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Published on February 25, 2008

Author: Patrizia

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Slide1:  22 November 2005 Interactive Mobile TV: An Interworking Architecture Paul Pangalos King’s College London Slide2:  Presentation Outline 1. The Mobile VCE Interworking Architecture 2. Interworking Functions and Protocols 3. Providing enriched services using the interworking framework Slide3:  Mobile TV is not a dream anymore… Commercial networks operate in Korea; In the US a nationwide network is currently being deployed aiming at commercial operation within 2006; First European commercial networks are also expected to be launched within 2006; Slide4:  Commercial networks operate in Korea; In the US a nationwide network is currently being deployed aiming at commercial operation within 2006; First European commercial networks are also expected to be launched within 2006; Mobile TV is not a dream anymore… translation Mobile and Broadcast collaboration :  Mobile telecom networks Interactive one-to-one secure communication Mobility Authentication and Billing Web Portals Broadcast networks High transmission capacity Broadcast / one-to-many communication Rich Multimedia Content Electronic Service Guide Mobile and Broadcast collaboration Interworking between mobile and broadcast provides new value added services that each technology individually cannot provide in a satisfactory manner Slide6:  Baseline IoN Reference Architecture Slide7:  What does the Gateway Do? Slide8:  Signaling Between Gateways Slide9:  Network Reference Architecture Slide10:  Terminal Reference Architecture Overall System Architecture:  Overall System Architecture Network Identity Server Paging & Location tracking Device Presence Manager CII Network side User side Device Presence System Context Info DPS Functional Blocks: NIS: Network Identity Server PLT: Paging and Location Tracking DPM: Device Presence Manager Interfaces: CII: Context Information Interface DPSRM: Resource management to DPS Interface DPS: Network to Terminal Interface Legacy Applications Multicast Middleware UDP IGMP IP IoN-GM IoN-RM Other DB DPSRM DPS IoN Wrapper IoN Applications DPS 19/30 Security:  Security Objective: Provide a secure interworking environment How ? Two security issues Gateway-to-gateway communication Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication, Availability. Applications and services: Secure Web Services A public key infrastructure Allow single-sign on capability Multicast Group Management:  Multicast Group Management Objective: Improve efficiency by providing a seamless multicast service over interworked UMTS and DVB networks instead of just broadcast How ? Two steps: Identify and group receivers Based on terminal capabilities, available access networks at receivers location, receiver preferences. Select the appropriate delivery network(s) Taking into account user location, terminal capabilities of all interested receivers as well as local cell resources. (Distributed) Resource Management:  (Distributed) Resource Management Approach No centralised entity (compatible with interworking) An Interworking Resource Manager (IRM) in each network, complemented by Local Monitors, which communicate with each other via the Interworking Gateway Resource Management functions 1. Dynamic Access Network Selection Select the suitable access network, in terms of the most efficient resource usage in the service area 2. Adaptive Group-based Service Scheduling Batch multiple requests for the same service into a group for a specific duration and then serve them in the most efficient way (MBMS-DVB-H) 3. Caching and Broadcast Scheduling Slide15:  Device Presence System (DPS) What is the DPS? The device presence system (DPS) communicates with its counterpart component to do the following: 1. To gather, process, store and disseminate user context information. 2. To provide operational functions (i.e. registration, service initiation, handovers, etc) 20/30 Slide16:  1. User Context (gather and process) a. Application Context - Presence attributes (i.e. online, idle, offline), - Communication identifiers: (i.e. sip:paul.pangalos@kcl.ac.uk,ftp:IP/Port) - Service Class (streaming, interactive, voice, background) - QoS requirements (bit rate, codecs, cost, etc) b. Interface Context Network/interface availability, Signal strength, Card inserts, interface configuration, etc c. Environment Context and User Profiles 21/30 Slide17:  Context Information Terminal capabilities Multicast Group Management Resource Management Mobility Management User preferences/profiles Terminal connectivity Device Presence System 24/30 1. User Context (store and disseminate ) Slide18:  An example: The Device Presence System Client Personal Global Identifier User Devices Device communication means and identifiers Network availability Content 2. Operational Functions:  2. Operational Functions 2. Operational Functions:  2. Operational Functions Slide21:  Enriched services using the inter-working framework More than just TV on the phone Slide22:  Interactivity is the key Should mobile operators integrate their mobile phones with DVB-H? This will benefit broadcasters by providing access to the lucrative mobile market and to a sophisticated billing system Consumers will be encouraged to become passive television viewers leading to a reduction of cellular services such as call traffic. Viewers need to be encouraged to consume telecom services! ( Downloading, Voting, Merchandising, etc) Slide23:  Possible Revenue Streams 1. Broadcast content to act as a teaser for use of the interaction channel as well as mobile services . (MMS and SMS*).*SMS still the killer application generating around £600/MB 2. Announcing cellular services through broadcast networks (i.e. weather, maps, ringtones, etc) 3. Delivering / caching 3G content to WLAN / DVB hotspots (Multimedia on Demand and Infostations) Slide24:  Enriched Services through interworking Content Delivery Platform Handovers / Load Balancing Cashing and Broadcast Scheduling Multimedia on Demand Always Best Connected ( P2P downloads) Slide25:  Content Delivery Platform Content Delivery Options Content: video clip(15MB) Service: Music Clips Please select: Send to mobile phone (cellular) (15 eur) - 8min Send to PDA (WLAN) (5 eur) – 4min Send to laptop (10 eur) - 1min Slide26:  Handovers / Load Balancing Slide28:  Content delivery via different networks based on available coverage, capacity, delivery price and user context info Caching and Broadcast Scheduling 1. Content Request 2. Content Delivery Slide29:  UMTS Broadcast Networks (DAB, DVB-H) Satellite GSM / GPRS Wireless LANs Multimedia on Demand Slide31:  Thank you ! Operational Functions:  Operational Functions Registration:  IoN Registration 1. personal global identifier 2. user profiles/terminal capabilities 3. available network interfaces Registration User Terminal IoN Home Gateway IoN Registration Reply 1. Registration status 2. Preferred networks Initialising DPS DPS Ready  RETRIEVING AVAILABLE UPLINK INTERFACES…  CONNECTING TO HOME NETWORK… Slide34:  IoN Content Reply 1. Signalling configuration IoN Content Request 1. User Context 2. Content Content Request User Terminal IoN Home Gateway DPS DPS  ACTIVATING ALL INTERFACES…  RETRIEVING AVAILABLE NETWORKS AT CURRENT LOCATION…  MULTICAST ADDRESS “A” ASSIGNED FOR SIGNALLING  MULTICAST ADDRESS “B” ASSIGNED FOR DATA  WAITING FOR FURTHER MULTICAST SIGNALLING… Slide35:  IoN Registrations Batching, Grouping and Network Selection Fake Users IoN Home Gateway BATCHING … IoN Content Requests GROUPING RESOURCE MANAGEMENT NETWORK SELECTION  BATCHING BASED ON NUMBER OF REQUESTS  GROUPING BASED ON USER CONTEXT, REQUESTED CONTENT & LOCATION  NETWORK SELECTION BASED ON NETWORK AVAILABILITY Slide36:  **IoN Configuration Reply 1. INTERFACE AND SERVICE CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS FOR EACH GROUP SET Network Configuration IoN Configuration 1. GROUP SETS - QOS SETS - CELL IDs IoN Home Gateway DVB IoN Gateway ** EXAMPLES: 1. DVB-H: Program Specific Information (PSI) and Service Information (SI) 2. WLAN: Access point information, Terminal information, Service Information. Slide37:  Session Notification IoN Home Gateway DPS  ASSIGN TERMINALS INTO THEIR REPSECTIVE GROUPS  CONFIGURE WLAN / DVB-H INTERFACE(S) CONFIGURE TERMINAL TO RECEIVE SERVICE Multicast Configuration Info User Terminals … DVB IoN Gateway Confirm Connectivity Confirming Connectivity (CC):  Confirming Connectivity (CC) Objective To check without any user interaction/intervention that the recently configured interface is able to receive the assigned service from the broadcast network. Concept A confirm connectivity message is transmitted from one interface (either on the cellular network or the terminal itself), and monitoring whether or not that same CCM is received on the interface under test Confirming Connectivity (CC):  IoN Home Gateway Listening for echo… User Terminal DVB IoN Gateway CC Confirming Connectivity (CC) DVB-H 3G CC CC CC ACK Waiting for content… MMOD **Content Delivery Request Content Delivery **Requesting different content flows from MMOD server with a specific QoS. (i.e. bitrate, encoding, framerate, etc)

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