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Published on October 30, 2007

Author: Felipe

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ANCIENT ROME:  ANCIENT ROME The Spirit of Empire Romulus & Remus:  Romulus & Remus Etruscan:  Apollo from Veii 500 b.c Life size Baked clay (terracotta) Archaic Greek influence (smile, stance) p. 71 Etruscan Earlier Periods:  Earlier Periods Pre-Etruscan 1000-700 BC Ertruscan 700-509 BC - strong enough to resist Greeks And then came the LATINS 3 Roman Periods:  3 Roman Periods Roman Republic 509 - 27 BC Early empire 27 BC - 180 AD PAX ROMANA ends with the reign of Marcus Aurelius Late empire 180 - 395 AD about 900 years But first some connections and comparisons . . .:  But first some connections and comparisons . . . Ancient Greek Hellenistic Age ends in 145 BC – why? ROMAN CONQUEST Other cultures:  Other cultures Ancient Egypt 3150 – 702 BC about 2500 years China Shang Dynasty starts 1523 BC; more-or-less continuous Chinese culture since then, about 3500 years Qin Dynasty consolidates China, 221-206 BC, about 16 years Han Dynasty 206 BC – 220 CE classical phase of Chinese civilization, about 400 years ROME – 900 years 3 timelines:  3 timelines Roman Republic Early & Late Imperial Rome HAN DYNASTY - CHINA Classical Greek Hellenistic Archaic Greek Qin 3 Kingdoms Chin 0 Zhou Classical – some definitions:  Classical – some definitions [culturally inclusive] Definitive (defining) and enduring [narrow sense] art & architecture of Greek & Roman antiquity [another general sense] ‘art which aspires to emotional and physical equilibrium, rationally rather than intuitively constructed’ Roman contributions:  Roman contributions Literature Continuation of Greek models in art & philosophy Architecture Post & Lintel construction:  Post & Lintel construction LINTEL P O S T P O S T GREEK PARTHENON Post & Lintel drawbacks:  Post & Lintel drawbacks LINTEL P O S T thick P O S T thick narrow Something new under the sun . . .:  Something new under the sun . . . Roman ARCHitecture:  Roman ARCHitecture Arches – strength through compression:  Arches – strength through compression Pont du Gard (in France):  Pont du Gard (in France) Inventions reached their limit a long time ago, and I see no hope for further development. Julius Frontius, 1st century AD Pantheon:  Pantheon p. 82-83 Pantheon:  Pantheon Pantheon plan:  Pantheon plan Interior views:  Interior views Engineering marvel Concrete! Interior more spectacular than exterior:  Interior more spectacular than exterior Pantheon comments:  Pantheon comments later used as church Missing pedimental sculpture (would have been like Parthenon) Tuscan order of columns (with Corinthian capitals) Coliseum:  Coliseum Brings together the violence and the achievements of Roman society Home of gladiatorial contests…man vs.man, man vs. animal, animal vs. animal Seating designed for comfort with an expandable covering over the top Plumbing which could wash away the blood or create an ‘inland sea’ on which to have mock sea battles POWER (POLITICS) & PLEASURE plan:  plan Domestic Architecture:  Domestic Architecture Domus = house Atrium = entrance to house Outside plain, inside elaborate. Homes were considered sanctuaries Atrium would often have sculptures of family members Slide29:  Atrium House of Vettii Garden:  House of Vettii Garden

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