28 most expensive domain names you should check

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Information about 28 most expensive domain names you should check

Published on September 29, 2014

Author: DotTripleO

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Insurance.com, VacationRentals.com, PrivateJet.com, Internet.com. What is common among these and other such popular domain names? They are not under the same business category, they are not owned by any single person, the domains may not belong to any single country. But the common thread is that these are some of the highest prices paid for domain names as noted in the news and media. Today, domain name is arguably the biggest digital asset for any brand. Inspired by this fact, we have created an infographic, which showcases top 28 high-priced domain names of the world. Check out this information and try to make a foray into this list of high-priced domain names.


MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Launched in the year 1998,AltaVista was an early web search engine. It was once one of the most popular search engines, but it lost ground to Google and was purchased by Yahoo! in 2003, which retained the brand but based all AltaVista searches on its own search engine. On July 8, 2013, the service was shut down by Yahoo! and the domain redirects to Yahoo!'s own search site. The company is worth $3.3 million today

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Business.com is a business advertising network which offers various performance marketing products, including pay per lead and pay per click services, directory listings, and display advertising. Established in the year 1999, the company's was bought for $7.5 million. View slide

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  As Seen On TV is a generic nameplate for products advertised on television in the United States for direct-response mail-order through a toll-free telephone number.  A Prominent marketer of "As Seen On TV" products include AsSeenOnTV.com.  The company is worth $5.1 million today View slide

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  A global company with a local focus, they have a strong commitment to the communities and regions in which they live and work. Through their lending, investing, advising, transacting and employment, they provide valuable resources to their customers and clients around the world.  A part of Bank of America, loans.com.au is worth $3.0 million.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Hotels.com is a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide, offering booking services through its own network of localised websites and telephone call centres.  Hotels.com gives travellers one of the widest selections of accommodation on the net, including both independent and major chain hotels as well as self-catering in over 240,000 properties worldwide.  The company's was worth $1.1 million

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Everyone like a good game of gambling, and this premium domain is one of them that has attracted a wide range of user.  With a good customer support, casino.com is worth 5.5 million at present.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES Beer.com  Established in the year 2004, this premium domain served as A search engine for beer, beer brewing, tasting, beer news, history of beer and drinking games.  The company was sold for $7 million.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  A premium domain that caters to customers who prefer to shop for diamonds and other ornaments online. this service began in the year 2004 and has been successful ever since.  The company is worth $7.5 million

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  With over one million paid listings of vacation rental homes in 190 countries, HomeAway makes it easier than ever to find and compare vacation rental homes. the service was established in the year 2007, catering to customers who look for a complete hassle free vacation.  The company is worth $35 million at present

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  It's said that everything has a price -- and the price paid recently for the Porn.com Web domain is US$9.5 million, cash.  The $9.5 million price tag for Porn.com is the second largest ever paid for a domain name, coming in second to the $12 million paid for Sex.com in 2005 in a private sale.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Fund.com Inc. was formed in 2007 by Internet entrepreneurs Daniel Klaus, Lucas Mann, and Darren Rennick, who subsequently enlisted the executive services of Wall Street industry veterans; appointing Ray Lang the CEO, Greg Webster, president and Phil Gentile, COO.  Fund.com Inc. is a US-based financial services information publishing company that focused on the fund management industry. Its aims were to provide a destination website for investments, including mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), closed end funds, index funds, commodity funds and other types of pooled investment vehicles.  The company is worth $9.99 million.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  In May 2008, Zappos acquired the Clothes.com internet domain name from Idealab. The domain name was recognized as a purchased intangible asset with a useful life of 20 years. The entire purchase price of $4.9 million was assigned to the price of the domain name intangible asset and will be amortized on a straight-line basis over its remaining estimated useful life.  The company is currently under amazon who bought them in the year 2009.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  YELLOWPAGES.com, rebranded as YP.com, is an Internet web site operated by YP, previously a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T.  YP, the developer of YP.com, was acquired by Cerberus Capital Management in 2012 and is worth $3.8 million at present

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Publicly traded WebMediaBrands, Inc. sold of its Internet.com division for $18,000,000 to QuinStreet, Inc. The Internet.com Network is comprised of many different brands focusing on developers, IT, Internet news, personal technology and small business.  Internet.com brands that are also presumably included in the deal are BlackberryGuide.com, InternetNews.com, DatabaseJournal.com, WebDeveloper.com, JavaScript.com, Developer.com, and many others. Each of these brands operates on its own website under the Internet.com umbrella.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  The Domain name was bought by QuinStreet, making it possibly the largest ever sale of a domain name, usurping sex.com. It was originally acquired by Insure.com for $1.6 million in December 2001. The website provides life, car and health insurance quotes among others.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Established in the year 2009 toys.com was auctioned and bought by ToysRUs. Everybody else stopped bidding at $3 million, but the toy company and National A-1 Advertising, owners of domains such as free.com, boys.com and divorce.com bid kept bidding until the retailer won.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Candy.com is now a shiny new, online store for all sorts of sweets after the domain name was sold for a whopping $3 million back in June. The fairly old-school website offers a range of lollipops, jelly beans, gum, candy bars and dispensers which it ships all across the United States.  The new owner of the candy.com domain name is G&J Holdings, a Weymouth, Massachusetts-based Internet candy retailer that has been in business since 2005. The $3 million question for them

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Insurance.com started with the easiest, most convenient way to shop for auto insurance. puts consumers in control by providing free, side-by-side comparison quotes in real-time from leading insurance companies. All it takes is one form and less than 10 minutes to complete.  Quinstreet acquired Insurance.com in the year 2010, in which the company reported it paid $35.6 million in total consideration for Insurance.com.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Bought by Gary Kremen, the founder of dating website Match.com, in 1994. Has been the subject of a lengthy legal battle, but took the prize for the highest report domain price in 2006. Is now up for auction.  The domain name was bought for a whooping $14 million in the year 2010

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Facebook acquired the domain sometime last year from the American Farm Bureau Federation, which uses fb.org as its primary domain. At its annual meeting in Atlanta, the non-profit revealed that it earned $8.5 million on the sale of fb.com, according to Reuters.  Unfortunately, Facebook's employees were using the Facebook.com domain for their e-mails already, so they had to switch to another domain, which is why Facebook needed to buy Fb.com in the first place.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Slots.com was registered back in 1995. While technically a web site, Slots.com is basically a portal leading players to other online casinos offering online slots.  Slots.com was sold for $5.5 million — making it the largest reported domain name sale of 2010 and one of the top 10 most expensive reported domain sales of all time.  The domain name was listed for sale in a SnapNames auction. The auction concluded without a bid reaching the reserve, but Moniker worked with both parties to close the deal.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  iCloud was announced on June 6, 2011,at the 2011 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple announced that MobileMe would be discontinued after June 30, 2012, with anyone who had an account before the unveiling of iCloud having their MobileMe service extended to that date, free of charge.  The official website, www.icloud.com, went live in early August for Apple Developers.iCloud had 20 million users in less than a week after launch.  The iCloud.com domain and registered trademark were bought from a Swedish company called Xcerion, who rebranded their service to CloudMe. CloudMe still controls major domains like iCloud.de, iCloud.fr and iCloud.es.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Nations Luxury Transportation LLC an aggregator of businesses serving the luxury market, bought the domain PrivateJet.com for a whopping $30.18 million in cash and stock from Don’t Look Media in 2012.  This record domain sale overtakes sex.com, which now ranks second with a purchase value of "only" 13 million dollars.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  The two letter premium domain name IG.com was sold to a UK based financial services company .The seller was one of the largest Brazilian search portals . The domain name is now redirecting to a website ,saying that : "IG.COM is now the home of IG - World Leaders in Financial Spread Betting and CFD Trading.“  The price paid for IG.com is said to be the second highest ever paid or a two-letter dot-com domain name and it's most likely below the $8,5 million reportedly paid by Facebook for FB.com domain .

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Whisky.com domain name was sold for $3.1 million POSTED UNDER Domain SalesDomain Name WireMichael Castello (with his brother David known as The Castello Brothers).

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  E-HealthInsurance Services, Inc. has acquired the domain name Medicare.com for $4.8 million. On the company’s investor conference call yesterday the company said it paid $4.5 million in cash for the domain and forgave $0.3 million in receivables from the seller.  The seller was apparently an existing business partner with eHealth.

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has dug deep into its pockets and unloaded a remarkable $3.6 million (?2.1 million) for the rather unremarkable two letter domain Mi.com.  That's a million quid per letter, an eye watering sum, and the most expensive domain name purchase of 2014 thus far (beating out Whisky.com, which went for $3.1 million)

MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN NAMES  Dallas-based Gift CardLab, an online gift card provider, is rebranding itself as Giftcard.com after purchasing that domain name for $4 million in cash and stock.  The company announced that GiftCard.com is the company’s primary URL and brand. GiftCard.com says the $4 million domain acquisition is the largest of its kind.  The deal is part of an earlier acquisition that the company announced last month of 1-800-Giftcard.com. The acquisition also included the 1-800 number and its client portfolio.

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