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Information about 2014 Social TV Predictions

Published on February 25, 2014

Author: Joe_Bretz

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Whats next for Social TV?

Defining  “Social  TV”  for  2014     Posted  on  January  8th,  by  Joe  Q.  Bretz  in  "OTT"  Over  The  Top  News  and  Stories!,  News.   Comments  Off       “Television  is  a  medium  of  entertainment  which  permits  millions  of   people  to  listen  to  the  same  joke  at  the  same  time,  and  yet  remain   lonesome.”  T.  S.  Eliot   Quite  a  quote  by  the  late  great  poet,  also  very  true.  Does  it  still  remain   true  given  the  latest  in  Social  Networking/Sharing?  IMHO,  the  advent  of   the  Facebook’s,  Tweets  etc.  has  made  us  all  even  more  alienated,  and   that  is  of  course  a  statement  made  not  only  regarding  the  consumption   of  media  content  along  with  normal  human  contact  in  general.  For  those   of  us  whom  were  early  adopters  of  the  “OTT”  technology,  (remember   the  USB  Boxee  hack?)  we  were  on  the  verge  of  a  new  frontier  of  creating   a  unique  medium  for  social  engagement  (well  before  Facebook  took   over  from  Myspace)  thereby  allowing  the  average  “Joe”  tools  to  create   their  own  TV  Network.   It  started  as  a  true  unique  underground  movement  with  guys  like  Avner   Ronen  at  the  helm.  ’07/08′  My  partners  and  I  were  on  our  tenth  or   fifteenth  “Dot  Com”  venture  (who  was  counting  back  then  in  San   Francisco/Silicon  Valley?)  Incubating  a  few  interactive  content   companies,  Producing  a  feature  film  and  attempting  a  $90M  acquisition   for  a  major  content  library  from  a  nsdq  listed  public  company,  which  led   to  a  few  embarrassing  and  educational  failures.  For  those  of  us  in  the   thick  of  things  during  2007  and  08′,  we  all  thought  the  end  of  the  world   was  near.    With  our  financing  cut  off  along  with  the  majority  of   America’s  AMEX  accounts  we  took  the  time  to  re-­‐focus  our  efforts  to   what  is  now  called  “Social  Television”  using  “OTT”  or  Over  The  Top   technologies,  and  the  race  began.  www.digidev.tv  

So  whats  next  and  my  personal  predictions  for  2014  and  “Social  TV”?   –  “TV  is  an  APP”-­  TV  will  rapidly  become  an  APP  like  every  other  APP.    Niche’  content  is  key,  giving  consumers  exactly  what  they  want  and   how  they  want,  this  may  cause  more  fragmentation,  but  in  return  search   will  become  more  better  and  less  “exhaustive.”   –  Set  Top  Box  Integration-­  The  people  over  at  Boxee  got  to  it  first.   (Although  I  was  disappointed  Avner,  I  understand!)   http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-­‐theater/why-­‐did-­‐samsung-­‐buy-­‐ boxee/   -­Roku-­  What  will  happen  to  all  of  those  1st,  2nd  and  3rd  generation   boxes?    Roku  is  following  in  Boxee’s  footsteps.   http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2014/01/08/why-­‐roku-­‐tv-­‐will-­‐save-­‐the-­‐ company/   -­APPLE  TV  -­  Who  really  knows  what  they  are  up  to?    Rumors  galore   regarding  an  all  inclusive  APPLE  TV  have  yet  to  really  become  a  reality.    But  with  their  latest  acquisition,  it  seems  they  are  still  betting  on  being   a  big  player  in  the  space,  if  only  they  can  convince  content  owners  to   come  along  for  the  ride!   http://gizmodo.com/what-­‐apples-­‐latest-­‐acquisition-­‐says-­‐about-­‐the-­‐ future-­‐o-­‐1131391780   -­Gaming  Consoles  (XBOX,  Playstation,  Nintendo)  -­  Although  I  am  not   a  “gamer”  I  have  to  say  I  love  the  idea  of  ONE  box  to  fit  the  entire  family.    As  we  gravitate  to  all  things  “cloud”  based,  we  could  see  a  major  shift  in   the  actual  hardware  of  these  consoles  and  a  step  towards  partnerships   with  Smart  TV  manufacturers  to  create  an  all  inclusive  gaming,   browsing,  and  TV  integrated  APPS,  less  boxes  please!   -­  Smarter  than  “Smart”  TV’s  -­  With  the  advent  of  4k  video  and   imbedded  OS  within  TV’s,  we  will  begin  to  see  more  and  more    fully  

integrated  browsers  and  APP  variations  within  SAMSUNG,  LG  to  name  a   few.    What  does  this  all  mean?    For  the  basic  consumer  it  will  become  a   confusing  and  frustrating  thing,    Just  when  you  got  use  to  that  “wii”   looking  remote  controller  for  your  smart  TV  it  will  become  full  of   frustrating  updates  and  confusing  APPS  within  APPS.  Who  will  win?  It   comes  down  to  a  simple  user  interface  that  will  include  a  clean  search   tool  for  all  of  your  TV  APPS,  gaming  and  recommendation  software  that   actually  recommends  programming  that  fits  your  specific  desires.   All  in  all  I  believe  that  2014  will  be  by  far  the  most  exciting  year  for   consumers  and  content  producers  alike.    We  will  all  continue  to  have   our  own  unique  and  specific  tastes  and  without  the  consumer  demand   their  would  be  no  more  innovations.   So  please  keep  watching!    But  for  the  sake  of  your  overall  health  and   well  being,  get  out  of  the  living  room  as  much  as  possible  and  enjoy  the   real  world.(and  please  stop  using  the  term  TV  everywhere)   Wishing  you  all  a  happy  and  healthy  New  Year.   Joe   Joe  Bretz  is  the  co-­‐founder  and  technical  advisor  to  www.digidev.tv,   and  a  speaker/analyst  for  a  variety  of  organizations.  He  has  been   involved  in  the  media  business  for  over  17-­‐years  with  a  multi-­‐faceted   resume  that  includes  a  TV  and  Feature  film  Producer,  Music  Producer   and  new  media  entrepreneur.   -­‐  See  more  at:  http://joebretz.com/2014/01/defining-­‐social-­‐tv-­‐for-­‐ 2014/#sthash.UxTguXXR.dpuf  

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