26. Market Segmentation

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Published on October 1, 2014

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CFE - Unit 2

Market Segmentation

Definition Splitting consumers into groups with similar characteristics, behaviour or preferences.

How Can the Market be Segmented? Common methods: Age Gender  Lifestyle Socio-Economic Group Income Ethnic/Religious Group View slide

Consumer Behaviour View slide

Definition  Consumer Behaviour is the study of consumers and the processes they use to choose products/services and the impacts these processes have on the consumer.

Reasons to study Consumer Behaviour  To figure out why consumers buy what they do – Are products bought for status?  To find out what motivates consumers – What factors encourage buying; necessity?  To find out what influences buying decisions – Advertising, point of sale displays, store layout  To figure out which target segments are buying the products  To find out where consumers buy the products – online, supermarket etc.  To evaluate what makes consumers satisfied

Types of Buying

Impulse Purchases  Buying something without thinking. In the spur of the moment, perhaps influenced by a promotion

Routine Purchases  Buying something out of habit, for example buying milk happens without too much thought

Limited Decision-Making Purchases  Buying something which you have some thought about before the transaction, clothing for a specific purpose etc.

Extensive Decision-Making Purchases  Buying something which you have had a large amount of thought before coming to a decision, perhaps buying a car. These tend to be infrequent.

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