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Published on January 14, 2009

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The Madison Youth Football Sportsmanship Initiative : The Madison Youth Football Sportsmanship Initiative Presented by Madison Youth Football In cooperation with The Positive Coaching Alliance To insert your company logo on this slide From the Insert Menu Select “Picture” Locate your logo file Click OK To resize the logo Click anywhere inside the logo. The boxes that appear outside the logo are known as “resize handles.” Use these to resize the object. If you hold down the shift key before using the resize handles, you will maintain the proportions of the object you wish to resize. The Mission Statement of Madison Youth Football : The Mission Statement of Madison Youth Football The goal of the Madison Youth Football program is to prepare our players to compete confidently and aggressively every play of every game. This is achieved by: The recognition and adherence to the fact that the foundation of the program is based on a total commitment to teaching disciplined, hard nosed, tough, physical football. The program is built on this very fact. Engaged and knowledgeable coaching .The program takes the responsibility to provide opportunities to improve the coaches’ football knowledge. The program is committed to staying abreast of the latest football knowledge and techniques. MYF coaches will be knowledgeable, prepared caring, and demanding during practice time. High standards of performance and effort during practice .We will never coach down to the player .We will ask the same level of commitment and effort from the least talented player to the most talented. We will always strive to lift the player’s performance level to our standards. We will always be truthful to the player’s execution and performance during practice and games. We will respect all connected with the game, and conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects positively on the town of Madison. The program encourages mutual respect between all involved, players, coaches and parents. Overview : Overview The Ideal Coach/Parent within MYF The Positive Coaching Alliance’s Program Evaluating Your Child’s Coach Conflict Resolution Presenting the Parent’s Code of Conduct The MYF Parent and Coach’s Challenge Enhancing Self-Worth : The MYF Parent and Coach’s Challenge Enhancing Self-Worth The adults must find a way for every athlete to experience success in an environment in which actual winners are few and losers are many. The parent and coach must work together to see that playing football enhances the child’s self-worth, instead of destroying it. Parent’s Checklist for Success : Parent’s Checklist for Success Can you share your son or daughter? Can you admit your shortcomings? Can you accept your child’s disappointments? Can you accept your child’s triumphs? Can you give your child some time? Can you let your child make her or his own decisions? Becoming a “Double-Goal” Coach and Parent : Becoming a “Double-Goal” Coach and Parent The “win-at-all-cost” coach- One goal…TO WIN! A “positive coach and parent”- Wants to win, but uses their player’s/child’s youth football experience to teach “life-lessons” that will help them be successful in every aspect of their life. When you have accomplished this feat you are a “Double Goal” coach and/or parent Three Themes to Becoming a “Double Goal” Coach and Parent : Three Themes to Becoming a “Double Goal” Coach and Parent Redefining “Winner” Filling the “Emotional Tank” Honoring the Game Redefining “Winner” : Redefining “Winner” The Benefits of Redefining “Winner” Develops habits that serve them well in life Reduced anxiety Increased self-confidence Have more fun playing football. Redefining “Winner” : Redefining “Winner” Professional Sports- Only Goal- Have the most points at the end of the game Youth Sports- 2nd Goal- produce people who will be “winners in life” Lets review Mastery Orientation and the “Tree of Mastery” Redefining “Winner” : Redefining “Winner” The ELM Tree is the “Tree of Mastery” E stands for Effort L stands for Learning M stands for Mistakes Redefining “Winner” : How can you help? 1. Tell your players and children that you want them to be winners in life, and tell them the three things that winners do…ELM 2. Tell them you appreciate it when they try hard, even if they lose. 3. Challenge yourself not to ask “Did you win?” until you’ve asked some more positive questions. 4. Recognize that the commitment to mastery is hard work. Be patient, positive and selective when criticizing your child’s play. The “Golden Ratio” and “four-positives-and-a -wish.” Redefining “Winner” Filling the “Emotional Tank” : Filling the “Emotional Tank” Like gas tanks in automobiles, all players have “emotional tanks” that require filling. Empty tank- irritable, pessimistic and unable to deal with adversity--uncoachable Full tank- cheerful, optimistic and able to deal with adversity--coachable 1.The “Oreo”- Sandwich a “wish” between two pluses. 2. The 5:1 “Golden Ratio” Filling the “Emotional Tank” : Filling the “Emotional Tank” The “Golden Ratio” Praise to criticism “Golden Ratio”- 5:1 Below 5:1- Children become discouraged Children can be educated to use this “Golden Ratio” with their teammates, and fill their emotional tanks Filling the “Emotional Tank” : Filling the “Emotional Tank” How can you help? 1. Try not to give too much advice after a tough game. Acknowledge their feelings of disappointment before encouraging them to keep their spirits up. 2. Before giving advice try the “3-Pluses-and-a-wish” technique. 3. Remember the “Golden Ratio” when criticizing your child. Honoring the Game : Honoring the Game Honoring the game gets to the ROOTT of the “Tree of Mastery.” Honor the: Rules Opponents- Especially during Madison versus Madison Games Officials Teammates Tradition Honoring the Game : Honoring the Game How can you help? 1. Discuss the meaning of each element of ROOTT with your players/children 2. Be a good role model. Honor the game when you attend your child’s game. Cheer both teams when a good play is made. Never yell at the referees. Remember To: : Remember To: Remember to be a “Double Goal” coach and parent Redefine “Winner”- ELM Fill your player’s/children’s “Emotional Tank”- “Golden Ratio” 5:1, 3-pluses-and-a-wish Honor the Game and teach your child to do the same- ROOTT The Cornerstones of Effective Coaching and Parenting : The Cornerstones of Effective Coaching and Parenting Philosophy Motives Knowledge Leadership Self-Control Understanding Communication Consistency Respect Enthusiasm Slide 19: Conflict Resolution GOAL of MYF- Provide EVERYONE with a fun and positive experience without conflict. Occasionally, however a conflict will arise. FACT: Conflicts are a normal part of interaction. It is not a matter of “if” you will face conflict, it is a matter of “when” and “how”. People handle conflict in different ways Avoid it, accommodate it, force it, try to compromise, or collaborate on it. How you cope with conflict will determine how “successful” you are with it’s resolution Conflict Resolution : Conflict Resolution # 1 PRIORITY- The children of MYF are provided with a SAFE, FUN and POSITIVE experience while being taught the fundamental skills to play the game of football. Conflicts can be quite distressing to all involved, particularly the children. The MYF staff and coaches are committed to making sure all conflicts are resolved quickly, objectively, and equitably with the very first consideration being given to the welfare of the children. Conflict Resolution : Conflict Resolution Communication is the first step to avoid future potential conflicts We will open the season with a mandatory meeting for the parents. We will explain our goals for the season, and inform the parents what our goals and expectations are. Parents are part of the MYF “Team”. We will keep them informed and involved. Conflict Resolution : Conflict Resolution How will a conflict arise? Coach not able to handle a certain player Parent might not approve of the actions of a coach. Coach may not agree with calls on the field or with the actions of opposing coaches The coach may not agree with the actions of the parents. Conflict Resolution : Conflict Resolution When will a conflict arise? During a game During practice Over the phone While sending or receiving EMAIL The list could go on and on and on What will you do and what does MYF ask you to do in these uncomfortable situations? Conflict Resolution Process : Conflict Resolution Process If you do not approve of the actions or attitudes of another person (such as another parent, family member, coach, or board member) bring it to their direct attention quickly in a courteous and positive manner. AVOID THESE CONVERSATIONS IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN Conflict Resolution Process : Conflict Resolution Process If you still find yourself unsuccessful, you should consult with the Vice President of Football Operations (Matt Sullivan). As a last resort contact the league president. Therefore, we request that the conflict resolution “chain of command” be as follows: 1. Head Coach 2. VP of Football Operations- Matt Sullivan 3. League President- Jeff Richard AVOID THESE CONVERSATIONS IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN Conflict Resolution Process : Conflict Resolution Process Coaches’ Conflict with Referees The referees are the law on the field. Once the game ball is handed to them, they are in control of the game If you have a dispute with a referee, ask if you can speak with them regarding your concern. In an extremely calm, courteous and positive manner bring your concern to their attention. AVOID THESE CONVERSATIONS IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN Conflict Resolution Process : Conflict Resolution Process If problems persist with a referee, keep in mind that they are the authority on the field and they are VOLUNTEERS doing the best that they can to make the right call. They are not Professionals! If you still have a problem with a referee’s handling of a certain situation or his or her conduct, bring your concern to the head coach. They will investigate the matter, try to resolve it, if unable to resolve it, they will bring it to the Board of Directors. Parents: Do not yell or otherwise criticize the referees. Slide 28: Madison Youth Football Sport Parent Code of Conduct The essential elements of character-building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core principles: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship. The highest potential of sports is achieved when competition reflects these "six pillars of character." While we have focused much of our attention on insuring that our coaches are well trained to meet the challenges of today's youth sports environment; we also recognize that our efforts are diminished without the support of an equally important member of our TEAM which is you, the parents. As parents and coaches we are responsible for demonstrating these principles to our young athletes by example; thus providing them with an environment within which they can develop their skills and, above all else, have fun! Therefore as a TEAM: 1.We, as loving parents, will actively support our child's participation in the sport of their choosing. 2.We will remember that the game is for youth, not adults. 3.We will be positive role models and not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct. We will demonstrate positive support for all players, coaches, referees and fellow spectators at every game and practice. 4.We will never ridicule or yell at our children or other participants for making a mistake or losing a competition. 5.We will teach our children that doing one's best is more important than winning and will make our children feel like winners every time. 6.We will never question, discuss, or confront coaches at the game field, and will take time to speak with coaches at an agreed upon time and place. 7.We will refrain from coaching our children or other players during games and practices, unless we are one of the official coaches of the team or, have been requested by the coaches to participate. 8.We will remain out of the field of play, (which includes the practice field) to allow the coaches and players the space to participate and maintain focus on the game. Respect for these simple guidelines will help insure that our youth will have fun while developing both as athletes and responsible members of our great community.

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