2020 Best Peru Trekking Tours From Peru Travel Company

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Information about 2020 Best Peru Trekking Tours From Peru Travel Company

Published on January 23, 2020

Author: perutravelcompany

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2020 Best Peru Trekking Tours From Peru Travel Company : 2020 Best Peru Trekking Tours From Peru Travel Company Slide2: Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a single tour for your Peru travel as there are several companies operating and providing numerous packages. A reputed agency would always provide you well-tailored services at competitive prices. You may read blogs about Peru tourism and gather information on travel details. Slide3: Relying on a quality agency: Peru Travel Company is one of the most efficient companies providing standard services for your Peru Trekking Tours. Purchasing a package from this company would be beneficial for you, as it would usually cover lots of exciting places. Inca Jungle Tour for 8 days: This is one of the most extensive Peru Trekking Tours of Peru Travel Company . You will experience an astonishing range of flora and fauna of the dense, mystic Amazon Jungle. The tour spans for 8 days, making you explore the beauty of the Amazon Jungle vividly from close quarters. Slide4: Inca Trail Express: Another option for you to trek through lovely Peruvian terrains is to go for the Inca Train express package that covers the might Andes Mountains and the emphatic Machu Picchu. It also includes the fascinating Sacred Valley exploration for trekkers. Slide5: Peru Encompassed: Arguably the most detailed trekking tour, the Peru Encompassed tour will ensure covering almost all the major tourist spots in the country. From Lima to Puno, from Arequipa to Machu Picchu in Cusco, you will witness the magical sites across the length and the breadth of the country . Peruvian Pathways: Among the more expensive tours, the Peruvian Pathways take you to the remote places of Lima, Cuzco and Sacred Valley to get you engrossed in the natural and historic beauty of Peru. You also visit Lake Titicaca. It spans 2 full weeks. Slide6: Classic Peru Trekking Tour As the name suggests, the tour is a conventional travel plan that focuses on hiking to Machu Picchu from Lima and back. In the way, you visit the Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Amazon to the Andes – 12 days A comprehensive trekking tour that is tailor-made for travel enthusiasts. If you want to cover all kinds of Peruvian terrains under a couple of weeks, this is the perfect tour for you. Cusco to Lima – 17 days If you are travelling on a shoestring budget, then this trekking tour would ensure an extensive coverage of all the significant Peruvian regions of tourist interest. Slide7: Salcantay to Machu Picchu: In this tour plan, you will trek from the wonderful Salcantay to the magnificent Machu Picchu. Buy tour package from a trusted company: You may choose any of these tours but ensure buying the package from a trusted travel agency. Slide8: PERU TRAVEL COMPANY Address : Cuesta Santa Ana N° 701 and siete cuartones Nº 245 Cusco – Peru, 08002 Phone : +5184223953 Mobile : +51984751486 WhatsApp : +51984751486 for quick reservations Email : perutravelcompany@gmail.com / perutravelcompania@hotmail.com Website : www.perutravelcompany.com Find us on TripAdvisor : Peru Travel Company Follow us on Facebook: Peru Travel Company Contact Us Slide9: Thank you

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