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Published on February 26, 2009

Author: rwstip

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Seminar 20 : Seminar 20 Ciara Rios Period 1 Question : Analyze the policies of the three colonial powers regarding Africa between 1871 and 1914. Question Thesis : Three main European colonies during the fight for Africa were Belgium, and France all three wanted to gain access to Africa’s recourses as well as there trading systems. The policies of these three European colonial powers were driving forces of the outreach into Africa between 1871 and 1914 due to their own desire to expand their boundaries for economic, political, and social reasons by using direct force. Economically and politically by causing power issues as well as health of the natives due to famine and ill treatment, social reasons by taking advantage of the natives and forcing harsh labor and burdens upon them, and direct force by causing rebellious out breaks as well as devastating wars the population decreases due to conditions or expectations of the people Thesis Belgium: King Leopold II : Penetration into the Africa interior began in the late 1870s when Belgium took control of the Congo Belgium: King Leopold II Slide 5: Danish missionary wrote “The soldier said “Don’t take this to heart so much. They kill us if we didn’t bring the rubber. The commissioner has promised us if we have plenty of hands he will shorten our services” Britain: Cecil Rhodes and Politics : Britain: Cecil Rhodes and Politics Britain prided itself on being the most enlightened of the imperialist powers Slide 7: Master plan was to establish a Cape Cairo railroad line that would link British colonial interest in Africa between Egypt and the two Cape colonies in Southern Africa, and Britain would also dominate completely France: Military Dominance : France: Military Dominance By using military means of obtaining territory they were securing themselves economically Slide 9: Controlled : Algeria Tunisia East African Coast Madagascar French West Africa Conclusion: : The policies between the three European colonial powers Belgium, Britain, and France was to basically gain and maintain control over Africa and its natives had no choice but to give into the harsh demands of these power and money hungry colonies. The after affect of these colonies resulted in population decrease, political issues, and brutal physical actions that were made to keep labor and natural resources. With the fight for control over the land and the idea of imperialism which began to spread threw out the continent as conquest were made became what is known as the scramble for Africa The end!! :D Conclusion:

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