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Published on November 27, 2016

Author: BrunoRakedjian

Source: slideshare.net

1. 12th EWA Brussels Conference “EU Water Policy and Sustainable Development” Storm water overfows Challenges Bruno rakedjian - European Commission Directorate General for Environment Unit C.2 - Marine Environment & Water Industry

2. Main result of UWWTD implementaton in 2012 2 Storm water sewage overflows Compliance results at EU-28, EU-15 and EU-13 level regarding Articles 3 (collection), 4 (secondary treatment) and 5 (more stringent treatment). Average values are reflected, weighted by pollution load generated by individual Member States.

3. Study Storm water sewage overflows 3 The Outcome of the study  Synthesis  EU legislaton, internatonal conventons (RSCs and river basin commissions)  Member States: regulatons and guidance and US approach  Overview of storm water overfows in the Member States  Literature review on potental health risks • htps://circabc.europa.eu/w/browse/e00a649a-7eb4-40b3-9b19-f5ace7a80e08

4. Main results  Lack of knowledge at local/natonal/European level  A policy that has stll to be achieved in lots of countries  Remaining risks related to these emissions on environment and health 4 Storm water sewage overflows

5. Main remaining risks Microbiological contaminaton of water Chemical contaminaton of water and sediments Oxygen depleton in water bodies Marine liter/micro plastc contaminaton 5 Storm water sewage overflows

6. Uncontrolled Urbanisaton More impervious areas (more emission of pollutants) Climate change Change of frequency and intensity of rain events (more emission of pollutants) Higher seasonal reducton of the fow of rivers (less diluton) Increase in the temperature of water bodies (acceleraton in bacteries development) Antmicrobial resistance Three ongoing threats 6 Storm water sewage overflows

7. Why is it so important to reduce storm water sewage overfows? To implement correctly the European directves to protect environment and people health 7 Storm water sewage overflows

8. Related to lots of diferent European or internatonal water regulatons: • Under the Implementaton programme of the Urban waste water treatment directve 91/271/EC  treated except under unusually heavy rainfall • Under the bathing water profles of the bathing water directve (BWD) 2006/7/EC  Good or excellent quality • Under the programme of measures of the Water framework directve (WFD) 2000/60/EC  good ecological and chemical status, protected areas objectves (shellfsh, bathing water, …) 8 Implement EU requirements Storm water sewage overflows

9. • Under the programme of measures of the Marine Strategy Framework directve (MSFD) 2008/56/EC  good environmental status, shellfsh protecton, marine liter reducton,… • under the inventory of the sources of polluton, the quantty of organic pollutants, the circulaton of pollutants to protect bivalve molluscs producton areas regulaton 854/2004  Insure quality for human consumpton specifcally to avoid fecal, toxin and chemical contaminaton • under the target of the World sustainable development goal 6  Halving the proporton of untreated waste water by 2030 • Natura 2000, groundwater, drinking water, foods, farm animal protecton,… 9 Implement EU requirements Storm water sewage overflows

10. Why is it so important to reduce storm water sewage overfows The example of E-coli contaminaton (e.g. water leisure actvites, shellfsh consumpton, water abstracton for agriculture) 10 Storm water sewage overflows

11. E-coli contamination 11 107 9 104 90% 10% 100 104 8% UWWTP 92% CSO 107 9.5 104 95% 5% 50 104 16% UWWTP 84% CSO R99% R99% 107 9.9 104 99% 104 91% UWWTP 9% CSO R99% Rain dilution 106 T 109 104 T 59.5 104 4 UWWTP CSO UWWTP CSO UWWTP CSO Storm water sewage overflows waterbody

12. Why is it so important to reduce storm water sewage overfows More and more a politcal concern that has to do with cites atractveness (bathing water, shellfsh, water leisure actvites,…) 12 Storm water sewage overflows

13. 25/08/2015 Politcal strong reacton of a mayor in France afer a beach polluton due to storm water overfows from another city. 13 http:// www.20minutes.fr/montpellier/1672575-20150825-montpellier-peut-plus-continu er-comme-ca-alerte-maire-palavas Storm water sewage overflows

14. 14 Storm water sewage overflows The solutions Acton plans  Implementaton of natonal rain water overfows acton plan (artcle 17 of the UWWTD)  Check that measures related to this topic are implemented if there are the reason of bad quality:  in the bathing water profles of the BWD  in the programmes of measures of the WFD and MSFD.

15. 15 Storm water sewage overflows Monitoring measures Building natonal storm water overfows and storage tank databases • establish indicators to follow the actons plans and programme of measures and identfy beter this pressure Agglomeratons of more than 100 000 p.e. (4% of the agglomeratons ≈ 50% of the total generated waste water load) The solutions

16. 16 Storm water sewage overflows Storm water sewage overflows The solutions Informaton measures Improve transparency Implement beter alert system at natonal/local level to prevent contact with contaminated water

17. 17 Agglomeraton not compliant Bathing water in poor quality Natura 2000 Storm water sewage overflows The solutions Use INSPIRE services to share the informaton and increase knowledge E.g. Urban waste water natonal website that includes not only detailed informaton about urban waste water but also EEA bathing water, Natura 2000, Soe layers htp://uwwtd.oieau.fr/

18. 18 Storm water sewage overflows At source measures Artcle 191 of the treaty on the functoning of the European Union "preventve acton should be taken" "environmental damage should as a priority be rectfed at source" "the polluter should pay" The solutions

19. Top priority NWRMs Natural water retenton measures in urban areas to limit the introducton of rain water in combined sewer collectng systems. 19 Storm water sewage overflows Commission contributon: best practces website htp://www.nwrm.eu/ The solutions

20. 20 Storm water sewage overflows NWRMs to be implemented in priority because they have mid/long term efects but provides mult benefts… • Improve water quality and quantty • Improve air quality • Improve biodiversity • Contribute to climate mitgaton • Contribute to fooding preventon • Increase recreatonal areas…  Improve quality of life to all citzens The solutions

21. 21 Other solutons have to be implemented  Optmisaton of rain storage in collectng systems  storage tank(s) related to the collectng system and/or the treatment plant  Increase in the capacity of pumping staton(s)  Increase in the capacity of the treatment plant  Increase in the capacity of the collectng system The solutionsStorm water sewage overflows

22. What about building separate collectng systems? The solutions Storm water sewage overflows Advantages  No more combine sewage overfows if correctly built Disadvantages  Double the cost of the collectng system  Generate bad connectons (rain in sewage system and sewage in rain drainage system)  If not treated or infltrated, polluted rain water directly discharged in water bodies (heavy metals, oil, macro and micro waste, PAH…)  Impossibility to avoid malicious acts  Acceleraton in foodings 22

23. Excessive costsStorm water overflows 23 Use the possibilites ofered by the UWWTD directve concerning excessive costs. Annex I.A of the UWWTD • Excessive costs have to be justfed • It does not allow to do nothing • It allows progressive implementaton of the projects

24. 24 CONCLUSION Storm water overflows What MS and local authorites have to do  A beter knowledge and transparency  A beter management of this policy  Start now implementng Natural water retenton measures  Implementaton of measures to reduce emissions under the existng regulatons

25. Thank you for your atten Bruno Rakedjian bruno.rakedjian@ ec.europa.eu

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