise IT Management (EITM):  CA Enterprise IT Management (EITM) To transform IT management, CA delivers solutions that effectively govern, manage and secure IT. CA’s vision for how to unify and simplify IT management to maximize the value to the business. CA Application Development Vision Supports EITM Strategy:  GOVERN MANAGE SECURE Provides better business understanding and IT alignment Optimizes business process performance Automates application development process Generates business applications with proven stability and scalability Simplifies application development by shielding developer from technical complexity Maximizes productivity while managing control with secure and flexible development environment Enables transition to new technologies and platforms without rewriting code, protecting IT investments CA Application Development Vision Supports EITM Strategy CA Continues to Provide Market Leading Application Development Solutions :  Key strengths of CA application development solutions are model-driven architecture and proven code generators Implement emerging technologies without extensive technical training J2EE, .NET, Web services, SOA Significantly increase productivity during development and maintenance Proven high quality performance of generated applications Platform independent applications CA Continues to Provide Market Leading Application Development Solutions Achieving Delivery of AD Vision:  Ongoing midrange solution investment Progressive platform co-existence Modernization of proven investments Legacy Applications Enterprise Database Achieving Delivery of AD Vision Increase IT efficiency Faster time-to-market Evolving business responsiveness Lower cost Regulatory compliant Aid transition to agile business environments Application Assembly, Reuse & Management Service Oriented Architectures Heterogeneous AD platforms Windows, Unix, Linux, System i Java and/or .Net DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, Sybase Perspective:  Perspective Plex and 2E Have a place at the CA table Midrange Application Development solutions Continued development and support Product Roadmap is located at CA’s SupportConnect: http://supportconnect.ca.com Perspective:  Perspective The Plex/2E Team at CA Development and Support still in UK and California, and now India Worldwide Partners/Distributors Network of partners throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, South America Worldwide partnerships listed at http://www.ca.com/partners/appdev Partnerships with Microsoft and IBM IBM Tools Innovation program Microsoft Midrange Alliance Our Goals with CA Plex….:  Our Goals with CA Plex…. Become the standard bearer for ARAD tools The vast majority of these tools are focused on J2EE support (so is Plex) The vast majority of these tools do not have plans to offer .NET support The vast majority of these tools certainly do not offer IBM System i support The overall premise of ARAD tools was realized by CA Plex long ago: Focus on connecting systems with Web Services and reusable business logic components Design applications using a model-based approach Patterns or templates to help accelerate programming Multiple deployment options Our Goals with CA Plex….:  Our Goals with CA Plex…. Continue to build the user base and increase sales – mostly through the sales channel Channel sales is strategic to CA We are fortunate to have a worldwide ecosystem of partners – distributors/resellers/technology/consulting/education We want to continue to expand our channels and partner networks Outlook:  Outlook Plex is steady and strong We have new customers and a solid customer base It’s a culmination of dedication and passion from: The CA Team Key partners and distributors The worldwide user community User Community and Events:  User Community and Events To reapply Master on Divider pages ONLY, [Format > Slide Design > Apply a design template: > (choose Design 1, 2, or 3) > Apply to Selected Slides] Plex/2E Product Line Community:  Plex/2E Product Line Community http://causergroups.ca.com Among the largest and most active at CA Many regional groups, annual conference Share knowledge, contacts, tips Be informed on product news, happenings Opportunity to rank submitted enhancement requests No cost to register Knowledge at your fingertips!:  Knowledge at your fingertips! Plex and 2E Wiki Sites are up and running http://www.2einfo.net http://www.plexinfo.net Tips, news, links and other information about Plex and 2E Web sites that anyone can edit Same concept as Wikipedia Includes an online catalog of generated applications We need the help of all partners/distributors/customers to expand this! http://wiki.plexinfo.net/index.php?title=Business_Directory CA/Microsoft Partnership:  CA/Microsoft Partnership Industry Partnerships:  Industry Partnerships Plex Listed in their solution catalog We have modernization stories via integration of Plex Java and IBM WebSphere Plex/2E User Community:  Plex/2E User Community 3rd Annual Plex and 2E Worldwide User Conference Cincinnati, Ohio, USA September 19-21, 2007 Over 150 registrations from 13 countries across 5 continents CA Plex and SOA:  CA Plex and SOA System Oriented Architecture – Key Initiatives:  System Oriented Architecture – Key Initiatives J2EE, .NET, Web Services continue to evolve AD productivity growth via loosely coupled components SOA is the natural solutions extension to facilitate rapid adoption of agile business strategies Business, development, and operations alignment Closes loop between development and deployment CA solutions for SOA enable: Application development & deployment Mainframe application quality and testing Enterprise-wide integrated security Application Management Web Services Management Using CA Plex to Enable SOA:  Using CA Plex to Enable SOA Enable SOA using a single set of development skills Web services delivery options J2EE-based through third party business process solutions and/or Eclipse based solutions .NET-based via Visual Studio Tightly integrated technology partners XML based applications Mobile applications CCH Delivers .NET with CA Plex:  CCH Delivers .NET with CA Plex Commerce Clearinghouse (CCH) Used CA Plex r6 to build .NET-based web services to establish a Service Oriented Architecture for delivery of their new product Targets mid-sized companies to provide business tax solutions Challenge Needed to develop and quickly launch new product based on existing solutions New solution needed to be based on Microsoft .NET technology CA Plex speeds delivery of .NET solution C# server code generated based on design models Packaged web service components delivered via integration with Visual Studio.NET Increased developer productivity in excess of 4X and accelerated time to market (as compared to hand coding) SIBS Delivers J2EE with CA Plex:  SIBS Delivers J2EE with CA Plex Sociedade Interbancaria de Servicos (SIBS) Consortium of banking institutions throughout Portugal Help provide technology solutions to facilitate payments and associated services that combine security, effectiveness, comfort and innovation Challenge Needed to integrate and deliver critical data across multiple platforms from different sources – in record time and at a fraction of the usual cost for country-wide ATM network CA Plex delivers SOA CA Plex delivers EJB components to facilitate this data integration on the back end in a secure, fast and cost efficient manner TEEX Delivers SOA with CA Plex:  TEEX Delivers SOA with CA Plex Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Part of the Texas A&M University system that helps develop a skilled and trained workforce that enhances public safety, security and economic through training, technical assistance and emergency response. Challenge Needed to integrate registration data from existing System i applications across multiple platforms and partners via web services CA Plex delivers SOA Extended existing System i-based registration system built with CA Plex and Websydian XML-based web services enable integration among systems of various platforms/environments CA Plex Vision and Strategy:  CA Plex Vision and Strategy Focus primarily on SOA enablement CA Plex enables the model-based design and automated generation of web services Extend Application Management Console to provide both .NET and J2EE support Extend modernization capabilities for legacy System i applications Customers can remain on their System i while delivering SOA, .NET, J2EE New CA 2E-migration patterns from ADC Austin Release Status and Plans:  Release Status and Plans Plex at CA:  Plex at CA 2005 2004 2006 2003 2002 2001 AllFusion Plex 5.5 Advantage Plex 5.1 Advantage Plex 5.1 SP1 AllFusion Plex 5.5 SP1 Advantage Plex 5.1J AllFusionPlex 5.5J COOL:Plex 5.0 2007 COOL:Plex 4.5 SP1 COOL:Plex 4.5J Advantage  Plex 5.0 SP1 AllFusion Plex 5.5 SP2 CA Plex r6 CA Plex r6 JPN Plex at CA:  Plex at CA 2007 CA Plex r6 CA Plex r6 JPN 2008 2009 2010 2011 2013 2012 Planned CA Plex r6.1 CA Plex r6 Review:  CA Plex r6 Review CA Plex 6.1:  CA Plex 6.1 C# Server Generator Apache ANT and MSBuild build environment Code Library object type Many other enhancements and updates cross all supported platforms C# Server Generator:  C# Server Generator Generate 100% managed .NET code Completely new generator and runtime system .NET stack: C#, OLE DB, Unicode Logical replacement for Windows NT/Backoffice generator Windows Server apps without the problems of runtime backwards compatibility, RPC complexity etc. If you are using WinNTC today, consider migrating to C# C# Server Generator:  C# Server Generator OLE DB Plex .NET Runtime:  Plex .NET Runtime . Microsoft NET Framework 2.0 Class Libraries . Microsoft NET Framework 2.0 (CLR) Plex .NET Management Console:  Plex .NET Management Console Plex .NET Management Console:  Plex .NET Management Console Detailed application management information Currently connected clients, threads and database connections Runs as a Windows Service or a Console (command-line application) .NET Support – Pattern Libraries:  .NET Support – Pattern Libraries New FNC language SYS = C# New variants for Patterns and OBASE: STORAGE and DATE OBASE and OBDATE New C# API library CSAPI ANT and MSBuild:  ANT and MSBuild ANT is an open source build tool http://ant.apache.org/ The standard build tool in the Java world. But Plex 5.X uses Microsoft NMAKE!? Plex 6.0 uses ANT for Java builds Mainstream technology Extensible through ANT “tasks” A single build environment for CA to support Much, much faster Java builds! MSBuild is Microsoft’s equivalent of ANT ANT and MSBuild:  ANT and MSBuild Code Libraries:  Code Libraries New Plex Object Type (CDL) Represents a Java JAR file or a .NET Assembly DLL .NET Assemblies “It’s a DLL Jim, but not as we know it” Code Library Wizard:  Code Library Wizard Separate wizard (not built from Gen & Build window) On the Tools menu FLD type SYS = Object:  FLD type SYS = Object Integrate third-party classes with Plex Java or C# code A “lightweight” equivalent to C++ COM Import No modeling of components Requires some Java or C# knowledge Java Changes:  Java Changes Removal of dependencies on Obin and Obout classes New Java Database Connection APIs JAVAPI/DisconnectDBConnection JAVAAPI/DisconnectALLDBConnection Various performance improvements Exec SQL improvements Automatic .BAT file creation Created when a Java client runs from Gen & Bld Development Environment enhancements:  Development Environment enhancements Action Diagram Parameter Mapping dialog Default mapping for API Calls and Messages (long-standing customer enhancement request) Dialog made much bigger to avoid need to scroll (Alpha customer request) Hence 1024x768 screen resolution requirement System i Changes:  System i Changes “System i” is IBM’s new name for iSeries and AS/400 “i5/OS” is the new name for OS/400 Long, mixed case password support for generated applications QPWDLVL=2 Supported for System i connections from WinC, WinNTC, Java and C# New sample model Change Password functionality without *SECADM requirement CA Plex r6.1 Preview :  CA Plex r6.1 Preview Primary Goals of CA Plex r6.1:  Primary Goals of CA Plex r6.1 Strengthen the position of Plex as an environment to develop service-oriented applications Refine the .NET support introduced in 6.0 Platform Compatibility updates Relatively short release cycle Currently aiming for mid-2008 release Planned Features for CA Plex r6.1:  Planned Features for CA Plex r6.1 Enhanced SOA Support Plex API Enhancements Windows Vista Support for development Platform Compatibility Updates IPv6 i5/OS V6R1 Java SE 6.0 SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 Oracle 11 Enhanced SOA Support:  Enhanced SOA Support Will reuse the Plex Connectors modeling approach Similar to EJB and COM modeling Services represented as “first-class” objects in the Plex Object Browser Enhanced SOA Support:  Enhanced SOA Support Services generated based on Microsoft’s new Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology Formerly codenamed “Indigo” Part of .NET 3.X Java-based web services at a later release Come to this afternoon’s session for full details: 5C, “Plex SOA Strategy”, 2.00pm – 2.45pm Plex API:  Plex API The Plex API is an increasingly popular way for users to customize and extend the functionality of the Plex development environment Enhancement requests being considered for 6.1: Access currently selected objects on Object Browser Ability to initiate generate and build requests Execute the functionality of the Object Browser “Make Real” menu item Get and set object flags Get current model configuration info IPv6 Compatibility:  IPv6 Compatibility IPv6 is the successor to the IPv4 standard Much larger address space 32-byte IPv6 addresses versus 4-byte IPv4 Improved security and other enhancements Adoption being driven by US Federal government requirements Plex apps use TCP/IP for cross-platform communication IPv4-IPv6 “mixed mode” network environments expected to be the typical user environment Plex Java and .NET runtimes largely support IPv6 already There may be limitations on other platforms i5/OS V6R1 Compatibility:  i5/OS V6R1 Compatibility CA will be on the V6R1 Beta from November 2007 A conversion process runs automatically on programs upgraded to V6R1 IBM has provided a utility on V5 to check whether your programs are compatible with V6 The shipped programs in the PLEX600 library have been checked – all OK. Plex and Windows Vista:  Plex and Windows Vista Current Status at 6.0: Plex 6.0 generated applications are supported on Vista Let us know if you find problems Plex development environment not supported Not compliant with Vista UAC security model Workarounds possible but not fully supported Plex and Windows Vista:  Plex and Windows Vista User Access Control: All users, including administrators, treated as standard users by default Applications should not write to protected areas such as Program Files and the Windows folder Applications should minimize administrator-level access requirements Plex and Windows Vista:  Plex and Windows Vista Goals for 6.1 Enable use of Plex with a standard user account Add support for multiple Plex developers on a single Windows machine Each developer will have their own copy of configuration files such as Plex.ini Many Plex components will no longer be installed under Program Files Meet the requirements of the Microsoft “Works with Windows Vista” logo program Beyond r6.1 :  Beyond r6.1 Ideas For Future Releases:  Ideas For Future Releases What should go in Plex 7.0? Some possibilities: Page Modeler Model-based web page layout, similar to Panel Designer Based on Page (PGE) object type ASP.NET AJAX and JSF generation WPF clients .NET 3.X smart clients Deeper ILE support Generating modules and service programs Richer Java Desktop clients Exploit Java SE 6.0 and 7.0 enhancements We Need Your Feedback:  We Need Your Feedback A list of 100 enhancement requests is available for your review at this conference. All Product Line Community (PLC) members will be able to vote for their top enhancements requests Most popular requests will be strong candidates for future releases Details of the online voting system will be available at a later date Make sure you are a member of the Plex/2E PLC! http://causergroups.ca.com Summary :  Summary Summary:  Summary CA’s application development strategy fits well into our EITM Strategy Unify and Simplify IT Management Manage, Govern, Secure IT efforts CA Plex r6 now GA C# server code generator Apache ANT support, Java updates, System i updates Press release launched on July 30, 2007 CA Plex r6 delivers web services and SOA Windows/NET, Java/J2EE, IBM System i/AS400 Next Plex release will focus on SOA Summary:  Summary CA Plex r6.1 being planned Target GA CY2008 We will hold a beta program beforehand Model-based development and code generation are more important than ever! Questions & feedback:  Questions & feedback To reapply Master on Divider pages ONLY, [Format > Slide Design > Apply a design template: > (choose Design 1, 2, or 3) > Apply to Selected Slides]

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