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Published on December 18, 2007

Author: yuhana

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Group Presentation and Individual Essay y Prof. Shou de Prof Shou-de Lin sdlin@csie.ntu.edu.tw

To Present or not To Present •PPeople who present d not h l h t do t have t work to k on the essay. • If you have any comments about the arrangement, please let me know by the g ,p y end of today. • Your group should voluntarily arrange a 30-minute meeting with me on the same week of the presentation presentation. • It counts 30% toward your final grade.

Presentation Group • Machine Discovery Group (present on Dec 28th): 張峻銘 林偉楷 顏君釗 林晏禕 謝文芝 Language Model Group (Dec 7th) 賴韋志 陳正賢 曾思遠 張玉慧 曾建霖 Unsupervised Learning Group (Dec 14th) 林育仕 駱宏毅 楊明翰 林仲祥 James Lee Link Discovery Group (Dec 21th) 黃怡靜 陳麗徽 洪嘉涓 李政德 游岳齊

Group Presentation • You should treat it as a short tutorial. • It is NOT about one person reading one paper and present. I suggest everybody browsing every paper discussing how to paper, organize the lecture and how/whom to present. • In your meeting with me, you need to bring a short outline of your lecture.

Essay • Those who are not assigned to present will have to write an essay ( y (about 1000 words in English, or 2000 words in Chinese,12pt, 1.5 space). 1 5 space) • It is due Dec 28th. • You have to answer 3 of the following 4 questions.

Question 1 • We have shown that the language model is a powerful way to capture the order p y p information of things. Other than language, can you think of certain type of information that can be modeled using an LM?

Question 2 • In the class we have shown that EM can be applied to resolve the chicken-and-egg pp gg dilemma. That is, you have figured out that information X tells you about Y and vice versa, but you know neither of them, then you can apply EM to learn both Can you both. think of a scenario (other than those we have discussed in the class) that contains such dilemma that can be handled by EM? y

Question 3 • In the class, we have discussed certain pp y property of a semantic g p ( social graph (or network). Can you think of another property of a semantic graph that might be interesting?

Question 4 • We have shown that the semantic graph (or MRN) is a powerful representation tool for ) p p social relationships and thesaurus. Can you think of another type of data or information (other than the ones we have mentioned in the class) that can be represented in such format? Draw a simple example.

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