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Published on March 12, 2016

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2. 1. - 16.sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 1. The invention of educational radio in the 1920s and the ---- of television in the 1940s created important new forms of communication for use in distance education.. A) expression B) advent C) intervention D) pollutant E) outbreak 2. Earthquakes can do ---- damage to buildings, bridges, pipelines, railways, embankments, and other structures.. A) significant B) satisfactory C) objective D) exclusive E) incentive 3. It is a society that is ---- to waging war on all forms of environmental pollution.. A) regarded B) preferred C) referred D) committed E) upheld 4. Although the arch is usually remembered as a Roman invention, examples have been found earlier, ---- in the Egyptian civilization.. A) effectively B) fairly C) likely D) nearly E) particularly 5. Peasants typically ---- the majority of the agricultural labour force in a pre- industrial society.. A) took down B) got off C) brought out D) made up E) lost in 6. Some individuals who are unable to ---- the constant demand for change and the required adjustment to all this change have difficulty securing a stable self- identity.. A) break down B) cope with C) take after D) bring up E) carry out 7. Since ancient times, white animals ---- a special place in human society and ---- prominent and even sacred in many cultures' mythologies.. A) had held / were B) held / have been C) are holding / will be D) have held / are E) may hold / have to be 8. ---- biology precedes cytology in its development, cytologists are responsible for our modern view of biology and all other life sciences.. A) Though B) After C) Since D) If E) When

3. 9. Some logical fallacies appear logically correct and are effective simply because they are difficult to distinguish ---- logical arguments ---- rigorous examination.. A) at / of B) from / without C) of / in D) along / at E) to / with 10. ---- positive interactions amongst individuals in a society help create a pleasant environment, activities defined by peer groups to be acceptable even if harmful to subgroups within a society also relate to social behavior.. A) So that B) Prior to C) Whereas D) Just as E) Furthermore 11. In order to be considered a bribe, the object of value must be offered and accepted with the understanding that the person who accepts the bribe will be doing something ----.. A) in part B) in return C) at this rate D) on account E) so as 12. A politician's private life should be consistent with his political beliefs ---- people won't accuse him of having double standards.. A) so that B) but C) as if D) in order for E) with regard to 13. ---- studying how cells relate to other cells or to the environment, cytologists can predict problems or examine environmental dangers ---- cells, such as toxic or cancer-causing substances.. A) By / to B) To / as C) About / for D) Without / in E) Like / on 14. Man’s use of pictures to tell stories and to record experience ---- in prehistoric times, when he ---- on the walls of caves.. A) was beginning / would draw B) began / drew C) begins / draws D) has begun / was drawing E) had begun / draw 15. German troop transfers ---- greater if their territorial acquisitions ---- so dramatic.. A) may have been / are not B) were to be / shall not be C) were / would not be D) have been / is not E) could have been / had not been 16. Violations of the law are --- more common among adolescents and young adults than any other age group.. A) fairly B) very C) so D) rather E) quite

4. 17. - 21.sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. People who (I)---- in malaria-infested areas or who travel to them can take certain (II) ----. They can use long-lastinginsecticide sprays in homes and outbuildings, place screens (III) ---- doors and windows, usemosquito netting over their beds, and apply mosquito repellents on their skin.They can (IV) ---- wear enoughclothing, (V) - --- after sundown, toprotect as much of the skin as possible against mosquito bites. 17. I. A) reduce B) live C) discharge D) expose E) persist 18. II. A) precautions B) supplements C) occurrences D) setbacks E) levels 19. III. A) beyond B) of C) with D) on E) till 20. IV. A) either B) more than C) also D) as such E) as well as 21. V. A) similarly B) extraordinarily C) commonly D) fairly E) particularly

5. 22. - 26.sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. (I)---- there are dozens ofindigenous languages spoken throughout South America, this is, with the (II) ---- of Portuguese-speakingBrazil, a Spanish-speaking continent. However, the Spanish one hears in SouthAmerica does not always conform (III)---- what one has learned in the classroom or heard on a cassette, and evencompetent Spanish-speakers find it takes a bit of getting used to. (IV) ---- the odd differences inpronunciation, words from native languages as well as various Europeanlanguages (V) ---- the differentdialects of South American Spanish, giving them each their own uniquecharacter. 22. I. A) If B) Although C) When D) Whereas E) Just as 23. II. A) exception B) contribution C) involvement D) partition E) convention 24. III. A) up B) at C) by D) in E) to 25. IV. A) In case of B) So far as C) In addition to D) By means of E) In accordance with 26. V. A) would infiltrate B) had infiltrated C) infiltrated D) have infiltrated E) were infiltrating 27. - 36.sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz. 27. ----, but it is easy to see proof of major market failures there as well.. A) It is possible for trade policy to ignore national welfare altogether B) Domestic market failure calls for domestic policy changes based on cost-benefit analysis C) Most deviations from free trade result in market failure D) We need to realize that economic theory does not provide a dogmatic defence of free trade E) The evidence that markets perform poorly is a little less obvious in advanced countries 28. If you require any more information or help, ---.. A) you will receive more details in a separate statement B) please contact us at our website C) a transaction statement has also been enclosed D) major government bond yields have continued to decrease E) corporate earnings are expected to remain healthy

6. 29. ---- when the rate increased by about 4% per year.. A) The birth rate for unmarried women in the US has recently shown a steady trend B) Several factors could account for the teenage birth rates in the US C) The birth rate in the US then rose dramatically D) From 1994 to 1999 there was little change in the birth rate in the US E) In the US, the rise in the birth rate was most rapid during the late 1970s and through the1980s 30. As space shuttles are designed to work in a vacuum, ----.. A) NASA engineers are hoping to cut take off weights by half B) about 85 per cent of its weight is fuel C) the method is obviously inefficient but better ones have yet to be found D) they have to carry not only fuel but the oxygen to burn it E) such craft could accelerate to about ten times the speed of sound 31. --- that New York City is being badly run and desperately needs to be reorganized.. A) None of them had admitted B) Everybody acknowledges C) Many Americans were asking the authorities D) Letters of protest had been written to the Mayor's Office E) Many journalists would recommend 32. The manager promised to promote her - ---.. A) if she has proved far more efficient than any of the other employees B) that she has really deserved it C) as she had been working for the company for so many years D) unless there was a good reason for doing so E) until the company’s annual budget is approved 33. ----, the actual pace of change in these countries has been disappointingly slow.. A) Since most of the sub-Saharan African countries have good governance B) Even though many sub-Saharan African governments say they support structural reforms C) Unless firmer action is taken against corruption in sub-Saharan Africa D) In order to improve the management of public spending in sub-Saharan African countries E) In spite of the IMF’s demand that countries at a similar stage of development should receive equal treatment 34. Having taken in more carbohydrates than it needs, ----. . A) sugar can contribute to nutrient deficiencies only by displacing nutrients B) the body uses glucose to meet its energy requirements, fills its glycogen stores to capacity, and may still have some left over C) researchers agree that unusually high doses of refined sugar can alter blood lipids to favour heart disease D) high-fibre foods not only add bulk to the diet, but are economical and nutritious E) a high-fat diet raises the risks of heart disease, some types of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and obesity 35. She and I had a nice, relaxed conversation ----.. A) by the time I finally arrived for our meeting B) as I told her to wake up C) since it focused on forbidden subjects D) which largely centred on our children E) so we were both nervous towards the end of it

7. 36. Fullerenes are carbon molecules ----.. A) that the simplest fullerene molecule, C60, has a soccer-ball shape B) whose shapes are made up of pentagons and hexagons that meet three at a time, in such a way that no two pentagons are adjacent C) whereas, mathematically, the combination of fullerenes is an application of Euler’s formula D) although other fullerenes, such as C80, have been made in the laboratory E) while every fullerene contains exactly 12 pentagons with no limit to the number of hexagons it contains 37. - 42.sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi, Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz. 37. İklim değişikliği ile ilgili çoğu bilim adamı, kentlerin, çevrelerinden daha sıcak olduğu ve bulut oluşumuna neden olan dikey hava akımları yarattığı görüşündedir.. A) Most scientists concerned with climate change are of the opinion that cities are hotter than their surroundings and create updrafts of air causing cloud formation. B) A number of scientists dealing with climate change maintain that, as cities are much hotter than the surrounding environment, updrafts of air occur over them and lead to cloud formation. C) As many scientists studying climate change have suggested, since cities are relatively warmer than their surroundings, there are updrafts of air over them which bring about cloud formation. D) Many scientists who are experts in climate change are convinced that cloud formation results from updrafts of air over cities, which are usually hotter than their surroundings. E) A lot of scientists who are specialists in climate change have argued that, because cities are far hotter than their surroundings, this causes updrafts of air which lead to cloud formation. 38. Göğüs kanseri hakkındaki korkunun bir kısmı, bu hastalığın tehlikelerine ilişkin yanlış bilgiye ve yanlış anlamaya dayanmaktadır.. A) There is so much misinformation as well as misunderstanding about the risks of breast cancer that it has led to a great deal of fear about this disease. B) There is so much misinformation as well as misunderstanding about the risks of breast cancer that it has led to a great deal of fear about this disease. C) The risks of breast cancer are such that misinformation and misunderstanding about this disease have been the cause of much fear. D) Some of the fear about breast cancer is based on misinformation and misunderstanding concerning the risks of this disease E) Breast cancer involves various risks, but some of the fear about this disease mainly derives from misinformation and misunderstanding concerning it. 39. Uyku hapları, özellikle birkaç haftadan daha uzun süre veya yüksek dozlarda düzenli olarak kullanıldığında, bazı insanlarda bağımlılığa neden olabilir.. A) When people take sleeping pills regularly at particularly high doses for much longer than one or two weeks, they become very dependent on these medicines. B) If sleeping pills are used regularly at high doses for a few weeks or longer, some people in particular can develop an addiction to them. C) Sleeping pills, especially when used regularly for longer than a few weeks or at high doses, can cause dependency in some people D) So long as sleeping pills are taken at very high doses for several weeks or longer, they can cause dependency in a number of people. E) Some people can be particularly addicted to sleeping pills when used at high doses or for much longer than several weeks.

8. 40. In Egypt, a number of oil deposits have been discovered in recent years, but it is unlikely that oil will play a major role in the country‘s economy in the near future.. A) Son yıllarda Mısır‘da birçok petrol yatakları keşfedilmiştir, ancak petrolün, yakın gelecekte ülke ekonomisinde önemli bir rol oynaması muhtemel değildir. B) Mısır‘da son yıllarda birtakım petrol havzaları bulunmuş olsa da petrolün, ülke ekonomisinde yakın gelecekte oynayacağı rol çok önemli olmayacaktır C) Son yıllarda Mısır‘da, ülke ekonomisinde yakın gelecekte önemli rol oynaması muhtemel olan pek çok petrol havzası keşfedilmiştir. D) Son yıllarda Mısır‘da keşfedilen petrol yataklarının, ülke ekonomisinde yakın gelecekte önemli bir rol oynaması ihtimal dışındadır E) Mısır‘da, ülke ekonomisinde yakın gelecekte önemli bir rol oynaması muhtemel olmayan petrol yatakları son yıllarda ortaya çıkarılmıştır 41. The issue under debate today is whether, for all its flaws, capitalism is the best economic system man has yet invented.. A) Bir sürü aksaklıklarına rağmen, kapitalizmin, insanoğlunun bugüne kadar ortaya koyduğu en iyi iktisadi sistem olup olmadığı tartışılmaktadır. B) Bugün tartışılan konu, tüm kusurlarına rağmen, kapitalizmin, insanın şimdiye kadar icat ettiği en iyi iktisadi sistem olup olmadığıdır C) Eksiklikleri de olsa, insanlığın bugün ortaya koyduğu en iyi iktisadi sistemin, kapitalizm olup olmadığı hâlâ tartışılmaktadır D) İnsanın şimdiye kadar yarattığı en iyi iktisadi sistem olan kapitalizmin kusurları, bugün tartışma konusudur E) İnsanlığın bugüne kadar yarattığı en iyi iktisadi sistem olmasına rağmen, kapitalizmin aksaklıkları günümüzde tartışılmaktadır 42. Undernutrition, a deficiency of essential nutrients, can result from inadequate intake because of poor diet or poor absorption from the intestine.. A) Temel besin eksikliği olan yetersiz beslenme, az beslenmeden veya bağırsaktaki az emilimden dolayı yeterli gıda alınmamasından kaynaklanabilir. B) Az beslenme veya bağırsaktaki az emilim sonucu temel besinlerin yeterli alınamaması nedeniyle, beslenme yetersizliği oluşur C) Temel besin eksikliği olarak anlaşılan beslenme yetersizliği, az beslenme veya bağırsakta az emilim sonucu ortaya çıkmaktadır D) Az beslenme veya bağırsaktaki az emilim nedeniyle yeterli gıda alınamaması, temel besinlerin eksikliğine ve yetersiz beslenmeye yol açmaktadır. E) Temel besinlerin eksikliğine bağlı olarak oluşan beslenme yetersizliğinin kaynağı, az beslenme veya bağırsaktan az emilim olmasıdır

9. 43. - 46.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. In Finland now, everything is all right. Fifteen years after one of the worst recessions any European country has seen, triggered by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Finns feel very content. Their small country of a population of 5 million is the first in the World Economic Forum‘s list of the world‘s most competitive countries, and the second in its business-competitiveness index. It is also the first in the OECD‘s world ranking of educational performance and has the second-highest share of research-an- -development spending in the European Union. Moreover, the country is reversing its demographic decline and, hence, its fertility rate is one of the highest in Europe. Perhaps best of all the Finns are facing globalization without paranoia. Theirs is one of the few European countries to have succeeded in businesses in which international prices are falling because of global competition and technological change. In most of Europe public opinion and even business élites seem gloomily resigned to being overwhelmed by India and China. Finland suggests that this fate is not inevitable. 43. We learn from the passage that, in addition to Finland‘s recent economic success, ----.. A) it is also a popular tourist destination B) it is resigned to being overwhelmed by India C) it also ranks very high in education D) it remains in a deep recession E) its businesses are not globally competitive 44. It is clear from the passage that Finland‘s previously weak economy ----.. A) was caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union B) had no effect on the country‘s standing in the World Economic Forum C) caused the country to spend more on research and development D) improved dramatically fifteen years ago E) became stronger after it began to reverse its demographic decline 45. We understand from the passage that Finland‘s population ----.. A) resents outside interference in its economy B) is becoming one of the highest in Europe C) is an extremely competitive one when it comes to internal trade D) is now increasing due to a higher birth rate E) is not well-educated by European standards 46. We see from the passage that Finland‘s economy ----.. A) is by far the strongest in the world B) remains unaffected by technological change C) is still undergoing the effects of the fall of the Soviet Union D) has had a direct effect on its fertility rate E) hasn‘t always been stable

10. 47. - 50.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. There have been stories in the press about mobile phones sparking explosions at petrol stations. But according to the GSM Association, a worldwide body for mobile phone makers, none of these reports has ever been traced back to a real event. But there is a real safety concern, and it's not about radio emissions from mobiles as you might have thought. Instead, the GSM Association says there is a theoretical risk that if a hand-held phone is dropped and the battery separates from the phone, it could cause a spark across the contacts. This is equally true of other battery-powered devices such as torches, Walkmans and CD players. But it's far more likely that mobile phones cause a hazard at petrol stations by distracting their users while they're operating a petrol pump. 47. We understand from the passage that explosions at petrol stations ----.. A) are extremely rare since so many precautions are taken to prevent them B) have always been accurately reported by the press C) have never been precisely traced to mobile phones D) are so rare that no further precautions are considered necessary E) are theoretically unlikely, due to the introduction of serious safety measures 48. According to the passage, a mobile phone ----. A) could be the cause of an explosion at a petrol station, but not on account of its radio emissions B) has to bear the stamp of the GSM Association before it goes into use C) occasionally emits sparks that are normally harmless, but not on all occasions D) is less likely to cause an explosion than a CD player or a torch is E) should be switched off on arrival at a petrol station 49. It is pointed out in the passage that any batterypowered device ----.. A) is sure to emit sparks if dropped B) is potentially dangerous at a petrol station C) that is dropped will be permanently damaged D) has to be approved by the GSM Association E) can distract a person's attention and cause accidents 50. It is clear from the passage that much adverse publicity ----.. A) in the press concerning mobile phone users has had far-reaching effects B) has undermined the authority of the GSM Association C) has reduced the popularity of all batterypowered devices D) has been aimed at mobile phones for causing explosions at petrol stations E) of petrol stations, on account of their lack of safety precautions, has appeared in the press

11. 51. - 54.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. Stars are believed to begin life as collapsing masses of hydrogen gas, which are called 'protostars'. As collapsing masses start contracting, they heat up. When the temperature in them reaches 10 million degrees, nuclear fusion begins and forms heavier elements, mainly helium at first. The energy released during these reactions balances the gravitational force, and the young star stabilizes as a mainsequence star. The tremendous brightness of stars comes from the energy released during these thermonuclear reactions. After billions of years, as helium is collected in the core and hydrogen is used up, the core contracts and heats further. The envelope expands and cools, and the star becomes a red giant. The next stage of stellar evolutionrndepends on the mass of the star. Stars of residual mass less than 1.4 solar masses cool further and became white dwarfs, eventually fading and going out altogether. If the star's residual mass is greater than two or three solar masses, it may contract even further and form a black hole, which is so dense that no matter or light can escape from it. 51. As it is pointed outrnin the passage, stars ----.. A) expand when they reach temperatures of 10 million degrees B) stabilize after they become red giants C) come into being as soon as the nuclear fusion begins D) take billions of years to turn into what is called 'a red giant' E) can reach a maximum level of temperature of 10 million degrees 52. According to the passage, when protostars contract, ----. . A) their temperature begins to rise and keeps rising B) they lose their brightness over a short period of time C) they lose their ability for nuclear fusion D) the amount of hydrogen in them keeps on increasing E) their thermonuclear reactions come to an abrupt end 53. As it is clear fromrnthe passage, helium ----. . A) has a lighter mass which is released as a star develops B) takes billions of years to form inside of protostars C) is a heavy element that eventually collects at the centre of a star D) makes up what is called star's outer envelope E) plays a minor role in a star's evolution 54. According to the passage, a red giant can eventually turn into a black hole if - ---. . A) its stellar evolution is reversed B) its mass is sufficiently great and it continues to contract C) it has a mass less than 1.4 solar masses D) it continues to expand and cool E) it gets caught in the gravitational force of another star

12. 55. - 58.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. Cancer describes a class of diseases characterized bythe uncontrolled growth of aberrant cells. Cancers killby the destructive invasion of normal organs throughdirect extension and spread to distant sites via theblood, lymph, or serosal surfaces. The abnormalclinical behaviour of cancer cells is often mirrored bybiologic aberrations such as genetic mutations, chromosomal translocations, expression of fetal orother discordant ontologic characteristics, and theinappropriate secretion of hormones or enzymes. Allcancers invade or metastasize but each specific typehas unique biologic and clinical features that must beappreciated for proper diagnosis, treatment and study.About 1.2 million new cases of invasive cancer arediagnosed each year in the United States, and about500, 000 people die annually of the disease. Cancer isthe second most deadly disease and is expected tosurpass heart disease early in the twenty-first centuryto top that vicious list. Over the past half century, thefrequency of most cancers has been stable, but somedramatic changes have taken place. Steady declines instomach and uterine cancer have occurred, the latterundoubtedly due to routine cytologic screening forcervical cancer. The cause of the decline in stomachcancer is unknown. The most striking change has beenthe increases in lung cancer in both men and women, undoubtedly related to smoking. 55. It is pointed out in the passage that, over the nextfew decades, mortality due to cancer ----.. A) will start to decline as new methods of treatment are introduced B) will be higher than the mortality caused by heart disease C) will start to threaten younger people D) will be greatly reduced through an increase in early diagnosis E) will increase at an alarming rate as very many more people are starting to smoke 56. As it is pointed out in the passage, cancer ----.. A) has been on a steady increase since the midtwentieth century B) has caused much higher mortality in the United States than anywhere else in the world C) is a disease with a great deal of variety, which requires different treatments and studies D) is still a disease much deadlier than heart disease E) of the stomach is the one that causes the most problems 57. We learn from the passage that, among thedifferent cancers, lung cancer ----.. A) shows a downward trend in the United States B) is the one that most needs to be dealt with immediately C) is the one that most readily yields to treatment D) has appeared with increasing frequency over the years E) affects as many non-smokers as smokers 58. We learn from the passage that cancer cells ----.. A) all present the same clinical features B) can be carried by the blood and spread to distant organs C) are not necessarily invasive D) rarely lead to genetic mutations E) have not been linked to biologic aberrations

13. 59. - 62.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. The ability to recognize people automatically by analyzing bodily characteristics such as fingerprints, faces and eyeballs, collectively known as biometrics, has long been a goal of technologists and governments alike. Plans for large-scale projects to incorporate biometric scans into passports, identity cards and visas are now under way in several countries. Since January 5th the US has been scanning foreigners from particular countries as they arrive at its airports. Both the US and Europe plan to start issuing biometric passports as soon as next year. Biometric identity cards are being adopted in Hong Kong and Oman, and Britain plans to follow suit. Biometric technology has been around for quite a while, but has not been widely adopted, for good reason: while it can improve security in some situations, its costs more frequently far outweigh its benefits. Even the most advanced systems falsely reject a small proportion of legitimate users, and falsely accept illegitimate ones. At best, the introduction of biometric identity documents will produce a marginal increase in security, at enormous cost. But at worst, biometrics could, in fact, reduce security in several ways. 59. According to the passage, the use of biometric technology ----.. A) has not yet been introduced in airports B) seems likely to prove a cost-effective means of increasing security C) for identification purposes is becoming increasingly popular D) for identity cards is widely regarded as an infringement of liberty E) has encountered so many problems that it will probably be abandoned 60. It Is stressed in the passage that biometrics ----.. A) is of little, if any, use as a means of ensuring full security B) is a comparatively cheap means of attaining reasonable levels of security C) has proved highly satisfactory in both Hong Kong and Oman D) is an infallible method of recognizing people E) is developing only slowly because governments are nervous about the response that it will receive 61. According to the passage, technologists and governments ----.. A) in Europe and the US agree that further trials are needed before biotechnical passports are issued B) are unduly concerned about the expenses entailed by biometrics C) underestimate the number of mistakes made in identification by biometrics D) are equally convinced that biometrics is the only means of attaining full security at airports E) alike have been looking forward to having biometrics solve identification problems 62. We learn from the passage that, although biometric technology has been in use for sometime, ----.. A) it is still only being used for identificationpurposes in visas B) there are as yet no plans to use it on a largescale C) its technologists show no interest in trying toimprove it D) in many respects, its disadvantages are oftengreater than its advantages E) it is still only rarely being used for legitimatepurposes 63. - 67.sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz. 63. Under-secretary: We have received reports that the epidemic is spreading in the area. Minister: Then we must take immediate action. Under-secretary: _____ Minister: Yes, do that.. A) But we’re short of medical staff there. B) Then I’ll give the orders for doctors and medical supplies to be sent there right away. C) It seems the children are suffering most. D) We have already flown in adequate supplies of food and blankets. E) Who else do you think we could consult?

14. 64. Manager: The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is coming up. So we must get prepared for it. Secretary: That’s true. How, can I help? Manager: _____ Secretary: Of course, that’s easy. It will be ready by tomorrow.. A) Have the letters of invitation been sent out yet? B) We’d better have a board meeting today. C) I don’t know. But there are likely to be a lot of complaints. D) Get the usual statistical information ready for me. E) I know many of the employees are expecting a sizeable rise in their wages. 65. Director: We’re being hit badly by the recession. Consultant: _____ Director: Well, what do you suggest? Consultant: Boost the exports.. A) I know. And something must be done about it quickly. B) Stop worrying! There’s nothing we can do. C) Yes, everyone is saying the same. Let’s reduce the work force. D) They should raise the interest rates at once. E) I only hope there won’t be another general strike. 66. Jane: Smart-phone use is on a continuous increase in Taiwan. For example, a Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer has reported very high profits. Mary: What does he mean by “high profits”? Jane:---- Mary: Now I see what he means.. A) It has been a profitable year for Taiwan. B) More than the Taiwanese people needed to use. C) Almost twice as much profit as they made a year ago. D) I think he is referring to the worldwide use of smart phones. E) He was very happy with the technical quality of the phones produced. 67. Assistant :- Good morning. Can I help you? Mr Jones :- ---- Assistant :- Well, both of them have their advantages. Mr Jones :- I’m sure they do. I’d better let her choose.. A) A laptop is more expensive than a desktop. B) No, thanks. I’m just looking around. C) Perhaps. I’m looking for a present for my daughter. Could you suggest something suitable for a university student? D) Yes, I want to buy a computer for my daughter but I am not sure whether to buy a laptop or a desktop. E) Later, perhaps. When I’ve decided what I want.

15. 68. - 71.sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın cümleyi bulunuz. 68. It‘s only now that she understands how unhappy she was during her twenties.. A) Despite the fact that her twenties were not a happy time for her, she now understands how to be happy. B) What makes her regretful is that, in her twenties, she could not be happy at all. C) Having been unhappy during her twenties, she is now a very understanding person. D) She was terribly unhappy during her twenties, but she has only just realized it. E) She now realizes that she must come to terms with the unhappiness she faced in her twenties. 69. Until recently people felt that Nigerian ministers were being too optimistic, but there is now no question that the country‘s financial position is growing steadily stronger.. A) It is now clear that Nigeria‘s economy is in a strong upward cycle but previously people doubted the hopeful attitude of Nigerian ministers B) Nigerian ministers today have no apprehensions about their country‘s financial status, as it is plain that it is constantly getting better. C) In the past, even though Nigeria‘s economic status was constantly improving, people were often mistrustful of its ministers‘ confident views. D) Though Nigerian ministers were previously sceptical of positive ideas about their country‘s financial status, it has become obvious that its economy is advancing day by day. E) Today we see that Nigeria is progressing economically, but in the recent past, this was not the case and economists were wary of the optimistic views of its leaders. 70. No other building embodies the history of Paris more than does the famous cathedral of Notre-Dame.. A) Of all the great buildings of Paris, the cathedral of Notre-Dame holds a very special place among the people. B) The only building in Paris that is of any real significance is surely the magnificent cathedral of Notre-Dame. C) Of all the buildings in Paris, it is the celebrated cathedral of Notre-Dame that most truly represents the past of that city. D) Except for the famous cathedral of Notre- Dame, none of the buildings of Paris are historically representative. E) With the exception of the renowned Notre- Dame, few of the buildings of Paris are in anyway remarkable. 71. The north of Italy is directly responsible for the country‘s place among the world‘s top industrial nations.. A) Italy‘s northern regions are well-known as one of the most industrialized areas in the world. B) It is entirely the northern part of the country that has earned Italy a prominent position among the world‘s industrial nations. C) In Italy, industry is focused in the north, but nevertheless she is still one of the world‘s top industrial nations. D) Italy is one of the world‘s top industrial countries even though all the industrial activities are concentrated in the north. E) Italy is one of the few countries in the industrial world where only one region, the north, is industrialized.

16. 72. - 75. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçada anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz. 72. Despite numerous intellectual and literary advances, the longest-lived achievements of the Italian Renaissance were made in the realm of art. Of all the arts, painting was undoubtedly supreme. Although Giotto was the great artistic genius around 1300, it was not until the fifteenth century that Italian painting began to come fully of age. ----. Fifteenth-century artists also experimented with effects of light and shade and, for the first time, carefully studied the anatomy and proportions of the human body.. A) From about 1450 until about 1600 Italian thought was dominated by a school of Neo-Platonists, who sought to blend Platonism with Christianity B) One reason for this was that, in the early fifteenth century, the laws of linear perspective were discovered and first employed to give the fullest sense of three dimensions C) Sixteenth-century Italian writers, such as Machiavelli, Ariosto, Tasso, and Sannazaro, were also highly accomplished creators of imaginative prose and verse D) Perhaps the greatest of the Florentine artists was Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most versatile geniuses who ever lived E) Most Venetian painters showed little of the Florentine school‘s concerns with philosophical and psychological issues 73. St. Petersburg is not just a city of names and movements. It is also a city of bridges, with more of them than any other city in the whole world. With its 101 islands, it is also worthy of the title ―city of islands.‖ Not only that, but it has enough canals to compete with Venice, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. ----. As Dostoevsky‘s hero puts it, ―It is the most abstract and fantastic city on earth.. A) But most of all St. Petersburg is a city of culture, of literature and poetry in particular B) There are a total of 539 bridges, including 315 in the city centre C) The sports facilities and activities in it cannot go unnoticed D) The people of St. Petersburg are offered various educational opportunities E) A considerable number of painters and sculptors have lived there, too 74. The year 1960 seemed golden and full of promise. Despite nearly constant international tension, everyday life in Europe and North America seemed to be improving. Economies recovered, many standards of living rose, and new forms of culture flourished. The economic horizon looked bright. ----. Western Europeans could no longer be so certain of their prosperity or of their leaders‘ ability to provide the sort of life they took for granted.. A) Legal changes would not have occurred without women‘s movements of the time B) These changes marked a new culture of mass consumption boosted by marketing, advertising, and credit payment C) However, by 1990, most of the familiar landscape had been dramatically transformed D) The civil rights movement in the US had enormous significance for the twentieth century E) The most serious outbreak of student unrest in Europe came in Paris in the spring of 1968 75. Logistics as a business concept began to gain ground in the 1950s, particularly in the US. This was because, as businesses expanded and reached out both to far- flung markets and sources of materials, the need for expert logisticians became imperative. Logisticians applied their own ingenuity to create companies that aimed to deliver the right item in the right quantity at the right time in the right place for the right price. ----. Indeed, with increasing globalization and ever longer and more complex supply chains, logistics companies have become ever more sophisticated and adaptable.. A) The US has led the way in the development of efficient logistical systems B) No region in the world requires efficient logistics more urgently than Africa does C) Logistics is considered one of the most important aspects of military campaigns D) The problems of the logistics industry have not been clearly identified yet E) These aims have not changed, but the world has

17. 76. - 80.sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz. 76. (I) Economics is a social science that makes use of the same methods as such other sciences as biology, physics and chemistry. (II) Like these other sciences, it makes use of models or theories. (III) Economic models or theories are simplified representations of the real world. (IV) This is only one reason why economic theory has changed substantially over the years. (V) We use them to help us to understand explain and predict economic phenomena in the real world.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 77. (I) In the field of interior decoration, glass has come into high favor in recent times. (II) There have also been many innovations in lighting methods allowing lighting systems to be worked into the structure of rooms. (III) This is largely on account of its versatility. (IV) It can take any color and is capable of a large variety of surface treatment. (V) The use of a mirror-wall has also become popular as it doubles the size of an interior and gives it completeness and symmetry.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 78. (I) Advertising by its very nature is obtrusive and attracts attention to itself as well as to the goods and services it offers. (II) This is why everyone has something to say about it. (III) So it is not surprising that it has become a popular subject of controversy. (IV) As a matter of fact, in the long run, products sell on their merits. (V) Nor is it likely that the arguments that rage around it will soon be settled one way or the other.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 79. (I) The causes of depression differ in men and women. (II) Research shows that women usually internalize distress, while men externalize it. (III)Depressed women are more likely to talk about their problems and reach out for help. (IV) Depressed men often have less tolerance for internal pain and turn to some action or substance for relief. (V) Male depression is thus less obvious than female depression, as the male, instead of trying to deal with it, seeks to run away from it.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 80. (I) Dante's influence on the literature of his country is unparalleled in literary history. (II) Especially with his Divine Comedy, he set the final pattern of literary Italian. (III) His epistles and eclogues owed a lot to Latin rhetorical writings. (IV) This great masterpiece is a poetic narrative of a journey through hell, purgatory, and heaven, in which he passed moral judgment on early 14 th century Italy. (V) Already in his lifetime imitations of this great work were attempted, but he was too great to be successfully imitated.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

18. SORU CEVAP 1 B 2 A 3 C 4 E 5 D 6 B 7 D 8 A 9 B 10 D 11 B 12 A 13 A 14 B 15 E 16 D 17 B 18 A 19 D 20 C 21 E 22 B 23 A 24 E 25 C 26 D 27 E 28 B 29 E 30 D 31 B 32 C 33 B 34 B 35 D 36 B 37 A 38 D 39 C 40 A SORU CEVAP 41 B 42 A 43 C 44 A 45 D 46 E 47 C 48 A 49 B 50 D 51 D 52 A 53 C 54 B 55 B 56 C 57 D 58 B 59 C 60 A 61 E 62 D 63 B 64 D 65 A 66 C 67 D 68 D 69 A 70 C 71 B 72 B 73 A 74 C 75 E 76 D 77 B 78 D 79 B 80 C

19. 2015 DENEME 1

20. 2015 Deneme 1 Bağlaç 38 adet Determiner 2 adet Deyim 1 adet Fiil 135 adet İsim 217 adet Modal 1 adet P. Phrase 30 adet P. Verb 39 adet Phrase 7 adet Preposition 12 adet Sıfat 147 adet Zamir 6 adet Zarf 77 adet Toplam 712 adet Bu doküman, YDS ye Hazırlananlar için dinamik olarak oluşturulmuştur.

21. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 1. invention icat İsim 2. educational eğitimsel Sıfat 3. create yaratmak Fiil 4. important önemli, gerekli Sıfat 5. form biçim, şekil, fiş İsim 6. communication iletişim İsim 7. use kullanım, fayda İsim 8. distance uzaklık, mesafe İsim 9. education eğitim İsim 10. expression ifade İsim 11. advent gelme, ortaya çıkma İsim 12. intervention müdahale İsim 13. pollutant kirletici madde İsim 14. outbreak patlak verme İsim 15. earthquake deprem İsim 16. damage zarar vermek Fiil 17. significant önemli Sıfat 18. satisfactory tatmin edici Sıfat 19. objective tarafsız, nesnel Sıfat 20. exclusive özel, özgü Sıfat 21. incentive teşvik İsim 22. society toplum, cemiyet İsim 23. environmental çevresel Sıfat 24. pollution kirlilik İsim 25. regard düşünmek, görmek Fiil 26. prefer tercih etmek Fiil 27. refer bahsetmek Fiil 28. commit işlemek, yapmak Fiil 29. uphold desteklemek, onaylamak Fiil 30. although -e rağmen Bağlaç 31. find bulmak, anlamak Fiil 32. civilisation medeniyet İsim İngilizce Türkçe Tür 33. effectively etkili bir şekilde Zarf 34. fairly oldukça, adil bir şekilde Zarf 35. likely muhtemel, olası Sıfat 36. nearly yaklaşık Zarf 37. particularly özellikle, bilhassa Zarf 38. typically tipik olarak Zarf 39. majority çoğunluk İsim 40. agricultural tarımsal Sıfat 41. labour çalışma, iş, emek İsim 42. take down indirmek, not almak P. Verb 43. get off inmek, ayrılmak P. Verb 44. bring out üretmek, piyasaya sürmek P. Verb 45. make up oluşturmak, uydurmak P. Verb 46. lose in kaybetmek P. Verb 47. individual birey İsim 48. constant sabit Sıfat 49. demand talep etmek, gerektirmek Fiil 50. require gerektirmek Fiil 51. adjustment ayarlama İsim 52. difficulty güçlük İsim 53. stable sabit, değişmez Sıfat 54. identity kimlik İsim 55. break down bozulmak, parçalamak P. Verb 56. cope with başa çıkmak P. Verb 57. take after benzemek P. Verb 58. bring up çocuk yetiştirmek, bahsetmek, kusmak P. Verb 59. carry out yapmak, gerçekleştirmek, uygulamak P. Verb 60. since -den beri Preposition

22. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 61. ancient eski Sıfat 62. prominent önemli, seçkin Sıfat 63. sacred kutsal Sıfat 64. mythology mitoloji İsim 65. precede -den önce gelmek Fiil 66. development gelişim, ilerleme İsim 67. responsible sorumlu Sıfat 68. view görüş, fikir İsim 69. though -e rağmen Bağlaç 70. after -den sonra Bağlaç 71. since -dığı için, çünkü, - den beri Bağlaç 72. if eğer, -se/sa Bağlaç 73. when -dığı zaman Bağlaç 74. fallacy aldatma, hile İsim 75. appear görünmek, ortaya çıkmak Fiil 76. logical mantıklı Sıfat 77. effective etkili Sıfat 78. simply sadece, basitçe Zarf 79. difficult zor, güç Sıfat 80. distinguish ayırt etmek, ayrım yapmak Fiil 81. argument tartışma, iddia İsim 82. rigorous dikkatli, özenli Sıfat 83. examination inceleme, muayene, sınav İsim 84. interaction etkileşim İsim 85. amongst arasında Preposition 86. pleasant hoş Sıfat 87. define tanımlamak, açıklamak Fiil 88. acceptable kabul edilebilir Sıfat 89. even if -se bile Bağlaç 90. harmful zararlı Sıfat 91. relate to ile ilgili olmak P. Verb İngilizce Türkçe Tür 92. behaviour davranış İsim 93. so that -sın diye Bağlaç 94. prior to -den önce P. Phrase 95. whereas -e rağmen, oysa Bağlaç 96. just as tıpkı, tam o anda Bağlaç 97. furthermore ayrıca Bağlaç 98. in order to -mek için P. Phrase 99. consider düşünmek (görmek) Fiil 100. bribe rüşvet verme İsim 101. value değer İsim 102. offer teklif etmek, sunmak Fiil 103. accept kabul etmek Fiil 104. in part kısmen Zarf 105. in return karşılığında Zarf 106. at this rate bu gidişle, böyle giderse Zarf 107. on account krediyle Zarf 108. so as için Bağlaç 109. consistent istikrarlı, tutarlı Sıfat 110. accuse suçlamak Fiil 111. but fakat, ama, ancak Bağlaç 112. as if -mış gibi Bağlaç 113. in order for için Bağlaç 114. with regard to ile ilgili P. Phrase 115. related to ile ilgili P. Phrase 116. predict tahmin etmek Fiil 117. cell hücre İsim 118. danger tehlike, risk İsim 119. substance madde İsim 120. such as örneğin, gibi P. Phrase 121. experience deneyim, tecrübe İsim 122. prehistoric tarih öncesine ilişkin, tarih öncesi sıfat

23. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 123. territorial karaya ait Sıfat 124. acquisition edinim İsim 125. violation ihlal, bozma İsim 126. law yasa, kanun İsim 127. adult yetişkin Sıfat 128. malaria sıtma İsim 129. infest istila etmek, sarmak Fiil 130. certain bazı, kimi, belli başlı Zarf 131. long-lasting uzun ömürlü Sıfat 132. repellent böcek kovucu İsim 133. after -den sonra Preposition 134. possible olası, mümkün Sıfat 135. reduce azaltmak Fiil 136. discharge tahliye etmek, görevden çıkarmak Fiil 137. expose açığa çıkarmak, maruz bırakmak Fiil 138. persist ısrar etmek, sürmek Fiil 139. precaution önlem, tedbir İsim 140. supplement ek, ilave İsim 141. occurrence olay, meydana gelme İsim 142. setback aksilik, terslik İsim 143. either ya ya da Determiner 144. more than -den fazla P. Phrase 145. also ayrıca, -de, -da Bağlaç 146. as such bu bağlamda Bağlaç 147. as well as ve de, yanısıra P. Phrase 148. similarly benzer şekilde Bağlaç 149. extraordinarily olağan üstü Zarf 150. commonly sık sık, çoğunlukla Zarf 151. indigenous doğal, yerel Sıfat 152. however fakat Bağlaç İngilizce Türkçe Tür 153. conform uymak, boyun eğmek Fiil 154. competent yetenekli Sıfat 155. unique tek, eşsiz, özgü Sıfat 156. exception istisna İsim 157. contribution katkı İsim 158. involvement karışma İsim 159. partition bölme, kısım İsim 160. convention anlaşma, toplantı, gelenek İsim 161. in case of -ın durumunda P. Phrase 162. so far as kadar Bağlaç 163. in addition to -e ilaveten P. Phrase 164. by means of sayesinde P. Phrase 165. in accordance with -e paralel olarak P. Phrase 166. major ana, önemli Sıfat 167. as well -de , -da P. Phrase 168. ignore göz ardı etmek Fiil 169. welfare refah, zenginlik İsim 170. domestic iç, evcil Sıfat 171. policy plan, politika İsim 172. base on dayandırmak P. Verb 173. benefit fayda, yarar İsim 174. deviation ayrılma, sapma İsim 175. result in -ile sonuçlanmak, neden olmak P. Verb 176. need to -e mecbur olmak, gerekmek Modal 177. realize fark etmek, gerçekleştirmek Fiil 178. provide sağlamak, temin etmek Fiil 179. defence savunma, müdafaa İsim 180. evidence kanıt İsim 181. perform yapmak, sergilemek Fiil

24. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 182. poorly yetersiz, kötü şekilde Zarf 183. obvious açık, belli Sıfat 184. in advance önceden, peşin Phrase 185. receive almak Fiil 186. separate ayırmak Fiil 187. statement ifade, söz İsim 188. enclose iliştirmek, çevrelemek Fiil 189. continue devam etmek Fiil 190. decrease azalmak, azaltmak Fiil 191. expect ummak Fiil 192. remain kalmak Fiil 193. rate oran İsim 194. about yaklaşık Zarf 195. recently son zamanlarda Zarf 196. steady devamlı, değişmez Sıfat 197. several birkaç Sıfat 198. account for oluşturmak, açıklamak P. Verb 199. dramatically önemli derecede Zarf 200. rapid hızlı, çabuk Sıfat 201. as -dığı için, çünkü, - dıkça, -iken, gibi Bağlaç 202. hope ummak, ümit etmek Fiil 203. take off çıkarmak, havalanmak, başarılı olmak, ayrılmak P. Verb 204. per cent oran, yüzde İsim 205. obviously açıkça Zarf 206. inefficient verimsiz, yetersiz Sıfat 207. burn yanmak, yakmak Fiil 208. accelerate hızlandırmak Fiil 209. badly kötü şekilde Zarf 210. desperately umutsuzca Zarf İngilizce Türkçe Tür 211. admit kabul etmek, itiraf etmek Fiil 212. acknowledge kabul etmek, tanımak Fiil 213. recommend tavsiye etmek Fiil 214. promise söz vermek Fiil 215. promote ilerletmek, terfi ettirmek Fiil 216. prove ispatlamak, kanıtlamak Fiil 217. efficient verimli, etkili Sıfat 218. deserve hak etmek Fiil 219. unless -mezse, mazsa Bağlaç 220. until -e kadar Bağlaç 221. annual yıllık Sıfat 222. budget bütçe İsim 223. approve onaylamak Fiil 224. disappointingly hayal kırıklığına uğrayarak Zarf 225. governance yönetim, kontrol İsim 226. even though -e rağmen Bağlaç 227. support desteklemek Fiil 228. structural yapısal sıfat 229. reform yenilik, ıslahat İsim 230. against -e karşı Preposition 231. corruption yolsuzluk, bozulma İsim 232. improve gelişmek, ilerlemek Fiil 233. management idare, yönetim İsim 234. in spite of -e rağmen P. Phrase 235. demand talep İsim 236. equal eşit Sıfat 237. contribute to katkıda bulunmak, sebep olma P. Verb 238. nutrition beslenme, gıda İsim 239. raise yükseltmek, çoğalmak Fiil

25. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 240. finally sonunda, nihayetinde Zarf 241. arrive varmak, ulaşmak Fiil 242. focus on odaklanmak P. Verb 243. forbidden yasaklanmış Sıfat 244. both ikisi Zamir 245. be made up of oluşmak P. Verb 246. whose -en/an, ki onun Zamir 247. adjacent yan yana, bitişik Sıfat 248. combination bileşim, birleşim İsim 249. concerned with ile ilgili P. Phrase 250. opinion fikir İsim 251. updraft yukarı çekiş İsim 252. deal with ele almak, çözmek, başa çıkmak P. Verb 253. maintain korumak, muhafaza etmek, iddia etmek Fiil 254. lead to sebep olmak , yol açmak P. Verb 255. suggest önermek, ileri sürmek Fiil 256. result from -den kaynaklanmak P. Verb 257. misinformation yanlış bilgilendirme İsim 258. disease hastalık, rahatsızlık İsim 259. involve içermek, gerektirmek Fiil 260. concerning ile ilgili Preposition 261. regularly düzenli olarak, sık sık Zarf 262. much fazla, çok Zarf 263. dependent bağımlı Sıfat 264. addiction bağımlılık İsim 265. especially özellikle, bilhassa Zarf 266. dependency bağımlılık İsim İngilizce Türkçe Tür 267. unlikely muhtemel olmayan Sıfat 268. play role in rol oynamak Phrase 269. issue konu, sorun İsim 270. debate tartışma İsim 271. invent icat etmek Fiil 272. yet henüz Zarf 273. undernutrition yetersiz beslenme İsim 274. because of -den dolayı P. Phrase 275. absorption emme, içine çekme İsim 276. intestine bağırsak İsim 277. recession durgunluk İsim 278. trigger tetiklemek Fiil 279. collapse çökme İsim 280. content memnun sıfat 281. competitive rekabetci Sıfat 282. also -de, -da, ayrıca Zarf 283. moreover dahası, ayrıca Bağlaç 284. reverse tersine çevirmek, geri geri gitmek Fiil 285. decline düşüş, azalma İsim 286. hence bu yüzden Bağlaç 287. fertility verimlilik İsim 288. perhaps belki, muhtemelen Zarf 289. globalization küreselleşme isim 290. without -sız/siz, madan/maksızın Preposition 291. public halk, kamu İsim 292. seem gibi görünmek Fiil 293. gloomily hüzünlü bir şekilde Zarf 294. resign istifa etmek, ayrılmak Fiil 295. overwhelm etkisi altına almak Fiil 296. inevitable kaçınılmaz Sıfat

26. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 297. destination varış yeri İsim 298. rank yer almak ; sayılmak Fiil 299. research araştırma İsim 300. reverse ters, karşıt Sıfat 301. previously eskiden, önceden Zarf 302. outside dışı, dış yüzeyi İsim 303. interference müdahale, karışma isim 304. extremely oldukça Zarf 305. internal iç Sıfat 306. due to -den dolayı P. Phrase 307. well-educated bilgili, okumuş Sıfat 308. by far bir hayli, çok P. Phrase 309. undergoing süregelen Sıfat 310. effect etki İsim 311. press basın, matbaa İsim 312. spark başlatmak, alevlendirmek Fiil 313. explosion patlama İsim 314. according to -e göre P. Phrase 315. association ilişki, kurum, bağlantı İsim 316. worldwide dünya çapında Sıfat 317. trace back kökenini aramak P. Verb 318. emission yayılma, salınım İsim 319. instead yerine Bağlaç 320. cause sebep olmak Fiil 321. equally aynı derecede Zarf 322. device araç, cihaz İsim 323. likely muhtemelen Zarf 324. hazard tehlike İsim 325. distract dikkatini dağıtmak Fiil 326. while -e rağmen, v- iken, oysa Bağlaç 327. pump pompa İsim İngilizce Türkçe Tür 328. rare nadir Sıfat 329. prevent önlemek, alıkoymak Fiil 330. accurately doğru biçimde Zarf 331. report rapor vermek, bildirmek Fiil 332. precisely tam olarak Zarf 333. further ileri, daha çok, başka Sıfat 334. theoretically teorik olarak Zarf 335. introduction tanıtım, başlangıç İsim 336. serious ciddi, ağırbaşlı Sıfat 337. measure önlem, ölçü İsim 338. on account of -den dolayı P. Phrase 339. bear dayanmak, taşımak Fiil 340. occasionally arasıra Zarf 341. emit yaymak Fiil 342. normally normalde Zarf 343. switch off söndürmek, ilgisini yitirmek P. Verb 344. arrival varış, geliş İsim 345. point out açıklamak P. Verb 346. drop düşürmek, bırakmak Fiil 347. potentially imkan dahilinde Zarf 348. dangerous tehlikeli Sıfat 349. permanently kalıcı bir şekilde Zarf 350. adverse ters, olumsuz Sıfat 351. publicity reklam İsim 352. far-reaching kapsamlı, etki alanı geniş Sıfat 353. undermine zayıflatmak, baltalamak Fiil 354. aim at hedeflemek, amaçlamak P. Verb 355. lack yoksun olmak Fiil 356. believe inanmak, güvenmek Fiil

27. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 357. mass kitle, kütle İsim 358. call adlandırmak, çağırmak Fiil 359. heat ısıtmak Fiil 360. reach ulaşmak, erişmek Fiil 361. degree derece, aşama, lisans İsim 362. heavy ağır, yoğun Sıfat 363. mainly başlıca Zarf 364. at first başlangıçta, ilk olarak P. Phrase 365. reaction tepki, reaksiyon İsim 366. balance dengelemek Fiil 367. gravitational yer çekimine ilişkin Sıfat 368. stabilize istikrara kavuşturmak Fiil 369. main ana, asıl, temel Sıfat 370. sequence dizi, sıralama İsim 371. tremendous büyük, kocaman Sıfat 372. brightness aydınlık İsim 373. collect toplamak Fiil 374. giant büyük Sıfat 375. stage sahne, aşama İsim 376. residual kalan, artan Sıfat 377. eventually sonunda, nihayetinde Zarf 378. dense yoğun Sıfat 379. escape kaçmak Fiil 380. come into being var olmak Phrase 381. as soon as yapar yapmaz Bağlaç 382. period süre, dönem, ders İsim 383. amount miktar İsim 384. keep on devam etmek P. Verb 385. come to end sone ermek Phrase 386. centre merkez İsim İngilizce Türkçe Tür 387. minor önemsiz, basit, küçük Sıfat 388. turn into dönüşmek, dönüştürmek P. Verb 389. evolution evrim, gelişme İsim 390. another bir diğer Determiner 391. describe tanımlamak Fiil 392. characterized özdeşleşmiş sıfat 393. uncontrolled denetimsiz Sıfat 394. aberrant anormal, istisnai Sıfat 395. kill öldürmek Fiil 396. destructive yıkıcı Sıfat 397. invasion istila İsim 398. direct doğrudan, dürüst Sıfat 399. extension genişletme, uzatma İsim 400. distant uzak Sıfat 401. via üzerinden, ...yolu ile Preposition 402. surface yüzey İsim 403. abnormal garip, anormal Sıfat 404. mirror yansıtmak, göstermek Fiil 405. aberration anormallik, sapkınlık İsim 406. mutation değişim, mutasyon İsim 407. translocation yer değiştirme İsim 408. fetal cenine ait Sıfat 409. appropriate uygun Sıfat 410. secretion salgı İsim 411. specific belli, özel Sıfat 412. feature özellik İsim 413. appreciate beğenmek, takdir etmek Fiil 414. proper uygun, düzgün Sıfat 415. diagnosis tanı, teşhis isim 416. treatment tedavi, davranış İsim

28. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 417. invasive akın eden, saldıran Sıfat 418. annually yıllık olarak Zarf 419. deadly öldürücü, ölümcül sıfat 420. surpass aşmak, geçmek Fiil 421. vicious kötü amaçlı, tehlikeli Sıfat 422. frequency sıklık İsim 423. dramatic ani, çarpıcı Sıfat 424. both ... and hem ... hem ... Bağlaç 425. lung ciğer, akciğer isim 426. undoubtedly hiç şüphesiz Zarf 427. mortality can kaybı, fanilik İsim 428. introduce ortaya koymak, tanıştırmak Fiil 429. higher daha yüksek Sıfat 430. greatly büyük oranda Zarf 431. increase artış İsim 432. increase artırmak, çoğalmak Fiil 433. alarming korkutucu Sıfat 434. anywhere herhangi bir yer, hiçbir yer Zarf 435. a great deal of çok, bir hayli P. Phrase 436. variety çeşitlilik İsim 437. stomach mide, karın İsim 438. downward aşağıya doğru Preposition 439. readily isteyerek, kolaylıkla Zarf 440. yield to boyun eğmek, teslim olmak P. Verb 441. affect etkilemek Fiil 442. necessarily illa ki, , mutlaka Zarf 443. rarely nadiren Zarf 444. genetic kalıtsal, kalıtımsal sıfat 445. link bağlamak, birleştirmek Fiil İngilizce Türkçe Tür 446. ability yetenek, kabiliyet İsim 447. recognize tanımak, kabul etmek Fiil 448. automatically otamatik olarak, kendiliğinden Zarf 449. analyze analiz etmek Fiil 450. bodily bedensel, fiziki Sıfat 451. fingerprint parmak izi İsim 452. eyeball göz yuvarı İsim 453. known as olarak bilinmek Phrase 454. biometric biyometrik Sıfat 455. goal amaç, hedef İsim 456. government hükumet, yönetim İsim 457. incorporate birleştirmek, içermek Fiil 458. scan incelemek Fiil 459. several birkaç Zamir 460. adopt benimsemek, evlat edinmek Fiil 461. foreigner yabancı İsim 462. particular belli, özel Sıfat 463. widely yaygın şekilde Zarf 464. advanced ileri, gelişmiş Sıfat 465. falsely yanlış olarak Zarf 466. reject reddetmek Fiil 467. proportion oran İsim 468. legitimate meşru, yasal, yerinde Sıfat 469. marginal kıyıdaki, az Sıfat 470. enormous büyük Sıfat 471. in fact aslında, gerçekten Bağlaç 472. identification tanıma, kimlik İsim 473. purpose amaç İsim 474. increasingly artarak, artan bir şekilde Zarf

29. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 475. regard as olarak kabul etmek Fiil 476. infringement ihlal, bozma İsim 477. encounter karşılaşmak, rastlamak Fiil 478. probably muhtemelen Zarf 479. abandon terketmek, bırakmak Fiil 480. as a means of (bir şey) aracı olarak P. Phrase 481. comparatively nispeten, kısmen Zarf 482. infallible yanılmaz, hata yapmaz Sıfat 483. slowly yavaş yavaş Zarf 484. because -dığı için, çünkü Bağlaç 485. response tepki vermek Fiil 486. agree aynı fikirde olmak Fiil 487. trial deneme, mahkeme İsim 488. unduly aşırı derecede Zarf 489. entail gerektirmek Fiil 490. look forward dört gözle beklemek P. Verb 491. as yet henüz Bağlaç 492. try to do yapmaya çalışmak Phrase 493. disadvantage dezavantaj İsim 494. epidemic salgın İsim 495. spread yaymak, dağılmak Fiil 496. take action harekete geçmek Phrase 497. medical tıbbi, tedaviyle ilgili Sıfat 498. supply kaynak İsim 499. adequate yeterli Sıfat 500. consult danışmak Fiil 501. meeting toplantı İsim 502. come up yaklaşmak, ele alınmak, ortaya çıkmak, piyasaya çıkmak P. Verb İngilizce Türkçe Tür 503. prepare hazırlamak, hazırlanmak Fiil 504. letter mektup, harf İsim 505. invitation davet İsim 506. complaint şikayet İsim 507. information bilgi İsim 508. quickly hızlıca, çabuk çabuk Zarf 509. interest ilgi, faiz, çıkar İsim 510. strike grev, saldırı İsim 511. continuous devamlı, sürekli Sıfat 512. manufacturer imalatçı, üretici İsim 513. profit kar İsim 514. refer to anlamına gelmek, den bahsetmek, ilgilendirmek, yönlendirmek P. Verb 515. quality kalite, nitelik İsim 516. look around etrafa bakmak P. Verb 517. look for aramak P. Verb 518. suitable uygun, elverişli Sıfat 519. decide karar vermek Fiil 520. understand anlamak, kavramak Fiil 521. unhappy mutsuz, üzüntülü Sıfat 522. despite the fact that -e rağmen Bağlaç 523. regretful pişman Sıfat 524. at all asla, hiç P. Phrase 525. terribly çok, korkunç derecede Zarf 526. come to ayılmak, kendine gelmek P. Verb 527. come to terms anlaşmaya varmak Fiil 528. until recently son zamanlara kadar Zarf 529. optimistic iyimser Sıfat 530. steadily değişmez bir biçimde Zarf

30. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 531. financial mali, parasal Sıfat 532. position durum, konum, yer İsim 533. clear temizlemek, berraklaşmak Fiil 534. upward yukarı doğru Preposition 535. doubt şüphelenmek Fiil 536. attitude tutum, fikir, düşünce İsim 537. apprehension endişe, korku İsim 538. constantly devamlı olarak Zarf 539. confident kesin, emin Sıfat 540. mistrustful kuşkulu şüpheli Sıfat 541. advance ilerleme İsim 542. day by day günden güne Zarf 543. leader önder, lider İsim 544. embody cisimleştirmek Fiil 545. of all hepsinin arasından P. Phrase 546. special belli, özel Sıfat 547. place yer, konum İsim 548. among arasında Preposition 549. significance önem, kıymet İsim 550. surely elbette, kesinlikle Zarf 551. magnificent büyük Sıfat 552. building bina, inşaat İsim 553. celebrate kutlamak Fiil 554. truly gerçekten, tam anlamıyla Zarf 555. represent temsil etmek Fiil 556. except for istisna P. Phrase 557. none hiç, hiçbirisi Zamir 558. historically tarihsel açıdan, tarihsel olarak zarf 559. representative temsilci, delege İsim 560. anyway her neyse, zaten Zarf 561. remarkable dikkate değer Sıfat İngilizce Türkçe Tür 562. north kuzey Sıfat 563. directly doğrudan Zarf 564. industrial endüstriyel Sıfat 565. nation ulus, millet İsim 566. region bölge, yöre İsim 567. well-known ünlü, iyi bilinen Sıfat 568. industrialized endüstrileşmiş, sanayileşmiş sıfat 569. entirely tümüyle Zarf 570. earn para kazanmak Fiil 571. focus odaklanmak Fiil 572. nevertheless yine de Bağlaç 573. concentrate odaklanmak, yoğunlaşmak Fiil 574. despite -e rağmen Preposition 575. numerous çok, sayısız Sıfat 576. intellectual aydın İsim 577. literary edebi Sıfat 578. advance ilerlemek, gelişmek Fiil 579. achievement başarı İsim 580. realm alan, saha, krallık İsim 581. supreme en yüksek, yüce Sıfat 582. genius dahi, deha isim 583. begin başlamak Fiil 584. fully tamamen Zarf 585. age yaş, çağ, devir İsim 586. carefully dikkatlice Zarf 587. anatomy anatomi, inceleme İsim 588. shade gölge İsim 589. human insan İsim 590. dominate egemen olmak, hükmetmek Fiil 591. blend karıştırmak Fiil 592. early erken, ilk, başı Sıfat

31. İngilizce Türkçe Tür 593. linear çizgisel, doğrusal Sıfat 594. perspective bakış açısı, çizim İsim 595. employ işe almak, kullanmak Fiil 596. sense duyu, anlam İsim 597. dimension boyut İsim 598. accomplish başarmak, tamamlamak Fiil 599. creator yaratıcı isim 600. imaginative yaratıcı Sıfat 601. versatile çok yönlü Sıfat 602. concern with ile ilgili olmak P. Verb 603. just sadece, henüz, tam Zarf 604. name ad, isim İsim 605. movement hareket, eylem İsim 606. worthy değer, yakışır Sıfat 607. not only sadece ... değil Bağlaç 608. enough yeterli Sıfat 609. compete rekabet etmek, yarışmak Fiil 610. hero kahraman İsim 611. abstract soyut Sıfat 612. fantastic harika, garip Sıfat 613. on earth dünyada P. Phrase 614. most of all herşeyden önemlisi Zamir 615. culture kültür İsim 616. literature edebiyat İsim 617. poetry şiir İsim 618. in particular özellikle, bilhassa P. Phrase 619. including dahil P. Phrase 620. facility tesis, olanak, yetenek, ustalık İsim 621. unnoticed fark edilmemiş Sıfat 622. considerable önemli, hatırı sayılır derecede Sıfat İngilizce Türkçe Tür 623. live yaşamak, ikamet etmek Fiil 624. full dolu, tam Sıfat 625. promise söz, vaat İsim 626. international uluslararası Sıfat 627. tension gerginlik İsim 628. everyday her gün, günlük Sıfat 629. flourish gelişmek Fiil 630. no longer artık Zarf 631. take for granted çantada keklik saymak Deyim 632. legal yasal Sıfat 633. change değişiklik İsim 634. occur meydana gelmek, olmak Fiil 635. marked özdeşleşmiş sıfat 636. c

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