21 Ways to Tackle the Stress of Day to Day Life!

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Information about 21 Ways to Tackle the Stress of Day to Day Life!
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Published on July 21, 2014

Author: 123printuk

Source: slideshare.net


We work 24/7, we worry about work 24/7, and the fairytale that is a 'work-life balance' is often just that, an illusionary tale, told by elder workers in your office. It's no surprise then that in the last year over a quarter of all work related illnesses were attributable to stress. The demand for you to work harder and get a business back on track or the stigma that stress 'can be shrugged off' is putting people in real danager. Stress is very real. Not only can we look at the long term health issues like heart disease or diabetes, but we can also look at the effects of stress which could be taking their toll this second.

The weird and often annoying aspect of stress is that it can often be many of things that are supposed to help you avoid stress, which put you in serious danger of suffering from the illness. And in this slideshare that is exactly what we look at. 21 ways your stressing yourself out in day to day life (and how you can put it right!) See more like this in the 123print blog - www.123print.co.uk/blog

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