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Published on January 4, 2017

Author: Weshamilton22

Source: slideshare.net

1. ©2016 Wes Hamilton 612-308-2962 1 The Vibrational Energy of 2017 Your Adventure Begins It’s extremely important for you to know why your adventure begins this year. You are moving into a brand new 9-year cycle of your personal and professional life. Now is your time to step up and do your part to make your world a better place to live and thrive. Next get ready to activate your spiritually driven passion and purpose while you continue to explore unlimited opportunities of success and fulfillment for yourself and those you love. The art and science of numerology was created and designed over 10,000 years ago to give you a better understanding of who you are and insight to your soul’s blueprint expressing itself during your time on earth. Numerology helps you understand your role in life. Numerology also provides valuable tools for you to reveal and interpret your Destiny. Numerology will help you to plan timely actions to achieve peace, abundance, joy, and success for yourself, your family and your friends. One of the major pieces of information numerology reveals is the value of knowing your personal and global timelines; what is happening now and what may happen next. It will indicate when certain influences will affect you with opportunities for success or challenges with lessons to learn. These unique timelines are mathematically computed for you to better understand your personal energy influences on each day, each month, and each year. The bigger picture of energies influencing you is tracked with global cycles and century cycles. Century cycles are a very interesting piece of little known information that numerologists also track. Century cycles are computed by counting the number of nine- year cycles since the AD timeline began. There have been 224 nine year century cycles since AD time began. In 2017, you will begin living into the next nine year century cycle of 225, which add up to 9 (2+2+5). The last nine- year century cycle you just completed was the energy of 224, which added up to 8 (2+2+4). For the last nine years, the energy of 8 caused you and others to observe and participate in challenging money and manifesting experiences. Personal wealth issues came into play. Many of you learned tough lessons about the responsibilities of money management. Many people who were responsible and aware of timeline cycles created many successful opportunities for themselves. Overall, during the last 9 years, many people were faced with personal and professional challenges while the energy of money became your teacher. To see how this was taking place, let’s look back and recall from 2008 – 2016. There were huge money issues causing our great recession, real estate foreclosures, bankruptcies, and tight credit. The misuse of money management and greed by large financial institutions were exposed for all to see. All of these money issues were predicted a long time ago by watching century cycles of time. (Review my newsletter forecast I published for 2016.)

2. ©2016 Wes Hamilton 612-308-2962 2 Now let’s look at how this century cycle information will keep you mathematically and scientifically informed in the future so you can prepare and plan your “Intentional 2017” for success. This next nine -year century cycle will be much different than the last nine year century cycle. There will be many opportunities for you to create and experience the universal laws of the spiritual awakening; living the philosophy of “we are all one”. This will open pathways to your creativity. It will assist you in achieving success using the power of love, win-win outcomes, peace, abundance, intuition, passion, purpose, and enlightenment. Here is how you can get involved using my forecast for the next nine year century cycle. This will inspire you to do your part to promote enlightenment while creating win-win outcomes as a spiritual life leader. In 2017 – (1) a one year. Your adventure begins when you explore new directions, develop new practices, create a new sense of awareness, and engage in life with a new passion for living. In 2018 – (2) a two year. Companions of destiny evolve as you explore and develop passionate relationships working with collaborative opportunities while inspiring win-win outcomes. In 2019 – (3) a three year. Create and express yourself by understanding more of who you are being. Share and inspire people with your talents by actively networking, writing, speaking, and traveling. In 2020 –(4) a four year. Plan and develop your ideas to build a foundation to make the world a happier environment. Develop several mindfulness practices and programs for involvement and engagement. In 2021 – (5) a five year. Changes are productive as you consciously rebel against tradition where you discover blockages. Promote flexibility and adaptability; get into the flow, challenge old paradigms and travel to expand your perspectives. In 2022 – (6) a six year. Create collaborative communities with like -minded people to teach and serve when called. Get involved and share your knowledge with natural healing methods for people to experience. In 2023 – (7) a seven year. Research, and specialize to become an expert in areas you feel passionate about. Spend time reflecting as you create and develop your rainbow bridge with meditation. In 2024 – (8) an eight year. Become a problem solver for others as they explore their path of enlightenment. Whenever offered, accept a spiritual leadership role to organize and develop practices for others to follow and align with on their journey. In 2025 – (9) a nine year. Release your expectations, and embrace compassion where necessary. Use your intuition and leadership practices to reignite falling and failing attempts to succeed with win-win outcomes. 2017 is the beginning of the new nine- year century cycle. Numerology measures the energy of 2017 as being a 1- year vibration. This occurs by adding 2+0+1+7=10/1. The 1- energy inspires you to start new things, head in a new direction, and become confident by overcoming challenges and fears. Any time the energy of 1 appears, you are being

3. ©2016 Wes Hamilton 612-308-2962 3 encouraged to step into a leadership role whenever the opportunity arises. Become a way- shower, become fueled with passion, and move into your destiny. Now let’s look at how you can use this powerful 1- energy to take advantage this year of these new nine year universal laws. The opportunities are unlimited as they appear on your path in 2017. This year, the force of enlightenment is with you. Become a passionate leader as you inspire yourself and others to make the world a better place to live and thrive. The energy of 2 is vibrating to encourage win-win outcomes as you explore the power of heartfelt collaboration with people of like mind and purpose. It also will inspire you to research the value of entering into partnerships in your personal and professional life. The energy of 0 reminds you the active forces of God, karma, and faith will always be guiding you with your purpose driven decisions and actions for yourself and others. The energy of 1 encourages you be ready to step into a leadership role with confidence whenever, wherever the opportunity arises. Spiritual leaders will be the way-showers of how win-win experiences can be manifested with passion and purpose. The energy of 7 reminds you to listen to your intuition, the still small voice that guides you to trust yourself. This voice encourages you to be a messenger of truth, and know that higher forces are at your command as you follow your calling to inspire win-win outcomes. Let’s look at how you can apply this higher vibration of enlightenment to the daily practices of your personal and professional life in 2017. The Core Passion® FOCUS 4 template gives you a place to focus and engage your new practices of a passionate spiritual leadership. Everything, every person and every experience you are connected to will be found in one or more of these 4 quadrants of your life. Career: You will find yourself exploring your business decisions to make sure they are in alignment with your new 2017 values and spiritual commitments. Ask yourself; do my products and services enhance my life and the life of others? What will I do each day to make a difference for others and myself? Will my career inspire my inner spirit with passion and purpose as I do what I do? Am I being all I can be as I do what I do? You will do well by asking yourself these types of questions each day. This is the practice of an enlightened person. Partnership: It becomes very important for your existing relationships and newly created relationships to support you in your personal and professional growth. You will have a desire to be open and available to collaboration and engagement with like- minded people. It will be imperative for you to develop a relationship with who you are being as you do what you do. You will find yourself pursuing knowledge and skills to reach a level of self-mastery. Health: You will realize it is necessary for you to take time out from your busy schedule to commit 3-5 times a week to exercise your body to maintain your strength and flexibility. You will want to commit to eating higher vibrational foods to keep your body, mind and spirit

4. ©2016 Wes Hamilton 612-308-2962 4 functioning in harmony. You will love the benefits of engaging in a daily practice of mindfulness to stay present to your environment with gratitude and joy. Spiritual: You will become aware of the importance and of the value for you to make the time to read inspirational messages, books, blogs etc. daily to keep you connected to the spirit of others and yourself. When you stay connected to the “grid-work” of spiritually minded people like yourself, you stay in the flow of enlightenment. You will want to commit to the practice of spending 20-30 minutes 3-5 times a week engaged in a meditation practice. You will also want to commit to develop your intuition and awareness by spending 20-30 minutes journaling 3-5 times a week to stay connected to your higher self. This year is amazing! It will be filled with many opportunities for you to put your desires and dreams into practice. You will find yourself feeling more fulfilled each day as you find ways to do your part opening portals of positive energy to light the path for enlightenment. Enjoy your journey as your adventure begins… ~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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