2014 Trust, Engagement & Communication in the Workplace Survey - Singapore - Infographic

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Published on October 23, 2014

Author: The_Oxford_Group

Source: slideshare.net


An infographic depicting the Singapore results of the 2014 Trust, Engagement & Communication in the Workplace Survey. A must-read for leaders, managers and HR professionals.

1. 2014 Trust, Engagement & Communication in the Workplace Survey In today’s work environment we have forgotten that it’s authentic, two-way conversations that build trusting relationships. And it is these trusting relationships that lead to true employee engagement. So how well are workers in Singapore doing when it comes to creating and maintaining these relationships? And how often are managers holding these critical conversations? Our survey* of employees and managers in Singapore revealed these results… Trusting relationships: 51% of workers believe they have a mutual trusting relationship with their manager Only 28% of workers feel comfortable honestly disclosing concerns and worries with their manager 59% of workers will go the extra mile if they are working with an approachable manager Expectations: When asked “How clear are you about what your manager expects from you at work?” workers in Singapore responded: 29% 53% 13% 3% I am very clear I am fairly clear I am neither clear nor unclear I am somewhat unclear 2% I am very unclear Communication and Appreciation: Only 37% of workers are clear on what the company is trying to achieve and their part in it! Q: How much do workers in Singapore feel genuinely appreciated? I rarely feel appreciated I feel neither appreciated nor unappreciated I sometimes feel appreciated 16% 10% VS I always feel appreciated 24% 46% 27% are often praised and understand why Handling Unhelpful Behaviour: Q: Have you ever had to approach someone about negative behaviour that affected you/your team? 28% who are rarely praised Yes, but I did not feel comfortable and did not know how to do so properly 35% No, our team works very well together I never feel appreciated 4% at all! Yes, and I felt confident in my ability to approach them and discuss the behaviour No, I would rather not create waves in the team 12% 14% 18% No, I escalated the issue to my manager or someone of a higher position No, I don't feel confident in my ability to do this and get a positive outcome 43% of those who approached someone said it either wasn’t resolved satisfactorily or had a negative outcome 7% 14% Is your manager good at handling awkward or difficult situations Only 48% of workers ? think so Future Aspirations: Are we talking to our managers about our 2 year plan and development opportunities at the company? 59% = yes! However – 21% don’t feel there are any opportunities for career development at their current company. How can you improve these results in your organization? 5 Conversations focuses on five key conversations which can transform trust, relationships and engagement at work. Learn more at www.5conversations.co.uk *All results from a survey of 1000 employees and managers conducted by Atomik Research and The Oxford Group in July 2014. © The Oxford Group, 2014

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