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Published on January 9, 2008

Author: Carlotto

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BR IFIC for Space Services:  N. Venkatesh Radiocommunication Bureau BR IFIC for Space Services BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) Introduction RESOLUTION 30 (WRC-97) Publication of the Weekly Circular including special sections resolves 1. that the publication of the Weekly Circular and the special sections on paper and microfiche, as well on diskette, be migrated to a CD-ROM format; 2. that this publication be fortnightly; 5. that the search software to be made available on the CD-ROM should be capable of easily identifying and extracting to file Parts I, II and III of the Weekly Circular, the associated special sections for terrestrial and space assignments, as well as plan assignments. BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) instructs the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau 1. to initiate the introduction of a CD-ROM format for the publication of the Weekly Circular including the special sections; 3. to provide an index of Parts I, II, III and the special sections printed on paper, for those administrations requesting it; 5 . to make the data also available on TIES by remote electronic access on a subscription basis; further instructs the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau 7. to consider an alternative name, if appropriate, for the Weekly Circular; 8. to report to the next world radiocommunication conference on the experience gained in the introduction of the CD‑ROM format Based on the BR positive report, WRC-2000 approved deletion of RESOLUTION 30 (WRC-97). BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) In CR 134 the Bureau informed all Administrations about the development of a new CD-ROM Publication, the “BR International Frequency Information Circular” - BR IFIC (Space Services). This Publication handles multiple languages (English, French and Spanish). The transition of the WIC (Space Services) to the BR IFIC (Space Services) was effected as at the end of December, 1999. Therefore, WIC No. 2409 (dated 21 December 1999) was the last paper format publication containing particulars of the Space Services frequency assignments. As from 11 January 2000, the BR IFIC CD-ROM represents the sole publication format for stations in the Space Services, for those notified under Articles S9 and S11 of the Radio Regulations in force, as well as those that are submitted under the relevant provisions of the Radio Regulations or which are subject to the Appendices S30, S30A and S30B Plans. BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) Therefore, as from BR IFIC 2410 dated 11 January 2000, this CD-ROM publication represents an official (and the only) acknowledgement of receipt, in terms of No. S11.28 of the Radio Regulations, as far as the frequency assignments to the Space Services are concerned, as well as a statutory publication of the particulars of frequency assignments to the Space Services which are recorded in the Master Register pursuant to the relevant provisions of the Radio Regulations, or returned to administrations as a result of unfavourable findings. In addition, this CD-ROM publication represents the only official publication of the Special Sections related to Space Services, which the Bureau publishes in the application of the relevant provisions of the Radio Regulations and Appendices S30, S30A and S30B. BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) The publication of the Special Section series API/A, AR11, AR14, RES4, RES33, RES42, RES46, RES49, APS30, APS30A and APS30B in paper format is therefore replaced by the “electronic paper” PDF format. Information regarding Special Section series AR11, AR14, RES33, RES46, AP30(RES533)/C and APS30B, when included in subsequent releases of BR IFIC, will also be notified to the administrations through appropriate Circular-telegrams, drawing their attention also to the expiry dates for comments, where applicable. Please note that the BR IFIC will be published every two weeks; the expiry date for comments will be counted as from the publication date, which normally coincides with the date of dispatch of the relevant publication to administrations. BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) How to use this CD-ROM ? Table of Contents; Toolbars and bookmarks; Help; Search Standard Advanced BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) Paper BR IFIC !! In accordance with Resolution 62 of the Plenipotentiary Conference (Kyoto, 1994), resolves 1, the ITU is publishing a paper copy of the BR IFIC (Space Services) in Russian, Arabic and Chinese language. BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) Printing per Special section or the complete set of all Special sections The BR IFIC (Space Services) can contain, particularly in Part IS or in some Special Sections (AR11/C, RES46/C), a large amount of data (up to 15 Mb) resulting in individual documents amounting to some hundreds of printed pages. In this connection, the Bureau notes that printing such documents is time consuming and recommends that, if printing is required, only the parts of the publication of interest related to the needs of your Administration be printed. Use of a high capacity Laser Printer is recommended. BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) Other Items Distributed with the BRIFIC CDROM Circular Letters related to Space Services Cost Recovery Status Space Network List (Quarterly) IFIC Data (MS Access Database) BRSoft “As Received” Notices BR IFIC (Space Services) – SNL:  BR IFIC (Space Services) – SNL On a quarterly basis, the complete Space Network List (SNL) will be annexed to the BR IFIC (Space Services) CD-ROM. The SNL contains 24 sections. It has been prepared with a view to informing Administrations in a comprehensive manner of planned or existing space stations and Earth stations giving information on the use of the frequency spectrum, the occupancy of the geostationary orbit as well as on non-geostationary orbits. It is placed in the SNL folder in the Portable Document Format (PDF). To facilitate further technical analysis, each Section will also be provided as a delimited text file (*.CSV) More info - http://www.itu.int/brspace/snl/index.html or CR 141 BR IFIC (Space Services) “as received”:  BR IFIC (Space Services) “as received” RES55 WRC-2000 in its instructs the Radiocommunication Bureau to make available coordination requests and notifications, “as received”, on its BR IFIC CD-ROM, within 30 days of receipt, and also on its website; BR IFIC (Space Services) “as received”:  BR IFIC (Space Services) “as received” BR IFIC (Space Services) “as received”:  BR IFIC (Space Services) “as received” BR IFIC (Space Services) “as received”:  BR IFIC (Space Services) “as received” BR IFIC (Space Services) – IFIC Data:  BR IFIC (Space Services) – IFIC Data The ificxxxx.mdb file (MS Access format), published on the BR IFIC CD-ROM, is located in the “data” directory. This file contains only: Part-IS, Part-IIS and Part-IIIS Special Sections – full merged space network data: AR11/C RES46/C RES33/C if they are present in the Table of Contents. BR IFIC (Space Services) – BRSoft:  BR IFIC (Space Services) – BRSoft The BR software provided on the BR IFIC CD-ROM will run only under the 32-bit MS-Windows operating systems. Six software packages are provided presently. SPACEQRY, which can be used to query into the database and retrieve and view the alphanumeric data; SPACECAPTURE, which allows the capture and electronic notification of Appendix S4 notices; SPACEPUB, an interactive tool to print satellite networks and earth stations; SNSVAL1, which can be used for validating electronic notices that are in the SNS electronic notice format; SRSConv, which can be used to convert the data contained in an existing SRS-formatted database from a version 2 database into a version 3 database, or vice-versa SRSFixDB, which can be used to correct certain information in electronic notification databases that were sent to the BR. If they have problems with ODBC, they need to run the MDAC setup. This will install the right ODBC files. BR IFIC (Space Services):  BR IFIC (Space Services) Questions ?

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