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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Melissa1

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Slide1:  2003年名师课堂辅导讲座—高中部分 吴玲 特级教师 Slide2:  教学目标 Summarizing Grammar: The –ing Form as Predicative, Attribute, Adverbial and Object Complement. the wedding party a walking stick Our job is playing all kinds of music. The people performing all play different instruments. Slide3:  You often see musicians performing in the streets. an interesting tale the suffering peasants Charles Darnay left France, preferring to give up his fortune. The poor of the cities, having lived such a hard life, took up their guns. Learning useful expressions be familiar with earn one’s living learn… by heart in praise of get married Slide4:  let…in have a test in peace fall in love with make sure of suffer from in public set fire to burn.. to the ground do wrong sentence… to death do a good deed 2. 教学内容 I think at the beginning we’d rather have some fairly quiet and peaceful music. would rather do…..than do would rather do not do Slide5:  would rather sb. did He said he would rather play football. Would you rather say here or go home? I would rather not go out tonight, if you don’t mind. I would rather listen to music than go swimming. We’d rather you didn’t smoke in our home. 2) I’d prefer them not to play too loudly at the beginning. Slide6:  prefer to do….rather than do prefer n. to n. doing to doing prefer (sb.) to do I prefer to stay at home rather than go shopping in my spare time. Ted prefers playing table tennis to watching TV. I’d prefer you to stay with me. 英语中表示“我喜欢”或“我宁愿” 的结构还有 Slide7:  I’d like (her) to go to Venice. I’d love (you) to dance (with me). I’d rather live in the countryside than in a city. I’d rather Mary made the dress for me. Have you decided what music you’d like us to play at the party? at the wedding 在婚礼上 at the opening ceremony 在开幕式上 at the conference 在大会上 Slide8:  at the meeting 在会上 at the fair 在集市上 at the sports meet 在运动会上 at/in the Olympic Games 在奥运会上 at the 11th. Asian Games 在第11届亚运会上 3) …at the end some songs that everyone’s familiar with,… be familiar with sth. to sb. Slide9:  He is very familiar with the names of plants in English. Suzhou and Hangzhou are very familiar to many Chinese people. Many people earn their living by writing music. earn one’s/a living ( make a living) She hoped to earn her living by selling drinks. A teacher earns his/her living by teaching, a writer by writing. Slide10:  It is wrong to earn a living by cheating. Einstein’s achievements in physical research earned himself respect and admiration. 5) Folk music has been passed down from one generation to another. In this way stories were passed on from one person to another. pass down/on (to send sth. from person to person) Pass the letter on to your manager, please. Slide11:  The news was passed on/down by word of mouth. Good traditions should be passed down from one generation to another. The tradition of eating moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival has been passed down from ancient times. This spirit will be passed down from generation to generation. Slide12:  My father has passed it down to me. pass by 过去,忽视 So many people pass by and never notice the old lonely people who stay in their homes all day. We’ll pass that matter by for the moment. pass away 逝世 I’m sorry to hear that your uncle passed away last week. 6) They used to learn hundreds of songs by heart. learn…by heart Slide13:  Try to learn the words and phrases by heart. It is a good practice to learn by heart as many English texts as possible. 7) On festivals they used to act and sing in praise of heroes who lived long ago. in praise of This is a book in praise of their achievements. in honor of 向… 表示敬意, 为了纪念 We are planning a party in honor of the guests. in memory of 纪念 Slide14:  The villagers set up a monument in memory of the dead in this battle. 9) And the dear friends have to part? part v. The sunlight flooded the room when he parted the curtains. The police parted the crowd. Let’s part friends. They parted at the stone bridge. Slide15:  10) fade vt. vi. (使)凋谢,(使)褪色;(使) 衰落 The strong sunlight faded the curtains. Soon the flower faded. Gradually her hopes faded. 11) The guards couldn’t have been watching very carefully. You must have been mad to speak to the servant! She might have called for help. 表示对过去事情的猜测 Slide16:  must have done can’t/couldn’t have done may have done may not have done might have done might have done It’s very late now. Jack can’t have been waiting at the bus stop. All the lights were out. They couldn’t have been working in the factory. She couldn’t have been writing. So far as I know, she has been ill since last month. Slide17:  Mary must have caught a cold; she had a high fever last night. They must have arrived at the airport by now, and might be here in half an hour. You were stupid to try climbing up there. You might have killed yourself. 12) Now he could not live in peace unless his door was locked. in peace My only wish is that I can live in peace without being disturbed by the press Slide18:  13) … two men fell in love with Lucie Manette,.. fall in love with The moment he saw the American actress, he fell in love with her. They had been in love with for four years before they got married. 14) …he would always do anything he could for her to make sure of her happiness. make sure of sth/doing sth. that… Slide19:  You’d better make sure of the time and place. Arrive early at the station to make sure of (getting) a ticket. Can you make sure of success? 15) The peasants had to pay heavy taxes and suffered greatly from hunger. He was suffering from the loss of the memories. Today I’m suffering from a stomachache. Slide20:  His business suffered when the scandal came to light. How can you suffer such unfair treatment? The Spanish ships suffered terrible loss during this sea battle. 16) In the country the revolutionaries set fire to the nobles’ castles and burnt them to the ground. set fire to Who set fire to the factory has not been found out. Slide21:  Having set light to the letters, she cried. He set a match to the gas stove and the flames burst out. The young composer set the poem to music. Leaders should set good examples to the ordinary people. burn sth. to the ground 将… 烧为灰烬 fall to the ground 掉到地上 drop sth. to the ground 将… 掉在地上 Slide22:  move sb. to tears tear sth. to pieces burn sth. to the ashes 17) When the people in the court heard this, there was no doubt in their minds that the St. Evremonde family had done much wrong. do wrong I felt I had done wrong. I hope you’ll never do wrong. You did wrong to tell her the secret. Slide23:  do good 做好事, 有好处 do harm 有害处 do right 做得对 do one’s best 努力 You should do good all your life. Any kind of pollution will do harm to health. 18) Charles was sentenced to death and would have his head cut off the next day. He was sentenced to death by the court. Three of them were sentenced to 10 years in prison. They were sentenced to two years’ hard labor. Slide24:  Grammar: -ing form 1. 定语: 1) 形式 ( 以动词 do 为例) doing being done 注意不可用完成时态 Who’s that boy playing basketball there? The meeting being held now is about the opening ceremony. 2)位置 单个的 -ing 形式放在被修饰词前面, 词组放在被修饰词之后 Slide25:  the burning house the house smoking heavily 2. 表语: The news that our football team has failed again is rather disappointing. We are all disappointed at the news that our speech competition has been called off. exciting excited interesting interested moving moved Slide26:  3. 宾语补足语 When I came home, I found him still working at his desk. When I stepped into the bathroom, I found the clothes washed. 注意动词的 -ing 形式(主动) 和-ed 形式(被动)的区别 4. 状语 1) 注意 -ing 形式表示主动动作 Walking along the streets. The little girl was fascinated by the colourful ads. Having watched TV, the boy went to have a shower. Slide27:  Being whipped, the slave bit his lips tightly to prevent himself from giving loud cries. (Having been) Defeated by the South Korean Team, they were in low spirits. 2) 注意动作是否同时, 是否有先有后, 是否有主次。 如果是同时, 用一般式的 -ing 形式; 如果有先后,则用 having done 表示发生在先前的动作; 如果有主次,一般用动词 的-ing 形式做次要的状语, 而将主要动作作为谓语动词结构 Driving on the smooth highway, the young driver couldn’t help whistling. Slide28:  Having cooked lunch, Mum sat down to do some knitting. Lots of college students were sitting on the lawn, enjoying the bright sunshine. The poor man died in an accident, leaving his wife and son alone in this world. Exercises: 1. He was disappointed to find his suggestion ___. A. been turned down B. turned down C. to be turned down D. to turn down B Slide29:  2. During the French Revolutionary nobles, men or women, had their heads______. A. to cut off B. cut off C. cutting off D. be cut off 3. The hero’s speech was so___ that we were all ___. A. moving; moving B. moved; moved C. moving; moved D. moved; moving 4. The dictionary ___ on the desk belongs to Li Tan. A. lay B. laying C. lying D. laid B C C Slide30:  ---There is something wrong with the chair. ---Yes, I can ____. A. feel it to move B. feel it moving C. feel it that it’s moving D. find it moved 6. I walked as fast as I could, _____ to catch the first bus. hoped B. hoping C. to hope D. being hoped 7. ___ all my letters, I had a drink and went out. Finished B. Having finished C. Finishing D. To finish B B B Slide31:  8. The robber was sentenced ___ 5 years ____. A. to; in the prison B. by; in the prison C. to; in prison D. /; in prison 9. The terrible wrong ___ them. A. has been done to B. were done with C. were done for D. had been given to 10. “I saw Mr. Smith just now.” “You ___ him, he ____ to Beijing.” mustn’t see; has gone mustn’t have seen;has been C A D Slide32:  C. can’t see; has gone D. can’t have seen; has gone 11. Returning home ____. A. my watch was missing B. my watch was gone C. my watch was lost D. I found my watch missing 12. Did you smell something ___? A. burn B. burning C. to be burnt D. being burnt 13. ___ from space, our earth, with water covering 70% of its surface, appears as a “blue planet.” D B A Slide33:  Seen B. Seeing C. Having seen D. To see 14. While ___ to foreigners, you must try your best to make yourself____. A. spoken; understood B. spoken; understand C. speaking; understood D. speaking; understand 15. The story ___ by the famous writer is ___ at the factory now. wrote; printed B. written; being printed C. write; being printed D. written; printed C B Slide34:  16. ---We went to Kunming last month. ---That ____nice. must be B. must have been C. can’t be D. can be 17. ___ his glasses, he couldn’t read the newspaper. A. Having broken B. Breaking C. Being broken D. Having been broken 18. ___ into many languages, his book soon became well-known in the world. A. Having translated B. Translating B A D Slide35:  C. Being translated D. Having been translated 19. She called ___ my house on Tuesday, when she came to this city. A. at B. on C. up D. for 20. He set ____ the house, and it was ____ to the ground. A. fire to; burning B. fire; burning C. fire to; burned down D. fire; burned A C

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