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Published on October 26, 2007

Author: Gavril

Source: authorstream.com

The Rise of Communism in Russia:  The Rise of Communism in Russia Russian in WWI October Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution: November 7, 1917 Problems in the new government lead to Civil War began in 1918 an lasted 3 years Lenin kicked out the provisional government called the Petrograd Soviet Results of the Revolution: -Lenin wanted communist government based on Marxism: idea that proletariat will rise up and take over a capitalist society. -They will then teach the upper classes how to be equal (this idea was adapted by Lenin into his version of communism. -He doesn’t want to wait for the revolution to occur naturally so he begins the revolution with a small group of revolutionaries) - March 1918 Lenin pulls Russia out of war and accepted very harsh terms from Germany Changes Lenin made when he came to power :  Changes Lenin made when he came to power Settling problems that arose after the civil war (Russian Revolution and WWI Moved the capital from Petrograd to Moscow Tried to resolve government internal disagreements Lenin made himself head of the cabinet (Council of People’s Commissars) Established the Congress of Soviets (legislative body with 1,000 reps) Changed the name from Russia to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Soviet Union under Lenin :  Soviet Union under Lenin -Totalitarian Dictatorship -Politically- divided into 15 different republics joined as a federal union -War Communism (1918-1921) SU nationalized all industries to gain control -1921- NEP: New Economic Policy (allowed for some free-enterprise) permitted individuals to buy, sell, and trade farm products small business and home industries were allowed to practice free enterprise; this allowed for the rise of new class: Nepmen like a middle class suggested collective farming: peasants would pool their land and farm together as one major industries under governmental control Lenin Dies! 1924 Struggle for power in Russia :  Lenin Dies! 1924 Struggle for power in Russia Leon Trotsky Talented party organizer Created Red Army and led Bolshevik Revolution Strict Marxist Exiled and murdered in Mexico Joseph Stalin General Secretary (Leader of the Communist Party claimed to want socialism Winner Stalin in control:  Stalin in control Wanted complete Control!! ended NEP and returned SU to a Command Economy (this is where the government controls all means of production-all ways to make stuff) Five Year Plan: 1928 set industrial, agricultural and social goals for the next 5 years mandatory collective farming (why: to produces a surplus) Surplus money would be used to buy more modern machinery so that they could grow more crops to make more money to buy more stuff……FAILED Second Five Year Plan; 1933attempted to increase production in heavy industry (especially the military) whose profit would be used to purchase more consumer goods which would drive up those prices and production of them which would increase the demand etc Stalin as a Dictator:  Stalin as a Dictator (totalitarian regime) ran a police state: used spies and fear to rule the people disestablished the Eastern Orthodox Church (means to break it up and take its property discouraged any religion schools taught atheism forced “social realism” in art, music and writing (means that government had control of what you did and said and how you expressed it) Stalin’s Government :  Stalin’s Government wrote a new constitution: The Stalin Constitution; established a parliament like body: with the Supreme Soviet that met 2 times a year and the Council of People’s Commissars (later to be called the Council of Ministers who had executive and administrative authority) Was not a democracy! Only on paper all real power was held by the POLITBURO: led by Stalin with a small committee elected by the Supreme Soviet Violence: :  Violence: Reign Grew Harsh: In 1934 a high party official was assassinated and Stalin decided he needed purge the government of these traitors, evidentially it spread to all of the Soviet Union and he killed over 5 million people Communist Foreign policy: Comintern: founded by Lenin; their job was to spread communism around the world: caused lots of hostility in the outside world

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