201610 Building a Wow Customer Experience using Event Model Generation & Lego Serious Play Approaches Billund convention

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Published on October 8, 2016

Author: remyagitateurdidees

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2. Billund, October 2016 Agenda 2 VILLAGE by CA Workshop Experience +

3. Billund, October 2016 The Rémy GAUDY’s Savvy Thinking Approach 3

4. Billund, October 2016 The Genesis : Learning by Practice3 “MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MANAGEMENT-ENGINEERING Twice a year, I used to train* a 100 of engineering students to my Savvy Thinking process to put them in a position of creative and innovative entrepreneurs 4 1. Looking Forward 2. Looking for Value 3. Looking for Motivation 4. Looking for Concepts of Experience 5. Looking for Proof of Concept 6. Looking for Acceptance 7. Looking for Sales 8. Looking for Efficiency 9. Looking for Lessons Learned BMC * French Students POV 4 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhRgMq9k2FY

5. Billund, October 2016 How Design an Awesome Experience 5 How to design and test an awesome experience ? – Stakeholders Motivation Drivers • Attendees (desire of activity, ownership, belonging & competency) • Sponsors (desire of achievement, recognition) • Others (desire of meaning, empowerment) ** ** ** http://www.eventmodelgeneration.com/minibook/ EMG canvas explained in 111 seconds.mp4

6. Billund, October 2016 The Basic Fundamentals Event Model Generation Canvas (EMG***) A 10 step methodology where the team involved in the event systematically analyses, describes and outlines the inputs for the components in the final canvas prototypes. The methodology is sequential and makes use of a range of visual thinking techniques including: • Empathy Mapping (xplane), • Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder), • Value Proposition Canvas (Osterwalder), • Event ROI Methodology (Phillips ROI Methodology), • Service Design Canvas (Stickdorn & Schneider), • Instructional Design Model (Dick & Carey). 6*** EMG is available under a Creative Commons 4.0 license at www.eventmodelgeneration.com EMG canvas explained in 111 seconds.mp4 replacing event by experience I got a hijacked model for CEX Design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okoXIqwQqLk

7. Billund, October 2016 The basic fundamentals Added Value of L.S.P 7 Story Telling by Design 3D thinking Activity, Flow…

8. Billund, October 2016 www.levillagebyca.com Next one will be launch at Nantes in 2017Q1 8

9. Billund, October 2016 Le Village By CA 4 Areas of Excellence 9 •Villages focused on Innovation & Collaboration – Startups, SMB, Large Accounts, – Academic Research, – C.A. Bank Departments •Local Ecosystem to boost – Innovation, – Growth , – Digital Transformation •International “Village by CA” Network  EUROPE : Francfort / Madrid / Moscou / Stockholm / Londres / Milan / Belgrade / Kiev / Varsovie  ETATS-UNIS : New York (antenne du Village)  ASIE : Dubaï / Hong-Kong / Mumbai (Inde) / Singapour  AFRIQUE : Le Caire / Casablanca  FRANCE (en 2016) : Côtes d’Armor / Nord de France / Centre-Est / Provence Côtes d’Azur / Alsace Vosges/Ille et Vilaine, Aquitaine, Centre est

10. Billund, October 2016 The Challenge #LEARN #CREATE #SUCCEED integration days for 1st Year Students 11

11. Billund, October 2016 VILLAGE by CA Nantes Challenge What messages to communicate to attract the startups? Students have no Idea of • What is the Village by CA • What are the pains/opportunities of a 2- 3 years old startup 12

12. Billund, October 2016 My 1rst Tricky Approach AT0 Challenge Exploring - Understanding AT1 Building Individual Models AT2 Building & Commit a Shared Model AT3 Creating a Landscape 13 AT4 Identify Connections & Relationships AT5 Building a System AT6 Playing Emergence & Decisions. AT7 Extracting Simple Guiding Principles AT7 AT7 AT6AT6 AT1AT2AT3 AT1AT2AT3 AT1AT2AT3 AT1AT2AT3 AT4AT5AT6 AT4AT5AT6 AT4AT5AT6

13. Billund, October 2016 The Workshop: Momentum Day 1 (8H) : EMG process Day 2 (6H) : LSP process 14 •Challenge Presentation •Personas, Video Sharing •Brainstorming •LSP Skills Building •Reframing the Challenge with the Sponsor •AT1 Building Individual Models •AT2 Building a Shared Model •AT3 Creating a Landscape •AT4 Connections & Relationships •AT5 Building a System •AT6 Playing Emergence & Decisions. AT1 AT2 AT3AT4AT5 AT6

14. Billund, October 2016 End of EMG Process Reframing the challenge with Sponsor 1. Flexibility at the Service of Performance 2. Internal & External Network Making Startups More Attractive to Boost their Development 16

15. Billund, October 2016 EMG Knowledge LSP Workshop 4 teams of 8 students Challenge Build the VILLAGE experience for a Startup 1. Flexibility at the service of performance 2. Internal & external network making startups more attractive, booster of development 17 •AT1 Building Individual Models •AT2 Building a Shared Model •AT3 Creating a Landscape •AT4 Connections & Relationships •AT5 Building a System •AT6 Playing Emergence & Decisions.

16. Billund, October 2016 How the Workshop Looks Likes 18

17. Billund, October 2016 Playing Village by CA Experience 19https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlMSij8PTpA village by Ca Short.mp4

18. Billund, October 2016 The Workshop What We are Going to Use 20 LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® – Window Exploration Bag – 1 x participant – Connections Kit – 1 for 2 teams – Identity and Landscape Kit – 1 for 2 teams – LEGO® Creative Suitcase – 1 by team Event Model Generation – 1 full sized (A0) printing of the EMG CANVAS landscape – 1 by team Others: Sticky notes of different colors, Some markers, Tables, Camera

19. Billund, October 2016 Workshop: highlights Bricks are the Common Language between Teams and the Sponsor EMG Canvas is the Knowledge Base Keep in mind the principles of LSP – Facilitator Poses the Question, Individuals Build a Model, Individuals Tell their Story, Questions and Reflections 21 BLA

20. Billund, October 2016 Next STEPS EMG – LSP Workshop Are You Ready to Experience the EMG Canvas with LSP? 22

21. 23

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