2014 Overview of Mobile Opportunities for Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

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Information about 2014 Overview of Mobile Opportunities for Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: KeithEPetri

Source: slideshare.net


It’s 2014 and nearly everything is described as data-driven. From marketing to recruitment, all actives are quantified and leveraged in an algorithm to optimize a future, repetitive action. Data-centric strategies minimize waste and provide a competitive advantage.

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) provide the necessary infrastructure to append and normalize disparate datasets from varying sources – both structured and unstructured – determined from different methodologies with varying accuracy. All of this enables a client to onboard anonymous first party data to i) further decorate it and provide insights, and ii) make it actionable.

The following presentation is an overview of the desktop DMP industry as I see it today (2014) and how I view mobile as an opportunity for expansion of both technology and client budget.

Established DMPs have an opportunity to further commercialize their technology. I look forward to watching who makes the transition successfully.

[Sources available upon request: Keith.E.Petri@Gmail.com or @KeithEPetri]

Data Management Platforms 2014 Overview

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landscape • Market Opportunities Trends Mobile • 1st & 3rd Party Data Sources • Access to data, insights & reporting Complete Coverage of Customer Life-Cycle • Horizontal Development to create an end-to-end, one-stop shop for Marketers Offline Data • Additional offline data will allow for more complete profiles. © 2014

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mobile • remaining hurdles ARPU • 35.8% Projected Growth in 2014 © 2014 Ad Units • IAB Rising Star Ad Units Data • DMP’s Opportunity

mobile • Advertisers are Dependent data management © 2014

mobile • Advertisers are Dependent data management © 2014

mobile Advertisers are Dependent […and Motivated] • data management © 2014

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strategy • Minimize Market Education shift budgets Avoid • Hiring • Training Extend Desktop Budgets • © 2014 Cross-Device

strategy • Overdue-Shift of Revenue for Publishers mobile monetization Mobile Monetization • Initial Targeting Data • Cross-Channel Attribution Models • Impressions are not enough, data is a valuable asset currently unleveraged by majority of mobile publishers/developers • Opportunity with mid-tier and long-tail Mobile Analytics & Insights • Limited options outside of analytics to understand mobile consumer demographics. • Data visualization tool; used for ad operations, sales, marketing, analytics and research Consumer Purchase Decision • Visualize customer’s location in the conversion funnel © 2014 Keith Petri, 2013

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