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Published on January 19, 2016

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1. What is Redemption – 29th December 2015 “You have been set free fromsin andhave become slaves to righteousness” (Romans6:18) . Redemption isa biblical wordthatmeans"a purchase"or "a ransom."Historically, redemption wasused inreference tothe purchase of a slave'sfreedom.A slave was"redeemed"whenthe price waspaidfor hisfreedom.Godspoke of Israel'sdeliverancefromslaveryinEgyptinthisway:"I amthe LORD, and I will bringyou out from under the burdensof the Egyptians,and I will deliver youfrom slavery to them, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm andwith great acts of judgment" (Exodus6:6). The use of redemption inthe NewTestamentincludesthissame idea.Everypersonisaslave tosin;only throughthe price Jesuspaidon the cross can a sinful person be redeemedfromsinanddeath. In Scripture,itiscleareverypersonstandsinneedof redemption.Why?Because everypersonhas sinnedwhichwe canlearnfrom “… forall have sinnedand fall short ofthe gloryof God and all are justifiedfreely byhis grace throughthe redemptionthat came by ChristJesus” (Romans3:23-24). This verse alsotellsus that we are "justifiedbyhisgrace as a gift,throughthe redemptionthatisinChrist Jesus"We can alsolearn that Jesusisthe mediatorof the new covenant:“Forthis reasonChrist isthe mediatorof a new covenant, that thosewho are calledmay receive the promisedeternal inheritance—nowthathe has diedas a ransom to set them free fromthe sinscommittedunder the first covenant”( Hebrews 9:15).. italso tellsusthatdue to the atoningsacrifice of JesusChristwe are redeems andsetfree fromthe transgressionscommitted”. Redemptionprovidesseveral benefitsforthe believer:Thisactenables the possibilityof eternallife that we can learnfrom Revelation5:9-10,” Andthey sanga new song,saying:“Youare worthyto take the scroll and to open its seals, becauseyou were slain,andwith your bloodyoupurchasedfor God personsfrom every tribe andlanguageand peopleand nation.10 Youhavemadethem to be a kingdom and prieststo serve our God,andthey will reign[a] on the earth.” Redemptionalsoprovidesus forgivenessof sin inaccordance withGods grace as we can learnfrom Ephesians1:7,“In himwe have redemptionthrough hisblood,the forgivenessof sins,inaccordance withthe riches ofGod’sgrace”. Furthermore redemptionavailsusthe possibilityof beginning arightrelationshipwithGod.Therefore whenwe receive ourredemptionwe needtochange…to live inaccordance to Godsteachingsbecause if one fallsbackto the same place that we once were,redemptionwouldnotmeananything.We can learninRomans 5:17), “Forif,by the trespassof the one man, death reignedthrough that one man, how muchmore will those whoreceive God’sabundantprovisionofgraceand of the giftof righteousnessreignin lifethrough the one man, Jesus Christ!.In additionwhenone receives redemptionwe have peace withGod thatwe can learnfrom Colossians1:19-20, “For Godwas pleased to have all his fullnessdwell inhim, 20 and throughhimto reconcile to himselfall things,whether thingson earth or thingsin heaven, by makingpeace throughhis blood,shedon the cross”. Whenwe receive redemption the HolySpiritbegins tolive within usaswe read in 1 Corinthians6:19-20, “Do younot know that your bodiesare temples of the Holy Spirit,who is inyou, whomyou have received from God?Youare not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor Godwith your bodies” andadoptionintoGod'sfamily aswe readin Galatians4:5, “…toredeem those under the

2. law,that we mightreceive adoptiontosonship”.We can learnin Titus2 thatsays Jesus"gave Himself to redeemus”fromall lawlessnessandtopurifyfor Himself…apeople forHisownpossession. “…while we wait for the blessed hope—theappearingofthe gloryof our great Godand Savior,JesusChrist, 14 whogave himselffor us to redeem us from all wickedness andto purifyfor himselfa people that are hisvery own,eager to do what isgood” (Titus2:13-14). Whenwe are redeemed,we needtobecome differentpeople.WhenGodredeemedIsraelfromslavery inEgypt, He made thema newnationandgave thema new land.Likewise,the Christianhasanew identityinChrist.Nolonger shouldaChristianacaptive tosinand death.Instead, we belongtoGod's kingdom. AsChristians whoseekandreceive ourredemption,thereafterneedto live inanticipationof our eternal home withourheavenlyFather. Godwantsusto know Him as the One whoredeemedus. As Christianswhobelieve andthroughfaithin JesusChristasoursaviour,it enablesredemptionforus. JesusChristas the atoningsacrifice paidaheavy price forour redemption, the ultimate sacrifice of His ownlife tofree usfrom sin. We can learnof an importantunderstanding forthose whohave beenredeemed: “Whatshall wesay, then? Shall we go on sinningsothat grace may increase?By no means!We are those who have died to sin; howcan we livein it any longer?Or don’t youknow that all of us who were baptized intoChrist Jesus were baptizedintohisdeath? (Romans61-3).It clearlyquestionsuscanwe go on sinninginthe hope that grace mayincrease andthat we may receive redemption? Asthe ApostlePaul says inthe above passage…bynomeans! “Youhave been set free from sinand have become slavesto righteousness” (Romans6:18) .

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