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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: asmediab13

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What have you learnt about Technologies?

Front Cover • I used Adobe Photoshop S6 to create my completed front cover. This allowed me to create new effects and edit my photographs how I wanted them to look to fit in with my magazine genre and theme, also to appeal to the audience.

Editing my photograph • I edited this photo by using effects of hue/ saturation to make the sunlight seem more predominant in the photo. It also makes the photo less bland and pale.

Editing my photograph • I zoomed in on the photo and selected the lasso tool to highlight her lips. Once I did this I changed the colour of her lips and made them darker to make it appear as if she had red lipstick on.

Text • To create text on my front cover I had to use the text symbol. This allowed me to draw the box and then type the cover line. I then changed the size and font of the text. I then used the effect of stroke on the writing.

Masthead • I used the same text icon to create the name of the magazine. I used 4 different effect on the title. These were; Bevel & Emboss, Stroke, Satin and Pattern Overlay. This created a slightly specked and unfinished look to the masthead. I liked it because it looked quite rocky and I changed the colour to fit with the colour scheme of my magazine. I did the same effects for an underline.

Contents Page • I also used Photoshop for my contents page because it allowed me to create shapes and edit the background as well as formatting the text.

Photographs • I used these photos across my contents page and used various effects such as saturation, contrast, colour balance and brightness and black and white.

Shapes and added effects • I used rectangular shapes to highlight the titles of the different sections between the magazine on the contents page. I also used the background effect of pattern overlay to create the speckled background.

Double Page Spread • I used InDesign to create my Double Page Spread as it has better use of text effects as opposed to effects on the look of the page.

Text • I added the text to the document to start with. I formatted the text to go into different boxes and carry on through each one in order. I also included columns on the text for the article.

Background • I drew a normal rectangle on the background of the document and changed the colour to black, I then sent it to back on the options and then arrange. This meant it was behind the text so It could still be readable. I then made the writing white and red so it matched the colours of the front cover and contents page.

Photographs • I edited my photographs on Photoshop to make them all black and white. I then used file Place to add them onto my double page spread. I then used the edges of the photos to change the angle on the page so it was slanted and fit round the text.

Overall • I used Photoshop and InDesign to create my three documents; front cover, contents page and double page spread. • Photoshop: I found this very easy to use and would find out how to use the different effect which I wanted. I found it easy to edit and move the objects and layers. I learnt how to create effects that I wanted on my front cover mostly. • InDesign: I learnt how to edit the text and spread it out and format it into columns. This was easy and simple but I struggled with some of the editing aspects of the photos and any other changes I wished to make.

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