Ο Διαιτολόγος στην πράξη του επαγγέλματος

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Information about Ο Διαιτολόγος στην πράξη του επαγγέλματος
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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: mednutritionsocial



Ο Παρασκευάς Παπαχρήστος, Διαιτολόγος - Διατροφολόγος M.Sc., μιλάει για μια διαφορετική άποψη του επαγγέλματος του Διαιτολόγου - Διατροφολόγου στην Ελλάδα και εξερευνεί τον διεπιστημονικό ρόλο που έχει τη δυνατότητα να διαδραματίσει.

Profession of Dietetics in Greece Paraskevas Papachristos, M.Sc. Dietitian-Nutritionist Founder of

Educational background To date, qualified dietitians who acquire the right to practice (i.e. either start their own business or not) graduate from: • Harokopio University of Athens • Higher Technological Institution of Thessaloniki • Higher Technological Institution of Crete (Sitia) • Higher Technological Institution of Karditsa • Recognised Higher Education Institutions from abroad Note: there is no discrimination between a dietitian and a nutritionist in Greece yet. 2 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

Dietitians – Nutritionists HR +450 Overall there are about 2500 dietitians in Greece and there is a rise on that number of 450 per year. 800 out of them run their own private practice. Mainly (80%) situated in Athens and Thessaloniki 3 | © 2014 All rights reserved. 80%

Dietitians in groups Regarding the need for a common and organised marketing plan and promotion, scientific groups (franchise, community type) were formed mainly in Athens: • 76 dietitians with a private practice • 46 dietitians with a private practice & 67 without • 20 dietitians with a private practice • 17 dietitians with a private practice • 12 dietitians with a private practice 76 46& 67 20 17 12 4 | © 2014 All rights reserved. medNutrition

Case study: medNutrition WEBSITE Mr Papachristos, Dietitian-Nutritionist, M.Sc. & Mr Vachamides, CEO webOlution NEWSLETTER Mrs Karakosta, Journalist, M.A. SOCIAL NETWORK Mr Kavdas, Dietitian-Nutritionist PUBLICATIONS Mr Koutsikas, Dietitian-Nutritionist SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT & CAMPAIGNS Mrs Kalafati, Dietitian-Nutritionist, Ph.D.can PROJECT MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT Mrs Qira, Dietitian-Nutritionist, M.Sc. and Mrs Tsakou, Dietitian-Nutritionist 5 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

Addressing HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: printed material (mainly nutritional brochures) are distributed through 15 congresses per year. A medNutrition stand is also available. GENERAL PUBLIC: presentations, events, campaigns, social campaigns, e-newsletters, printed magazines etc 6 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

euros Income 2003 2005 2010 7 | © 2014 All rights reserved. 2012 2013

A CK 30% -U P PO R B TA L Annual expenses 15% LOYEES EMP S 8 | © 2014 All rights reserved. N PA NI 15% O TI A M IC CO BL PU 25% ES 15%

medNutrition community 91 2013 72 2012 32 2010 13 2005 5 2003 9 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

Three main streams within medNutrition community 1 2 “Beginners”: Fellow dietitians recently in business in need for guidance. Fellow dietitians with little experience who take up small projects under supervision (i.e. campaign, group works). 3 Experienced fellow dietitians who take up demanding company projects, books and media communication. 10 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

Inter-professional collaborations PR and marketing consultants Journalists Other health professionals (psychologists, doctors, trainers, physiotherapists) Graphic designers, web-programmers, visual editors, sound engineers 11 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

Characteristics of an evolving professional W hat you don’t see What you see ⇢ Professional field linkable with many other sectors ⇢ Expand your knowledge around these sectors ⇢ Nutritional services ⇢ Seek for professional specialisation and focus on practices that will differentiate you ⇢ Your professionalism is recognised ⇢ Maintain a low profile and be up to date to continue being efficient ⇢ There are no job posts for a dietitian due to economic crisis ⇢ Create your personal tasks & job posts ⇢ Low salary levels ⇢ Live for today and invest for tomorrow 12 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

In conclusion A dietitian-nutritionist has to obtain new skills and exercise the existing ones in order to be more competent: ⇢ communication skills ⇢ analytical & critical thinking ⇢ team working ⇢ time management ⇢ decision making (proactive) ⇢ problem solving ⇢ IT, marketing and processing skills ⇢ lifelong learning & up to date 13 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

Don’t hesitate to advance your studies and get trained in the above-mentioned skills, be innovative and start planning how to implement new ideas in your dietetic practice studying respective case studies. 14 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

Thank you for your attention! 15 | © 2014 All rights reserved.

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