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Published on January 6, 2009

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Slide 1: UNIT 2: CELEBRATING JUDAISM: PESACH Slide 2: Lesson 1. AIMS: To know and understand the significance of the Exodus (History) To know and understand the celebrations of Pesach (Symbols) Slide 3: What is Pesach? Pesach is a Hebrew name for Passover Passover is an important Jewish festival. Pesach combines memories of suffering and of the joy of freedom. The Israelites spent about 400 years in Egyptian slavery. They escaped slavery (known as Exodus). It also expresses the certainty of God’s love for His people in times of trouble, both then and now. Slide 4: “We know now who the Jews are and where they came from, but they did not always live in Israel, at one time they were held captive as slaves in Egypt. Today the Jews have a festival which remembers their time in Egypt and in particular their escape from Egypt” Slide 5: Task 1: Read the Information sheet on “The story of Pesach” Write down a sentence for the following key words: - Israelites Slaves Plague Free Pesach Pharoah Slide 6: Task 2 Copy and complete the following grid: - 10 plagues words to describe how you feel. Blood Frogs Lice …… Slide 7: Task 2 Continue reading from “Escape from Egypt. Being a slave is not something most people would want to remember. Why do Jews remember it so carefully? (clues; history, freedom, God’s love). HOMEWORK Write a dairy event. Imagine you are a Israelite. Write how you must have felt as slaves. Slide 8: SUMMARY OF LESSON The most important Jewish festival of all is Pesach (AKA Passover) This festival remembers: The final Plague The slaves being freed from Egypt (Exodus). No event in Jewish history shows the power of God more clearly. Slide 9: LESSON 2 Aim: To know how Jews prepare and celebrate Pesach. Slide 10: Starter Activity: Unscramble the following key words: - tpEgy Pchesa hoarahP ssMoe raeIsl CLUE: The first letter starts from the capital letter. Slide 11: RECAP: Family is a central focus for continuing the religion. Pesach is very much a family festival, celebrated in the home with children and the mother playing a key role. TASK 2 Read information sheet entitled: “Pesach preparation and celebration” In pairs, note down definitions for the key words: Nisan, Seder, Synagogue, Haggadah and meal. Slide 12: THE SEDER PLATE Read information sheet: “The Seder plate”: Task 3: Copy and complete the following table: - Name of food What it looks like What it reminds Jews of Slide 13: THE SEDER PLATE Task 4 Complete the blank proforma of the Pesach plate. Slide 14: HOME WORK During the Pesach these words are read: “ In every generation everyone should regard himself as if he had personally come out of Egypt” What do you think this means and why is it important for Jews to do? Slide 15: SUMMARY OF LESSON The main part of the Passover celebration is the meal. This is called the Seder. Special food on the Seder plate represents the story of how the Jews escaped from Pharaoh. The story is told as the meal is eaten. Slide 16: Lesson 3. AIM: To gain further understanding of how Jews celebrate and use symbols to remember their historic event. Slide 17: Starter Activity: 10 plagues 1ST Plague The waters of the Nile become blood. 2nd Plague Frogs cover the land. Slide 18: 3rd Plague Lice swarm over every man and beast in Egypt. 4th Plague The wild beast appear and start to attack men and harmless animals. 5th Plague The Egyptian cattle start to die. Slide 19: 6th Plague Painful boils spreads throughout Egypt on man and beast. 7th Plague Giant balls of ice, known as hail, crash down to earth from the sky. 8th Plague Locusts destroy Egypt's crops, leaving them very little to eat. Slide 20: 9th Plague Darkness falls upon Egypt for 6 days. 10th Plague The first born child of every Egyptian was killed. Slide 21: TASK 2 Read the information sheet “Elijah’s cup” Copy and complete the below proforma into your exercise book. MATZAH What is this? WINE What does this represent? ELIJAH’S CUP What does this represent? SALTED WATER What does this taste like? Slide 22: TASK 3 Written exercise Imagine you are a Jewish child. Explain to a friend what happens during Pesach and the reasons why? Slide 23: SUMMARY OF LESSON Pesach reminds Jews of how their ancestors suffered. It looks forward to a time of Peace Pesach combines memories of suffering and joy of freedom.

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