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Published on January 21, 2008

Author: Sigismondo

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Parlay Member Meeting, Hong-Kong WG4. Developer Realization :  06 February 2002 Zygmunt Lozinski Parlay President & IBM STSM M: +44 7711 079 064 voicemail: +44 1962 818299 zygmunt_lozinski@uk.ibm.com Parlay Member Meeting, Hong-Kong WG4. Developer Realization Developer Realization : Agenda Items (1/2):  Developer Realization : Agenda Items (1/2) Session 1: 08:30 - 10:00 06 Feb 2002 Original Developer Realization activities Current Developer Realization activities S1. Create Parlay reference materials S2. Interoperability and conformance tests now separate WG S3. Reference implementations, SDKs and tools S4. Parlay Marketing Programme now separate WG S5. Parlay Application Showcase (“Bake-Off”) Future Developer Realization activity Developer Realization : Agenda Items (2/2):  Developer Realization : Agenda Items (2/2) Session 2: 10:30 - 12:00 06 Feb 2002 Parlay API Compatibility What does this mean? What do application developers need? Developer Related Activity:  Developer Related Activity Background Developer Realization was originally five streams of Activity S1. Create Parlay reference materials S2. Interoperability and conformance tests S3. Reference implementations, SDKs and tools S4. Parlay Marketing Programme S5. Parlay Application Showcase (“Bake-Off”) Developer Related Activity:  Developer Related Activity Background Developer Realization was originally five streams of Activity Several of these have now spun off into separate work groups S2. Interoperability and conformance tests Chair of this WG is TBD S4. Parlay Marketing Programme WG is now chaired by Marc LeClerc There is also a Java Realization WG WG is chaired by Gary Bruce Developer Related Activity:  Developer Related Activity The Remaining Developer Realization activities are to: S1. Create Parlay reference materials The background, education and training that is required by developers and managers Make them easily available. S3. Reference implementations, SDKs and tools S5. Parlay Application Showcase (“Bake-Off”) Parlay developer experience session(s) A demonstration of what Parlay can do for you … Interoperability test ? Developer Realization: Munich update:  Developer Realization: Munich update Set up a mailing list or e-Group for Parlay developers Create Track for Hong-Kong on Services that are enabled by Parlay Create Track to develop an open source simulator leader required, and volunteers please Combining JAIN SPA Reference Implementations and Test Suite to create a simulator Contact Gary Bruce in JAVA WG Create a Business Case track for the Hong-Kong Members meeting Group of volunteers formed to work on Parlay business case (with Marketing WG) Invitation for Parlay vendors to exhibit products at Eurescom P1110 workshop, Heidelberg,19-20 Feb 2002 Contacts: Oddvar Risnes at Telenor S5. Parlay Application Showcase:  S5. Parlay Application Showcase We have now completed our third Application Showcase How did the Hong-Kong Showcase work? Exhibitor feedback Attendee feedback S1. Parlay Reference Materials:  S1. Parlay Reference Materials The following materials are currently available: Public Parlay group presentations are on Web site Introductory and product information available from vendors Conferences on Parlay are now widely available 6 of these in 2001, heavily attended What else does the developer community need? And do we have some volunteers to help ? New Books:  New Books APIs and Protocols For Convergent Network Services Stephen M. Mueller, SBC List Price: $49.95 Amazon.com: $34.96 Paperback - 445 pages 1st edition (January 10, 2002) McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 007138880X Book Description The Telecom companies are looking to converged services to replace the lost revenue they used to get from long distance and simple access charges. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the crucial tool used for creating these services. * Detailed coverage of JAIN (Java Integrated Networks) and Parlay, the first open APIs released * Provides software basics for telecom professionals * Thoroughly details object-oriented environments * Endorsed by the creators of JAIN and Parlay New Books:  New Books Java in Telecommunications: Solutions for Next Generation Networks Thomas C. Jepsen (Editor), Farooq Anjum (Editor), Ravi Raj Bhat (Editor), Douglas Tait (Editor) List Price: $65.00 Amazon.com Price: $65.00 Hardcover - 200 pages 1st edition (September 12, 2001) John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471498262 Book Description Java has taken the computing world by storm - now it arms itself to conquer telecommunications! What links today's hottest programming language to telecommunications? The same characteristics that brought about Java's remarkable success on the Internet: its platform independence and mobility. Recent developments such as JAIN (Java APIs for Integrated Networks), JAIN Parlay and the Java Telephony API equip Java for the next generation of telecommunications systems and networks Parlay Developer Programme:  Parlay Developer Programme A new look at the Parlay.org web site looking at what information developers need, that Parlay and the Parlay members can provide Should the Developer Zone be public, or a member-only area ? Parlay Developer Programme:  Parlay Developer Programme Current map of Parlay.org About Specifications News Join Members Contact FAQs Member List Board Working Gp Charters Specifications Technical Library News Events Work Gps Technical Library Events email lists Empty ! Parlay Developer Programme:  Parlay Developer Programme Proposal Developers Developer Programmes Products Tools Information Parlay Developer Programme Proposal:  Parlay Developer Programme Proposal Developers Developer Programmes Products Tools Mailing list Information Links to Parlay Members’ developer programmes Solutions, Gateways, Parlay Applications, Parlay Application Servers Development Tools, SDKs, Test tools, Parlay Simulators Members e-mail reflector Books, White Papers, Conferences, How-to Guide/Cookbook Add CD contents ! Parlay Developer Programme Next Step:  Parlay Developer Programme Next Step Brainstorm list of specific materials that are required in the Parlay Developer Zone Recommendation on public vs Member zone. public List of volunteers to help with Developer Zone design proposal Recommend general clean-up of Parlay website to include public presentations etc. S3. Reference Implementations, SDKs and Tools:  S3. Reference Implementations, SDKs and Tools Current status Have not had critical mass to lead a WG in RI/SDK/tools Java Reference Implementations will be output from Java Community Process Tools are now becoming available from various vendors Some interest in an open source Parlay simulator no volunteer to lead Parlay API Compatibility:  Parlay API Compatibility Feedback from application developers, gateway developers and operators on the importance of compatibility between releases of Parlay Release 1.0 -> Release 2.0 not upwards compatible Release 2.1 -> Release 3.0 not upwards compatible Board statement that Parlay would guarantee application compatibility from Release 3.0 onwards Steve Davies keynote in San Diego What are the technical implications of this? Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 1:  Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 1 Contribution from Ard-Jan Dieter Carl. Companies have products now. Anders Lundqvist. Can make changes in 3.1 where we add new methods. This works in CORBA. How do we deal with new areas such as PAM and Policy Management? Zygmunt : Ultan Mulligan: There are also potential interoperability problems. Ard-Jan: 3GPP has a definition of “essential correction” for Change Requests. From freeze in July have only accepted essential corrections. Dieter: There are business drivers ... Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 2:  Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 2 ZL: IETF model is rough consensus and running code. We have running code in products. We should not break any existing products. Kristof Kimber: Avoid problem with ETSI and CAMEL where CS-3,-4 only exist on paper. Propose industry consensus on implementation of Parlay levels. Dietre Carl: Rick Brunner: 2 issues. Industry needs to come to agreement on what we all implement. This is separate from standardization. Martin Cookson: We are specifying UML, but people are mapping this to IDL and fixing the IDL, without feeding back into UML Anders L: Parlay IDL was erroneous Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 3:  Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 3 MDC: We have not realized and tested the 3.0 IDL. ETSI is Dieter Carl. Good thing with CORBA IDL is that can make client fly in 2-3 hours. Bad thing, is that if you want to change server IDL (ie on the gateway), you need to recompile clients. Levels of changes that matter. Client runs without any changes. Client has to be recompiled. Code has to be changed. ZL: Please add Level 0 there is no impact. RB: No detailed work on operational impact of Parlay, in interoperability, so far. Carsten: Some Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 4:  Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 4 UM: Need a policy on how to fix levels of errors in the specifications. JR: Info. Target for Parlay Release 3.1 is March 2002. MDC: This is a lot better that we had before. Still Karsten: DC: Have r ZL: Need to refine JR: Use KK: most of these errors will be found in gateway development. UM: Discussion on packaging of Parlay specifications. UM: Issue of stability of specification vs. frequency of change KK: Get implementation feedback on specs from SPA, XML etc Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 5:  Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 5 KK: Want BoD to approve packaging of releases. i.e. Parlay R4 to include CC V4.0, Messaging v1.0. ZL: Release is a Profile. MDC: Each Parlay “Release” is as Programme of Work Karsten: Need Workgroup believes that all changes from Parlay 3.0 to Parlay 3.1 are level 3. JR: Publish notice that 3.1 will be published on UM: Send to ETSI Span for approval (+30 days) Then send to ETSI secretariat (+1 or 2 weeks) publish ; then send to ETSI member vote Richard Stretch 1 April 2002. Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 6:  Parlay API Compatibility - Discussion 6 Propose: Announce that initial implementations of Parlay 3.0 by members have discovered a set of “essential errors/CR Grade F”, which will be corrected in a revision to the Parlay 3.0 specifications. This also completes sync with JWG. BoD to review. Options: 1. Announce that Parlay 3.0 is to be replaced by 3.1. Due: March 02 2a. Complete “Parlay Compatibility”. Due: ASAP. Resp:TAC 2b. Define the compatibility of Parlay 3.0 and Parlay 3.1, and 3.x to Parlay 4.0. Due: 2a+review Resp: Board/TAC Future items: Parlay releases as packages of underlying specs. Specification and implementation process. Implementation Forum

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