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Published on March 7, 2014

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'Opportunity out of change; designing a new approach to student and teaching support at UCD Library' case study delivered by Susan Boyle & James Molloy of UCD library at #asl2014 conference Feb 27 2014

Opportunity out of change: designing a new approach to student and teaching support at UCD Library James Molloy & Susan Boyle UCD Library

Opportunity out of...

Restructuring changes at UCD Pre Restructuring Post Restructuring “Implement a programme to exploit 19 School liaisons 6 College Liaisons e-learning technologies within the Library, working with university face to face Heavy IL workload Scale down partners in areas of production & Lectures, workshops More Learning objects; promotion.” embedded IL information literacy tutorials videos guides UCD Advisory Delivery Library Strategic Plan 2010-2014

Learning Support Menu Supporting Your Learning Staff Students

Supporting Your Learning Yarian Gomez

Changing campus...

E-xpectation Investigate opportunities for innovative practice with e-learning Develop, source and adapt online elearning supports – information skills toolkit and self directed learning Develop knowledge of elearning software and web development tools


Different Learning Styles

Collaboration IT Tallaght Library UCD Media Services UCD Teaching & Learning UCD Online UCD Library Departments UCD Bord na Gaeilge Creative Commons

Future Proof Articulate Storyline Captivate 7 AT2020 USB Microphone

Decision Diamond Student Autonomy Engaging + Innovative for student Customised & Evaluation & Tailored Asssessment real examples Scaffolded Learning Theory & Practice Based Positive Self-Assessment Promotion & Feedback Accessible Challenging for different levels Sustainable Reused or Found Social Content & Experience Communication & Collaboration Reflection & Demonstration International Scope or Appeal Reflective Guidance & Support Active Discovery


Finding eBooks Leabharlann UCD UCD Library

There are a lot of pluses (++++++) Different element Self-directed Supports At point of need Autonomy Creative Team Staff profile

Challenges... Measurement Language Relevancy Learning Styles Change

Staff MOOCs Budget Libguides New Discovery Tool


Supporting Your Teaching Yarian Gomez

Workshop “Lack of awareness of library supports available” Creaid

A Learning Support Menu Good idea…… kirberich

Represents technology culture and achievement Bert van Dijk

Heatherwick Seed Pavillion showcase Bianca Polack

Represents eLearning, new strategy & T&L shift

A shop Learning Support Menu window for Academics Retrieving Evaluating Managing Michael Melrose

Library Basics

Finding Books

Learning Objects Small instructional components that can be reused a number of times in different learning contexts Supposed to be Reusable - (RLO) Often stored in Learning Object Repositories.

The Self Directed Student

Academic-Led Self-directed Tim Ellis

Librarian-led Self-directed ElDave

Learning Support Menu Iconic Branding Dietmar Temps

Learning Support Menu Iconic Branding Thomas Hawk

Academic Awareness Focus on building Learning Content (soft marketing) Populated (Marketing drive) Problem Solving Critical thinking Research & Communication Skills Highlight: LSM solutions facilitate students’ transitions Emilie Ogez

LSM Benefits +

LSM Benefits Conversation Tool Roeyahram

LSM Benefits Suggestion & Feedback Features Adriana Lukas

LSM Benefits Tailor packages for Academic programmes Stuart Herbert

LSM Benefits Increase awareness Eugene Regis Triplefivedrew

LSM Benefits Move to critical thinking content Critical Thinking Rogiro Rogiro

LSM Benefits Help Sustainability Smohundro

LSM Challenges Shyb

LSM Challenges CMS Priorities Storage Findit Review

Next steps Judepics

Develop More Content Next steps 58 Godutchbaby

Voiceover Non ELearning Content Non elearning Game Based Learning Dog tired Sidehike Sidehike Tailored subject content Semuthutan Assessment Ready made Blackboard Packages Airmoore O.tacke

Next steps Incorporate Review Plan Search To do list Revise Menu look Academic Feedback

Now After Informatique Usual Melancholy

Then Promote it… Next steps ‘Wanting people to listen, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledge hammer and then you’ll notice you’ve got their strict attention’. John Doe, Seven Content Marketing

Something Different Next steps

Read all about it Heatherwick Seed Pavillion - http://www.ted.com/talks/thomas_heatherwick.html Boyle, Susan (2012) ‘Using games as treatments and creative triggers: a promising strategy for information literacy’, in Godwin and Parker (ed.) Information Literacy beyond Library 2.0. London: Facet Publishing, pp.91-102. Slide share presentation: Content Marketing Lessons from Kevin Spacey - Don't Let Your Content Marketing Strategy be a House of Cards by Content Marketing Institute on Feb 13, 2014 Stiwinter, Katherine (2013) Using an Interactive Online Tutorial to Expand Library Instruction, Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 18:1, 15-41, DOI: 10.1080/10875301.2013.777010 Mestre, Lori S (2012) Student Preference for Tutorial Design: A Usability Study, Reference Services Review, 40:2, 258-276, DOI: 10.1108/00907321211228318 Thornes, S.L. (2012) Creating an Online Tutorial to Support Information Literacy and Academic Skills Development, Journal of Information Literacy, 6:1, 82-95, http://ojs.lboro.ac.uk/ojs/index.php/JIL/article/view/LLC-V6-I1-2012-3

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