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Published on March 12, 2016

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2. 1. - 16.sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 1. In the Philippines, with its numerous scandals and continuing power struggle, the public is frustrated, and economic ---- is in jeopardy.. A) progress B) decline C) recession D) depression E) failure 2. The world’s forests provide many ---- benefits, such as prevention of soil erosion, as well as commercially important timber.. A) severe B) dependent C) extinct D) desperate E) valuable 3. In an aircraft, the cabin lights are dimmed during take-off and landing to help passengers to ---- themselves to darkness in the event of an emergency.. A) modify B) accustom C) resume D) associate E) relate 4. In cancer care, Britain still compares ---- with other similar countries in five-year survival rates after diagnosis.. A) vainly B) unfavourably C) unreservedly D) consciously E) infrequently 5. All science is ---- the fact that every natural event has a natural cause.. A) come across B) put through C) carried on D) based on E) set off 6. An important aspect of the application of mathematics is that different ways of making mathematical sense of everyday questions - --- different answers.. A) keep up B) bring over C) lead to D) show off E) find out 7. Twenty years ago, the study of aging ---- as somewhat misdirected, but now it ---- into an important science.. A) was regarded / has developed B) had been regarded / would develop C) has been regarded / would be developing D) would have been regarded / had developed E) was being regarded / has been developing 8. A theory ---- only when a hypothesis ---- by consistent results from many observations or experiment.. A) may have been developed / was being supported B) can be developed / has been supported C) will be developed / was supported D) has been developed / had been supported E) had been developed / might have been supported

3. 9. From Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands, penguins find themselves threatened by human activity ---- overfishing, oil spills, and global warming.. A) such as B) much more C) so much D) the most E) much like 10. ---- the annual influx of tourists exceeds Corsica’s population six times, tourism has not destroyed the place.. A) As long as B) Unless C) Now that D) Because E) Even though 11. Of all the medicines we have tested, this is obviously ---- effective.. A) much B) more C) the most D) a little E) less 12. The Hollywood studio system in film making, which began ---- 1920 and flourished from the early 1930s ---- the 1950s is unique in Western culture.. A) throughout / into B) around / through C) by / until D) within / over E) along / till 13. ---- the terms of the forthcoming trade agreement, Japan wins parity ---- the United States.. A) Through / above B) By / of C) From / from D) Under / with E) After / over 14. The scheme has been ---- consideration for a long time now, but I doubt whether it will ever be put ---- effect.. A) under / into B) within / through C) for / to D) in / off E) over / ever 15. Sugar causes a decline in tissue elasticity and function; ---- sugar you eat, ---- elasticity and function you lose.. A) the more / the more B) not only / but also C) either / or D) nor / and E) as / as 16. Most milk-consuming countries have a local dairy farming industry, and most producing countries ---- significant subsidies and trade barriers ---- domestic producers from foreign competition.. A) may maintain / being protected B) is maintaining / protecting C) maintained / protected D) has maintained / to be protected E) maintain / to protect

4. 17. - 21.sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. People who (I)---- inmalaria-infested areas or who travel to them can take certain (II)----. Theycan use long-lasting insecticide sprays in homes and out buildings, placescreens (III) ---- doors and windows, use mosquito netting over their beds, andapply mosquito repellents on their skin. They can (IV) ---- wear enoughclothing, (V) ---- after sundown, to protect as much of the skin as possibleagainst mosquito bites. 17. I. A) reduce B) live C) discharge D) expose E) persist 18. II. A) precautions B) supplements C) occurrences D) setbacks E) levels 19. III. A) beyond B) of C) with D) on E) till 20. IV. A) either B) more than C) also D) as such E) as well as 21. V. A) similarly B) extraordinarily C) commonly D) fairly E) particularly

5. 22. - 26.sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. Scientists have been researchingviable alternatives to petroleum ever since the “energy crisis” of the1970s. Asa result, in recent years, the world market for wind turbines (I)---- by anaverage of 40 percent annually. Last year alone, wind-power productionworldwide (II) ---- by almost a third.(III) ---- wind plants you build, thecheaper and more powerful you can make them. Turbine makers now (IV) ---- giantmachines that once existed only in theory. Today one standard turbine can (V)---- at least 1 megawatt of power, more than double the amount produced 20years ago. This is enough power for as many as 800 modern households. 22. I. A) would have grown B) will grow C) will have grown D) has grown E) would grow 23. II. A) decided B) remained C) fluctuated D) produced E) increased 24. III. A) The more B) As much C) How much D) As few E) The little 25. IV. A) had produced B) are producing C) would produce D) having produced E) would have to produce 26. V. A) subtract B) allow C) provide D) repeat E) respect 27. - 36.sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz. 27. Whenever I hear him speak, ----.. A) I am impressed by his ability to convince B) it reminded me of my father C) there was a great deal of truth in what he said D) we remember similar experiences E) his opponent objected to the interruption 28. ----, but he always avoided Italy on principle.. A) Eugène Delacroix, the famous French painter, was born in 1798 B) In his early life, the French painter Delacroix seemed to be interested in diplomacy C) Delacroix, the nineteenth-century French painter, travelled a good deal D) The work of the French painter Delacroix strongly influenced the Impressionist painters E) Delacroix was one of the most prolific of painters 29. Since all countries need to trade, ----.. A) isolation from other societies may bring some advantages B) France and Germany have highly interdependent economies C) too much economic dependence causes a country to be affected by events in other countries D) today, Bhutan is one example of economic near-independence E) no country has complete economic independence from other countries

6. 30. ---- so he agreed to write the foreword for it.. A) I shall do my best to persuade him B) This won’t be one of my best books C) He still hasn’t read the book D) I wish you’d recommended the book to him E) He thought the idea behind the book was brilliant 31. If the balance of nature is disturbed, ----.. A) there has obviously been great cause for concern B) the result may be a number of possibly unforeseen effects C) this would usually have been the result of man’s interference D) the extinction of one species has left another species without a natural predator E) the struggle to exist has continued 32. All opposition to the project vanished ----.. A) as soon as everyone realized how much money they could earn through it B) after financial support has finally been promised C) which has attracted so much attention D) if it seemed likely that it wouldn'’t take up too much time E) as more and more people are starting to work on it in their free time 33. A job interview is a chance for you to find out ----.. A) since first impressions are of great importance B) as if you really were the one they were looking for C) if you are going to prepare some relevant questions D) whether you and the job are right for each other E) so long as you are able to relax 34. Mary phoned to give me the good news ----.. A) however unlikely it would have been B) which none of us are expecting C) just as I was leaving the house D) even if her sisters are going to be unreasonably jealous E) until the whole family knew every detail 35. One really ought to visit Singapore soon, ----.. A) before all signs of its past have disappeared B) if the old and the new still existed side by side C) that many of its buildings have already been restored D) until the Orchid Garden was reopened E) as there was excellent seafood to be found in its many restaurants 36. After take-off, the pilot of an aircraft is often given a course to steer ----.. A) though the air traffic control officer will still be using field glasses B) whether the weather conditions were suitable or not C) since he will be watched by direct visual means from the control tower unless there is fog D) until a specific reporting point or height is reached E) so long as the landing gear retracts correctly

7. 37. - 42.sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi, Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz. 37. Ortaçağ haritaları Hollanda‘nın neredeyse yarısını su altında gösterir, ama o zamandan beri denizden geniş alanlar kazanılmıştır. . A) In medieval maps nearly half of the Netherlands is under water, but since then the sea has withdrawn from large areas. B) Large areas of what is now the Netherlands have often been claimed from the sea, but in medieval maps they were under water. C) Nearly half of the Netherlands does not exist on medieval maps but later large areas were recovered from the sea. D) Medieval maps show that large areas of the Netherlands used to be under the sea, but they have since been reclaimed. E) Medieval maps show nearly half of the Netherlands under water, but since then large areas have been claimed from the sea. 38. 1 Mayıs 2004'te on yeni ülkenin Avrupa Birliği'ne girişi Demir Perde ile zorla bölünmüş bir kıtanın bir araya gelişini simgelemektedir.. A) The entrance, on1 May 2004, of ten new countries to the European Union symbolizes the coming together of a continent forced apart by the Iron Curtain. B) Ten new countries joined European Union on 1May 2004 symbolizing the reunion of a continent forced apart by the Iron Curtain. C) On 1 May 2004, when ten new countries entered the European Union, the forced division of a continent by the Iron Curtain symbolically came to an end. D) The entrance of ten new countries to the European Union on 1 May 2004 can also be regarded as symbolizing the reunion of a continent forced apart by the Iron Curtain. E) With the entrance of ten new countries to the European Union on 1 May 2004, the symbolic division of a continent by the Iron Curtain was finally broken. 39. Osmanlı imparatorluğu döneminde, Selanik şehrinde ilk futbol maçını düzenleyenler, İngiliz tütün ve pamuk tüccarlarıydı.. A) It was during the period of the Ottoman Empire that the first football match in the city of Salonika was organized by British tobacco and cotton traders. B) It was British tobacco and cotton traders who organized the first football match in the city of Salonika during the period of the Ottoman Empire. C) The first football match to be organized by British tobacco and cotton traders was in the city of Salonika during the period of the Ottoman Empire. D) British tobacco and cotton traders held their first football match in Salonika during the time of the Ottoman Empire. E) The first football match to be held in Salonika was during the time of the Ottoman Empire and was organized by British tobacco and cotton traders. 40. Contrary to popular belief, it is not Earth’s magnetic field that shields people on the ground from cosmic rays, but rather the bulk of the atmosphere.. A) Yeryüzündeki insanları kozmik ışınlardan atmosferin değil daha çok yerkürenin manyetik alanının koruduğu, yaygın bir yanlış inançtır. B) Halkın inandığından farklı olarak, yeryüzündeki insanları yalnız atmosferin kalınlığı değil yerkürenin manyetik alanı da kozmik ışınlardan korumaktadır. C) Yaygın inancın tersine, yerküre kozmik ışınlardan kendi manyetik alanından çok atmosferin kalınlığı sayesinde korunabilmektedir. D) Yaygın inancın tersine, yeryüzündeki insanları kozmik ışınlardan koruyan, yerkürenin manyetik alanı değil daha çok atmosferin kalınlığıdır. E) Yeryüzünü çevreleyen kalın atmosferin yanı sıra yerin manyetik alanının da insanları kozmik ışınlardan koruduğuna yaygın olarak inanılmaktadır.

8. 41. In the last century, much attention was given to the language of literature and the question of whether there was in fact a separate literary language.. A) Geçen yüzyılda, edebiyat dili çok ilgi çekmiş ve gerçekte apayrı bir edebî dil olup olmadığı sorusu üzerinde önemle durulmuştur B) Geçen yüzyılda, edebiyat dili çok ilgi çekmiş ve apayrı bir edebî dil olup olmadığı sorusu hep tartışılmıştır. C) Geçen yüzyılda, edebiyat diline ve gerçekte ayrı bir edebî dil olup olmadığı sorusuna çok ilgi gösterilmiştir. D) Edebiyat dilinin ne olduğu ve apayrı bir edebî dilin gerçekten var olup olmadığı sorusu, geçen yüzyılda çok ilgi çekmiştir. E) Edebiyat dili geçen yüzyılda çok tartışılmıştır ve gerçekte ayrı bir edebî dilin olup olmadığı sorusu ele alınmıştır. 42. Owing to infertility treatments, the percentage of twin births in the US has nearly doubled in the past 20 years. . A) Son 20 yılda sayısı ikiye katlanan kısırlık tedavileri nedeniyle, ABD’de ikiz doğum oranı çok arttı. B) ABD’de kısırlık tedavisinde son 20 yılda görülen artış, ikiz doğum oranını iki kattan fazla yükseltti. C) Kısırlık tedavilerindeki hemen hemen 20 yıl süren artış, ABD’de ikiz doğum oranının ikiye katlanmasına neden oldu. D) Kısırlık tedavilerinden dolayı, ABD’de ikiz doğum oranı son 20 yılda hemen hemen ikiye katlandı. E) ABD’de giderek yaygınlaşan kısırlık tedavileri, son 20 yılda ikiz doğum oranının ikiye katlanmasına neden oldu.

9. 43. - 46.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. Despite bacteria’s presence in all parts of the planet, their diversity in the world’s soils is poorly understood. To better understand what makes the organisms thrive, Duke University researchers trekked far and wide to collect a few centimetres of dirt as samples from 98 locations across North and South America, then analyzed each sample for genetic variation. To their surprise, the strongest predictor of high diversity was neutral pH. The acidic soil of the Peruvian Amazon, for example, harboured far fewer bacterial species than did the neutral dirt of the arid American Southwest. “There are a lot of variables that didn’t turn out to be very important, ”says the researcher Robert Jackson, who adds that a more complete search for different habitats might turn up other stimulators of diversity, such as carbon abundance. 43. According to the passage, scientists were surprised that ----.. A) they had to trek to so many different areas to conduct their research into bacterial species diversity B) carbon abundance was revealed to be the most important predictor of diversity of bacterial species C) bacteria is present in all parts of the planet D) the arid American Southwest is home to many more species of bacteria than the lush Peruvian Amazon E) they would have to perform more complete research in the future 44. It is understood from the passage that further research must be carried out ----.. A) because the previous research was not conducted properly B) in order to find other indicators of diversity in bacterial species C) so that all the bacterial species of North and South America can be identified D) to determine exactly the genetic variations of bacterial species E) so that scientists can increase the diversity of bacterial species 45. The passage points out that the best conditions for diversity of bacteria species - ---.. A) so far seem to exist in soil having a neutral pH B) were found in the Peruvian Amazon region C) have not yet been discovered D) have now been fully researched E) are found in a few centimetres of dirt 46. It is clear from the passage that the researchers from Duke University ----.. A) do not plan to do any more research into bacterial diversity B) were more interested in the American Southwest than in the Amazon basin C) have largely focused on the types of bacteria found in acidic soil D) have carried out their fieldwork to throw light upon the causes of bacterial diversity E) had difficulty in trekking during their search

10. 47. - 50.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. In 1786 Sir William Jones, a British judge serving in India, made a discovery that transformed knowledge about prehistory and began the formal study of historical linguistics. Turning his spare time towards the study of Sanskrit, the ancient language from which the predominant languages of the South Asian subcontinent derive, Jones discovered that Sanskrit shares features of grammar and vocabulary with Latin and ancient Greek to an extent inexplicable by sheer coincidence. His interest further aroused, he then examined the early Germanic language called'Gothic', the ancient Celtic languages of Europe, and Old Persian, and found that they, too, exhibited marked similarities to Sanskrit. He concluded that all these languages must have evolved from a common but now-extinct linguistic source. In the early nineteenth century, both this ancient language and the later languages that derived from it, were labelled' Indo- European, ' reflecting their wide distribution from India and Ireland. 47. One can conclude from the passage that Gothic----.. A) originally derived from Latin and had the same grammatical features B) had no relationship whatsoever with Sanskrit and other languages C) was an old language which was spoken throughout Europe, including Ireland D) was the only language in which Sir William Jones took a special interest E) was the language spoken by early Germanic peoples 48. It is pointed out in the passage that Sanskrit ----.. A) is the only language which is widely spoken among the peoples of South Asia B) and other Indo-European languages are closely related with each other C) was first studied by Sir William Jones in the eighteenth century D) was the most ancient language from which Latin and Greek have evolved E) has a grammatical structure which is entirely different from that of Old Persian 49. As one understands from the passage, Sir William Jones ----.. A) made fundamental changes in the judicial system of eighteenth-century India B) was a professional linguist and spent his time in India by the study of Sanskrit C) rejected the view that the European Celtic languages derived from a common source D) studied Sanskrit only when he was free from his judicial responsibilities E) was very interested in the prehistory of India and made several discoveries 50. According to the passage, the beginnings of historical linguistics ----.. A) were marked by the discovery in the eighteenth century that the languages of the South Asian subcontinent had evolved from Sanskrit B) can be dated back to the early nineteenth century when the term “Indo-European” was introduced C) are traced back to the work of Sir William Jones in the eighteenth century D) have always been controversial, since Sir William Jones’s theory about the Indo-European languages was based on a false assumption E) were confined only to Jones’s study of Sanskrit and did not include his study of the other Indo- European languages

11. 51. - 54.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.72. - 75.sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçada anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz. During the economic depression that affected the whole Western world in the 1930s, with its mass unemployment, poverty and other social ills, governments, for the most part, did nothing. The accepted wisdom was that, given time, the free market would solve its own problems and that government interference would only make things worse. John Maynard Keynes, the British economist who challenged this belief, argued that it was the proper responsibility of governments to prevent both booms and recessions in order to maintain gradual economic growth and permanent full employment. He maintained that this could be done by manipulating taxation, credit and public expenditure. If the economy was growing too fast, then money and, therefore, demand could be taken out of the economy by higher taxes, lower government spending and by making it harder to borrow money. If there was recession and growing unemployment, then the government could put money into the economy through lower taxes, higher public expenditure and easier credit. Thus, demand could be encouraged. If, as a result, there was money in people’s pockets, then more would be spent on goods and more people would be needed to make the goods to fulfil the extra demand, and this would reduce unemployment. 51. According to the Keynesian argument summarized in the passage, in order to bring down unemployment, ----.. A) new economic policies would be formulated by the government, so that demand could be curbed B) governments would follow a policy of nonintervention in the economy and allow the problem to be solved through the free market C) the government had to make new loans available for businesses at very high interest rates D) the government would prefer to increase taxation, so that people would spend less E) one of several measures to be introduced by the government would be to encourage an increase in public spending 52. As is clear from the passage, Keynes ----.. A) differed little from his contemporaries in his economic theories B) had much trust in the free market, which he believed had a positive impact on the economy of the 1930s C) did not think that the economic depression of the 1930s was serious enough to justify government interference D) firmly believed that government intervention in the management of the economy could be necessary E) argued that economic prosperity should not be the prime aim of any government 53. It is pointed out in the passage that, due to the economic depression in the West in the 1930s, ----.. A) most governments curbed public expenditure and changed their system of taxation B) there was unemployment on a very large scale C) the increasing demand for goods had to be prevented through harsh economic policies D) many governments introduced a series of measures to solve social problems E) it was almost impossible for people to borrow money 54. As it is stated in the passage, in the 1930s, - ---.. A) all governments in the West carefully followed the economic policies proposed by Keynes B) permanent full employment was achieved through an efficient implementation of free market policies C) governments generally felt that the free market was the only way of solving the problems of the depression D) despite high unemployment, people had so much money that the demand for goods could not be controlled E) the British government gave Keynes full responsibility to improve the economy

12. 55. - 58.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. The most common view among scientists is that mathematics and physics are quite different. Physics describes the universe and depends on experiment and observation. The particular laws that govern our universe, such as Newton’s laws of motion, must be determined empirically and then asserted like axioms that cannot be logically proved, merely verified.Mathematics, on the other hand, is some how independent of the universe. Results and theorems, such as the properties of the integers and real numbers, do not depend in any way on the particular nature of reality in which we find ourselves.Mathematical truths would be true in any universe. 55. It is suggested in the passage that, unlike mathematics, physics ----.. A) makes much use of logic in order to reach a conclusion B) formulates laws that need not be verified by experimentation C) has undergone much development since Newton’s time D) is essentially concerned with the world of matter E) states facts about the universe that are taken for granted 56. We understand from the passage that, for most scientists, ----.. A) logical reasoning is as essential as experiment and observation in any scientific study B) mathematics and physics are the two fields of science which have similar scientific concerns and are, hence, interdependent C) mathematics, like physics, is also indispensable for a scientific study of the universe D) the Newtonian laws have completely altered man’s perception of the universe E) physics is essentially empirical, whereas mathematics is not 57. As pointed out in the passage, the idea that mathematics and physics differ from each other ----.. A) has often been queried and debated since Newton B) is accepted by most scientists C) has only recently been accepted by the scientific community D) is evidence of a prevailing prejudice among mathematicians and physicists E) was originally put forward by Newton after he formulated his laws of motion 58. It is clear from the passage that any information physics reveals about our universe cannot be valid ----.. A) as it is impossible for every scientist to agree to it B) so long as it is not explained mathematically C) since it is not always proved logically D) unless it is confirmed through experiment and observation E) because the methods used for verification are often controversial

13. 59. - 62.soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. In an attempt to settle the question of whether ice exists on the moon, NASA plans to launch the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) in 2008. Travelling in a polar orbit only 50 kilometres above the moon’s surface, the probe will focus a high-resolution neutron sensor on the suspected ice deposits to determine their precise locations. But because the ice is probably buried and mixed with lunar dirt, NASA will also need to land a probe to dig up and analyze soil samples. This mission, scheduled for 2011, is a challenging one because instruments operating in shadowed areas cannot use solar power. The craft could land at a sunlit site and send a battery-powered vehicle into a dark crater, but the batteries would quickly die. A radioisotope thermal generator could provide electricity using heat from plutonium decay, but NASA is leaning against this option because it is expensive and controversial.Another idea under consideration is sending a probe that could hop from place to place on the lunar surface by restarting its landing rockets, lifting the craft to 100 metres above its original landing site and moving it to another spot in the crater basin to hunt for ice. Investigating more than one site is crucial because the ice may be unevenly distributed. Yet another alternative would be to fire ground penetrating instruments at several places in the shadowed basin, either from a lander at the crater’s rim or from an orbiting craft. 59. It is clear from the passage that ----.. A) firing ground-penetrating instruments at the moon could upset the balance of its surface B) there are several options for producing a probe that could work in the shadowed areas of the moon C) NASA will use plutonium decay to provide power for its newest landing probe D) the spacecraft that NASA wants to send to the moon will probably never actually be manufactured E) NASA plans only to send a probe to orbit the moon, not to land on it 60. We understand from the passage that, as part of an effort to prove the existence of ice on the moon, NASA ----.. A) will make no use of high-resolution radio telescopes B) is currently observing the moon from Earth C) is planning to send one spacecraft to orbit the moon and another to land there D) is going to send a landing craft that will rely solely on solar power E) has already sent a spacecraft there to take pictures 61. It is pointed out in the passage that, since there may be more ice on one part of the moon’s surface than on another, ----.. A) a battery-powered vehicle is an essential part of the probe B) facilities which will examine the ice must be built near larger ice patches C) the search there for ice is expensive and controversial D) it is essential to test for ice in several different areas E) it will not be possible to use the ice for future space exploration 62. We see from the passage that the main problem of landing a probe on the moon to test for ice in shadowed areas is ----.. A) that the public is not interested in the project B) the hard, rocky surface of the moon C) lack of government funding for the project D) the extremely cold temperatures the probe would have to work in E) that it would not be able to use solar power

14. 63. - 67.sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz. 63. Mary : Recently I have been reading Jean- Jacques Rousseau‘s political treatise The Social Contract, published in 1762. In his political views, he was certainly more radical than most of his contemporaries. Susan : Yes, he was, indeed. For instance, he was probably the first person in his time to talk about popular sovereignty and democracy. Mary : ---- Susan : Because of his radical views as such, he caused a great deal of controversy in eighteenth-century France.. A) His famous novel Emile tells the story of how a young man learns virtue and freedom. B) I didn‘t know that he was better known for his writing on education and moral virtue. C) We know that Enlightenment thinkers considered education key to human progress. D) The Social Contract was the least understood of his works, wasn‘t it? E) Obviously, he believed that legitimate authority arose from the people alone. 64. Winston : What does the term ―global village really mean? Stanley : Oh, well, it is essentially related to the global flow of information. Winston : ---- Stanley : Alright, I will try. Beginning in the 1990s, increasingly sophisticated computers have brought people into instant communication over the internet with each other across continents in new cultural and political settings, and this has had a great impact on the everyday lives of men and women around the world.. A) In other words, are you suggesting that advances in electronic technologies have provided new worldwide platforms and connections for commercial interests? B) Do you mean the wide-ranging effects of information technologies on political struggles around the globe? C) Are you saying that electronic systems and devices designed to create, store and share information have become more powerful and accessible? D) Are you claiming that embattled ethnic minorities have found worldwide audiences through on-line campaign sites? E) What does that exactly mean? Can you be more specific? 65. Philip : I see that you are reading Homer‘s great epic The Iliad? By the way, have you ever heard about Heinrich Schliemann? Edward : Yes, I have. He was an amateur German archaeologist, who lived in the nineteenth century. Philip : ---- Edward : How come? I wonder what details in The Iliad must have led him to such a discovery.. A) As an amateur archaeologist, many of Schliemann‘s perceptions of Bronze Age Greece were mistaken and superficial. B) What else? Let me tell you the most intriguing thing about him. By using The Iliad as his guide, he found the site of Troy near the coast of northwest Anatolia. C) Since the ancient Greeks treasured many legends about their heroic and distant past, Homer‘s epics appealed to them a great deal. D) Actually, Schliemann was right in believing that the legendary king Agamemnon was buried with a gold mask. E) In Homer‘s epics, it is the Mycenaean civilization of Bronze Age Greece that is represented, but this civilization came to an end around the end of the twelfth century B.C.

15. 66. Kevin:- In Asia, it seems, incomes are going up but this is having an adverse effect on the health of the people. Sandra: - Yes. I've read that article. Sad, isn't it? Kevin: - ---- Sandra: - No. It's that too, of course. But the shift from agricultural to urban economies is also aggravating the problem.. A) It certainly is. But I can't say I'm surprised. B) It is indeed. And apparently it's not just that people are eating more and eating unwisely. C) People think that eating well means eating more meat and more fat. D) It is. But the largest percentage of saturated fat in the diet seemed to be coming from local ethnic food. E) Yes, indeed. The region presently has more than 60 million diabetes sufferers, and the number is going up. 67. James: I’ve heard that you’re selling your house. But it’s not really the best time for selling your property. Arthur: ---- James: I suggest you not sell it. You could get a bank loan instead, and I’ll be your guarantor. Arthur: I’ve never thought of it; you’ve given me a great idea. I really appreciate your support.. A) The broker in my quarter says a client has already bought one at a reasonable price. B) I’ve talked to several brokers in town, and they say I’ll have no problem getting a mortgage. C) I’ve already applied to the local bank for a loan and I’m waiting for a reply. D) I know, but I have to do it, as I’ve got a large debt and I need to repay it urgently. E) Recently, a relative of mine has advised me to buy a house in the country. 68. - 71.sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın cümleyi bulunuz. 68. The Malaysian make of car should be king of the roads there, owing to the steep tariffs imposed on imported cars; but this is not the case.. A) Malaysian-made cars are only preferable to foreign makes because they are cheaper, though not much cheaper. B) Since foreign cars are so heavily taxed, home produced makes are far more popular in Malaysia; this is only natural. C) Tariffs on imported cars In Malaysia are prohibitive and this is why people buy home produced models though they do not wish to. D) One might expect the Malaysian make of car to be the most popular make there as imported cars are so heavily taxed; but it is not so. E) Surprisingly enough, foreign cars are just as popular as Malaysian ones there even though they are heavily taxed. 69. Coffee beans are second only to petroleum as the most traded commodity in the world.. A) Petroleum is the world's most traded commodity, and after that come coffee beans. B) Petroleum and coffee beans share the honour of being the world's most traded commodities. C) Coffee beans vie with petroleum as the world's most sought-after commodity. D) Coffee beans are not the world's most sought- after commodity. E) Petroleum has superseded coffee beans as the world's most traded commodity.

16. 70. I don't believe she is particularly clever, but she has a great deal of charm and people tend to do what she wants.. A) Though she really is not very intelligent, she has charm and people are always pleased to accept her leadership. B) She may not be very bright, I personally don't think she is; but she certainly has a winning way with people so they generally act in the way she wants. C) Her intelligence is no more than average, but she makes up for this with charm, so she can manipulate people easily. D) It is as much her charm as her intelligence that enables her to make people act in the way she wants them to E) She doesn't need to be intelligent as she has the gift of knowing-how to charm people so that they act in the way she wants. 71. International conventions have long been prohibiting the use of chemical weapons during war, but how effective is this likely to be?. A) If various international bodies agreed to a long- term ban on chemical warfare, couldn’t the ban be put into effect? B) Can such international bodies be relied upon to ban effectively and in the long-term the use of chemical weapons in time of war? C) For many years now, chemical warfare has been banned by international agreement, but can the ban be enforced? D) How effective might the prohibition of chemical warfare be if it had the backing of so many international bodies? E) Over a period of very many years various international agreements have been drawn up to prohibit the use of chemical weapons in wartime, but they have hardly been effective, have they? 72. - 75.sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçada anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz. 72. Like many other activities, global health has fashions. ---- Recently, though, the focus has shifted to malaria. This tropical disease kills a million people a year, most of them children, and debilitates hundreds of millions more. That is why researchers are racing against one another to be the first to devise an effective vaccine.. A) However, not all developing countries are struggling with health-related issues. B) Before Jonas Salk came up with his polio vaccine, many parents lived in fear of their children being struck down by the disease. C) In Eastern Europe, for example, there has been much concern about illicit drug use since the Cold War ended. D) For the past couple of decades, AIDS has captured both the imagination and the research dollars. E) In contrast, tropical diseases have not always received the attention they deserve from either national governments or international organizations. 73. The world's oldest cave paintings date back some 35, 000 years. They lie buried in the side of a hill close to Verona in north Italy. - ---. Now, new archaeological research is also proving that the ancients were adept, not only at the visual arts, but also at the art of sound.. A) Stone Age ears must have appreciated the 'echo-chamber' properties of the sites B) Archaeologists can use acoustics to study ancient sites in the following two ways C) Similarly, the stones of Stonehenge in the south of England have been found to have sonic qualities D) They prove that art was already part of the way of life for the early civilizations of the time E) Indeed, some of the stalactites in these caves issue bell-like notes when struck

17. 74. Like language, music is a uniquely human activity. Although music is often spoken of as a kind of language, it is certainly not within the same space of possibilities as natural human languages. Music communicates something, perhaps emotional states. It is sometimes symbolic; for instance, when the Wedding Marchis played to symbolize weddings. ---- Therefore, it seems appropriate to treat music as a form of communication, but not as a language in the technical sense.. A) That is why composers aim at aesthetic pleasure while they compose their music. B) The right hemisphere of the brain is involved in musical perception and in experienced musicians the left hemisphere is also involved. C) Yet it shares few of the grammatical and expressive possibilities found in all standard languages. D) In the opera, for instance, music and language combine. E) This shows that musical ability is largely based on auditory and rhythmic processing. 75. The Africans who go abroad to work usually send money back home to pay for their relatives‘ medical care, education, and housing. Today, most African countries get the largest part of their foreign exchange earnings from such remittances. ---- Without this subsidy, Africa‘s dictators would have to face the political consequences of an angry population.. A) In Africa, foreign aid goes mostly to those governments that have mismanaged their economies. B) There are over three million Nigerians in the US and another one million in Britain. C) From a quarter to almost 50% of university- educated graduates from Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya leave their countries to work in the West. D) Ironically, African citizens abroad subsidize state corruption. E) About three million middle-class Zimbabweans have migrated to South Africa since 1999. 76. - 80.sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz. 76. (I) Health and well-being are too complex to be simply a medical matter. (II) There is a direct relationship between susceptibility and disease: low susceptibility implies a high resilience. (III) In various realms of the 'body- mind', there are aspects of life that build us up and break us down. (IV) If we are under strain in one realm, it may be possible to compensate by strengthening the others. (V) For example, playing tennis reinforces the release of 'feel-good' chemicals that can offset the damaging effects of emotional stress.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 77. (I) Reefs are under attack from all sides. (II) Coral reefs are one of the oldest and most diverse ecosystems on Earth. (III) Hurricanes and tsunamis can cause injuries that take decades for a reef to repair naturally. (IV) Meanwhile, destructive fishing practices, pollution, ships running aground and climate change pose an even more serious threat. (V) A report issued by the UN Environment Programme warned that 30 per cent of the world’s coral reefs are either already dead or seriously damaged.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

18. 78. (I) Izmir owes its famously "special" atmosphere to its turbulent history. (II) What you see today has mostly risen from the ashes of Ottoman Izmir and dates from 1922, when a terrible fire swept across the city. (III) Before that, Izmir was known as "Smyrna" and was the most Westernized and cosmopolitan of Turkish cities. (IV) Nevertheless, famous citizens of ancient Smyrna include the poet Homer, the founder of Western literature, who lived before 700 B.C. (V) It was a city where the Muslims, Christians and Jewish communities lived in harmony and got on well with each other.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 79. (I) The relationship between genes and proteins was first proposed in 1909 when English physician A. Garrod suggested that genes dictate phenotypes through enzymes, the proteins that catalyze chemical processes in the cell. (II) The idea came from his observations of inherited diseases. (III) He hypothesized that an inherited disease reflects a body’s inability to manufacture a particular enzyme, and he referred to such diseases as “inborn errors of metabolism”. (IV) The function of a gene is to dictate the production of a specific enzyme. (V) His hypothesis was ahead of its time but research conducted decades later by other scientists proved him right.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 80. (I) Towards the end of the eighteenth century, a vast cultural movement began to sweep across Europe. (II) Within the Romantic movement, a group of composers were inspired by new ideas about national identity. (III) The movement, known as Romanticism, called into question many of the principles of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. (IV) In other words, the Romantics began to question human reason and the uniformity of human nature. (V) Moreover, they emphasized the diversity of humanity, and the importance of spontaneity, creativity, emotion and passion.. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

19. SORU CEVAP 1 A 2 E 3 B 4 B 5 D 6 C 7 A 8 B 9 A 10 E 11 C 12 B 13 D 14 A 15 A 16 E 17 B 18 A 19 D 20 C 21 E 22 D 23 E 24 A 25 B 26 C 27 A 28 C 29 E 30 E 31 B 32 A 33 D 34 C 35 A 36 D 37 E 38 A 39 B 40 D SORU CEVAP 41 C 42 D 43 D 44 B 45 A 46 D 47 E 48 B 49 D 50 C 51 E 52 D 53 B 54 C 55 D 56 E 57 B 58 D 59 B 60 C 61 D 62 E 63 E 64 E 65 B 66 B 67 D 68 D 69 A 70 B 71 C 72 D 73 D 74 C 75 D 76 B 77 B 78 D 79 D 80 B

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