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Published on February 6, 2008

Author: Domenica

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USMA Mission:  USMA Mission To educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army Slide2:  EXECUTIVE OFFICER BRIGADE COMMANDER HONOR CAPTAIN DEPUTY COMMANDER CSM 1st REGT 2nd REGT 3rd REGT 4th REGT RESPECT CAPTAIN Approx 4100 cadets divided into four classes USCC Organization Slide3:  A Graduate will: Demonstrate proficiency in individual warfighting and small-unit leadership skills, and selected professional knowledge Become a commissioned leader of character, committed to Duty, Honor, Country Internalize and exemplify the Warrior Ethos Demonstrate the self-discipline and mature judgment necessary to think and communicate clearly, decide wisely, and act decisively Slide4:  Preparation Experience Reflection Term 2 Summer Term 1 Cdt Detail CTLT OBC/BOLC CFT CBT + + = Growth MILITARY SCIENCE:  MILITARY SCIENCE Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) CJCSI 1800.01A (Officer Professional Military Education Policy) directs JPME at the pre-commissioning level. Instruction from DMI and two academic departments fulfill this requirement. Performance Objectives: Understand National Military Capabilities and Organization Understand the Foundation of Joint Warfare Instructional Goal: Have knowledge of the basic U.S. defense structure, roles and missions of other Military Sciences, the combatant command structure, and the nature of American military power and joint warfare. Guest Speaker/Lecture Series: Services Panel Current Operations Briefing USMA Cadet Summer Training Program:  65 of 66 Basic Officer Leader Course Level Common Core Tasks 6 Military Program Required Tasks (MPRTs) Mask Confidence Course 75-foot Rappel Footmarches Live Hand Grenade Throw Water Obstacle Course Night Land Navigation USMA Cadet Summer Training Program USMA’s Cadet Summer Training Centerpiece:  USMA’s Cadet Summer Training Centerpiece The SOLDIER’S CREED and integrating requirements and lessons from… Task Force Soldier CSA Guidance ITC POI Revisions OIF OEF Slide9:  CST 03 CST 05 CST 04 OEF OIF / OEF OIF / OEF ADDED CQM ADDED BUDDY TEAM LFX ADDED MORE COMBATIVES INCREASED ADAPTABILITY WARRIOR CHALLENGE More Shooting CADRE SHOOTS CQM BRM ZERO, QUAL GRENADE RDS 5.56: 580K RDS 5.56: 615K RDS 5.56: 627K MODIFICATIONS More Adaptability Challenges Intro to Patrolling IED Integration Cultural/Media Integration Updated OPFOR TRUCK SOPs/RTC Sustain physical challenges Increased Leader Assessment 2d Term 1st Term …Continue to provide trained leaders of character for service to the Army “…Every soldier a warrior…” CST Modifications for ‘05:  CST Modifications for ‘05 Increased Cadet Leader Involvement Cadet Leaders shoot w/subordinates Cadet leaders assessed on performance at sites Focused Assessments added to Warrior Forge and Warrior Challenge Increased marksmanship training Cadet Leaders shoot w/subordinates More rounds for Warrior Challenge; magazine changes Focus on Adaptability challenges ADV Land Nav: Built in quality control, Refined Scenario, ADV Land Nav techniques CFT Bayonet 2: Tactical Movement to a ‘Stress-fire’ scenario on the bayonet assault course OPFOR Modifications to better mirror current threat IED Integration Cadet movements are missions MMT – No CALFEX, but better use of time Revised Packing list; PCI training during MS103 The Soldiers Creed Is Our Centerpiece and Litmus Test Cadet Basic Training (CBT):  Cadet Basic Training (CBT) Cadet-led (Upper-Class Cadre) Transition from Civilian to Soldier to Cadet Standards-based __ Common Core Tasks Tough Military Training PT, Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Road Marches, Tactical Training Challenging Leader Experience Few Privileges 28 18 R DAY CL 2008 INPROCESSING, DRILL & CEREMONY, ITT, 1ST AID BASIC SKILLS, WARRIOR COMP BRM, HAND GRENADES, BAYONET, MOUNTAINEERING NBC, OPN WARRIOR FORGE 19 10 Phase 1 Inprocessing Phase 4 Team Building Phase 3 Ind Military Skills Phase 2 Inprocessing & Intro to Basic Military Skills 5 Slide12:  Phase 1 Prep for Training Phase 4 Recovery Phase 3 Collective Training 18 10 BASIC/ADVANCED LAND NAV, FIRE SUPPORT, ENGINEER, WEAPONS, CQM, CQC, RECONDO 11 8 MMT (Thunderbolt Strike), OPN HIGHLAND WARRIOR, (LFX) Cadet Field Training (CFT) Cadet-led (Upperclass Cadre) Tough Field Environment Capitalizes on lessons/tasks learned during Cadet Basic Training and AY MS classes Focus: leader skills and small unit operations INCLUDES MOUNTED MANEUVER TRAINING AND OPERATION HIGHLAND WARRIOR Phase 2 Advanced Ind Training Fort Knox, KY 6 Slide13:  Courses available in ‘05 “To provide cadets with a motivational, confidence-building experience and teach a usable military skill.” Airborne School Air Assault School Northern Warfare Course Sapper Leader Course (Engineers) Combat Divers’ Qualification Course Free-Fall Parachute Course Special Reaction Team Special Forces Assessment School Close Quarters Combat Mountain Warfare Course USMC Leatherneck Small-Unit Leader Training Aviation Introduction Military Developmental Schools (MDS) Purpose Training Opportunities:  Training Opportunities Cadet Basic Training Cadet Field Training Drill Cadet Leadership Training Cadet Troop Leadership Training Military Development School AIAD Service Academy Exchange Military Training During AY:  Military Training During AY Warfighting simiulation Center (WARCEN): Training Saturdays 4 Hours 8 Hours Military Clubs Sandhurst Slide16:  SANDHURST COMPETITION 45 Teams 32 USMA 5 ROTC 2 RMAS 1 RMC 1 USNA 1 USAFA 1 USCGA 1 USMAPS 1 Bde Team 500 Cadet Competitors 30 Cadet Regtl Reps 100 Cadet Site Staff 40 Regular Officers/NCOs 2004 Top Ten 1 RMAS Red 2 RMC 3 RMAS Blue 4 USAFA 5 USMA Black 6 D4 7 BYU 8 B4 9 E4 10 E2 Questions?:  Questions?

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