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Published on April 22, 2008

Author: Raimondo



Slide1:  A quick history of sport and physical activity at U of T Some readings: T.A. Reed, The Blue and White (1944) Helen Gurney, A Century to Remember 1893-1993: Women’s Sport at the University of Toronto (1993) Patrick Harrigan, ‘The Controversy About Athletic Scholarships in Canadian Universities: A Historical Perspective’, Sport History Review, 32 (2), 2001, 140-168. Patrick Harrigan, ‘Women’s Agency and the Development of Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics, 1961-2001’, Historical Studies in Education/Revue d’histoire de l’éducation, 15 (1), 2003, 37-78. Potential themes:  Potential themes The amateur tradition Student leadership Pan-Canadian leadership The pursuit of excellence The inclusion of women The focus on health The importance of intramurals The push towards equity The creation of leading-edge facilities Note::  Note: U of T’s leadership in professional education and research Canada’s first diploma program in physical training (1900) Canada’s first degree program in physical and health education (1940) Canada’s first doctoral program in exercise physiology (1964) Will be addressed during ‘The Science of Physical Education’ on Nov. 13 A long and important tradition:  A long and important tradition On-campus and intercollegiate competition almost as old as the University itself UofT initiates the first intercollegiate track and field meet in NA in 1869 A bulwark of patriarchal amateurism:  A bulwark of patriarchal amateurism University leaders shared and extended the ideals of sport as a ‘manly’ form of education and preparation for career Several ‘generals’ in the AAU’s victory in the ‘amateur war’, esp. Jim Merrick, Bruce MacDonald and Thomas Loudon, came from U of T Student leadership :  Student leadership Student representatives elected to UTAA from 1993: oldest example of elected student involvement in governance at UofT Some of the best ideas came from student leaders, e.g. Burnside Rules in 1901 Pan-Canadian leadership:  Pan-Canadian leadership U of T faculty, staff, students alumni/ae Headed national organizations Coached national teams Represented Canada internationally (e.g. James Merrick became first Canadian IOC Member) and coached national teams Major championships held in university facilities, e.g. Varsity Stadium The pursuit of excellence:  The pursuit of excellence University athletes entered and won open competitions e.g. George Orton won Canada’s first Olympic gold medal Blues won 1st Grey Cup ‘the Grads could beat the Leafs on their lunch hour’ (Ted Reeve) Olympic hockey men’s gold (1928) The inclusion of women :  The inclusion of women On-campus and intercollegiate competition almost as old as the enrolment of women (1883) Equally strong traditions of female leadership Marie Parkes Phyllis Griffiths Zerada Slack Carol Anne Letheran Liz Hoffman And athletic excellence The focus on health:  The focus on health Medical inspection as a requirement of participation Establishment of the first sports medicine clinic (1938) Led piloting of Canada Fitness Test (1967) The push to equity:  The push to equity Gender Equity (1994) Ethnocultural Inclusion (1999) Sexual Diversity (2003) Universal Accessibility (2003) The creation of outstanding facilities :  The creation of outstanding facilities The first Gymnasium 1866 Moss Hall (2nd gymnasium) 1879-1888) The Gymnasium 1893-1912 Varsity Stadium 1898-2002 Hart House 1919- Varsity Arena 1926- Benson Building 1959- Stevens Building 1979- Varsity Centre 2006- Current Issues :  Current Issues How do we improve the quality of programs? How do we ensure equity and accessibility? How do we ensure competitiveness, so that students enjoy ‘uncertainty of outcome’? How do we measure the equity and quality of programs, especially the learning outcomes from co-curricular sport? What is the best funding model? User fees? Ancillary fees? Endowments? Operating budget? Questions: :  Questions: Can you identify some of the leaders of this history and the stamp they gave to U of T sport and physical activity? To what extent have the historical forces we have studied in this course shaped Their efforts? The current policies of U of T, OUA, CIS, and the effort to create the new Varsity Centre? What forces/circumstances are likely to enable/constrain the changes you would like to see?

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