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Published on October 23, 2014

Author: yasminabdelaziz

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The purpose of ALL is to deepen the
continent’s integration agenda and
renew commitment to a sustainable
path of growth and development
through access to African law and

1. issue ONE october 2014 NEWSLETTER 1 MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR The purpose of ALL is to deepen the continent’s integration agenda and renew commitment to a sustain-able path of growth and development through access to African law and governance. Since its official launch in November 2012 at the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, our innovative online African Law Library has grown into a large community with over 11 000 registered users from across the continent and in the diaspora. New library, national and institutional partners are regularly joining the ALL multi-stakeholder community which now includes Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia and Uganda. This also translates into more content available on ALL’s innovative and free-of-charge online platform, in English, French, Portuguese and Arab languages. In the meantime, trusted organisations i n c l u d i n g the African Development Bank (AfDB) have also invited us to partner with them. In this context, the ALL third partners’ workshop will be held during the 2nd Ministerial Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa organised by the AfDB from 14 - 17 October 2014 in Rabat, Morocco. We are proud of the confidence placed in us by our growing and di-versified partnership base, and view it as a testimony of the importance of this initiative. In this second phase of program implementation, focus is on foster-ing the ALL community of users and partners. We would like to hear more from you via our Foundation’s blog and our social media channels. Online workgroups will also soon be available for thematic discussions on our platform, encouraging inter-action and networking among the community. Our commitment is to remain relevant as we support you in your everyday work - as well as be-come a one-stop database “shop” for African people from various sectors, including business, government and civil society. I hope that you will find this issue useful and, we look forward to your continuing support. Sophie Bussmann-Kemdjo Director, African Law Library AIF flagship programs The Africa Innovation Foundation (AIF) is a new model of ‘next generation’ African foundations, mobilizing inno-vation across the continent for the personal, cultural and economic benefit of all Africans. AIF projects are aimed at stimulating African ideas and perspectives within emerging industries and diverse disciplines. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, this Foundation was founded in 2009 by Jean Claude Bastos de Morais, a private investor and philanthro-pist, with an active interest in the socio-economic develop-ment of African markets. Innovation Prize Africa One landmark initiative by the AIF is the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA), an annual award with a grand share prize of US$150 000. The IPA invites African innovators with market-oriented solutions to sub-mit their entries highlighting how these solutions can progress Africa’s development, be it through new products, increasing efficiency or cost-saving in Africa. The prize also encourages career development for young people in sci-ence, technology and engineering, as well as promotes opportunities for business. IPA targets technological breakthroughs in the manufac-turing and service industry, health, education and well-being, agricul-ture and agribusiness, environment, energy and water, and ICTs in an effort to achieve sustainable development in Africa. African Law Library The African Law Library (ALL) is an AIF flagship program that facili-tates access to law and governance in Africa. ALL aims to strengthen the continent’s integration agenda and renew commitment to a sus-tainable path of growth and development through access to African law and governance. ALL offers a free online library on African law and governance with access to downloadable and printable full legal texts, selected court de-cisions and secondary literature from African countries; a multilingual platform, searchable by subjects, keywords, country, type of document; collections classification by country, themes, type of organization and document, including secondary literature. Social Impact Program for Angola The Social Impact Program for Angola (SIPA) is another flagship program of the AIF, focusing on innovative ways to respond to Angola’s social and development challenges. SIPA serves as an intermediary between donors in Angola and those requiring program support to foster growth and equity in the country in five key areas: Education, Health, Energy, Water and Sanitation, and Rural Income Generation. Through SIPA, AIF will facilitate tailor-made programming to support local empowerment and meet the specific needs of the Angolan people through a coherent set of international standards that include strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, and materials development. Dear partners and users of the African Law Library platform. I am honoured to introduce our program newsletter, the first in a series of regular newsletters and other communications tools that will update you on the progress of the African Law Library (ALL) a flagship program of the African Innovation Foundation (AIF).

2. ALL - an online platform dedicated to African law By John Miller The African Law Library (ALL) was established in 2012 by the Africa Innovation Foundation’s (AIF) designated Implementing Partner to offer ordinary people across Africa free and unfettered access to legal information. Two years later, in July 2014, ALL was fully integrated within the AIF portfolio of African-focused initiatives and technically separated from the online libraries of the Implementing Partner. Where ALL scores over other repositories of legal jurisprudence is that it houses content related to law and governance from a legal perspective that will ultimately lean heavily towards customary law rather than classic document-based law in the style of legacy colonial-era legal systems. The target groups for this compilation currently includes academics, students, lawyers, government officials and the business sector, but the aim is to eventually engage with the wider public. The content housed in ALL will include legislation, court decisions and documentation from every African nation as well as legal material from regional and international institutions with links to Africa; that is from ALL partners across Africa, as well as regional and international institutions, individual contributors, and from relevant Open Access repositories in the legal field. Currently 70 777 documents are housed at ALL. Additionally, one can access 31 online legal journals with Africa-relevant content, as well as the Oxford Handbooks in Law collection. The content is directly searchable by Subject, Keyword, Title, etc. and in addition, specialized Collections focusing on particular Countries, Institutions or Thematic Topics can also be browsed. ALL will ultimately provide access to legal and related materials in the local languages spoken in Africa. Currently, the texts can be accessed in English and French, but Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish versions will soon be made available as will content in indigenous national languages as appropriate. It is clear that ALL is a permanently growing and developing resource. Our commitment to you is to ensure that information available is always accurate and content is relevant, with free access to all. 2 A growing and diversified partnership base By Patrick Lessène Ever since its inception in October 2012, the African Law Library (ALL) has received widespread recognition and support from institutions and key African figures who believe in the principles of free access to law and fair governance on the continent. By July 2014, ALL staff had visited 21 countries in Africa. An AIF delegation visited Gabon in July 2014 to meet with key staff in various national-level committees such as the Ministry of Human Rights, Equality of Opportunity and Gabonese Abroad. They also interacted with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Cooperation, la Francopho-nie and Regional Integration, the Chancellor of the University, Omar Bongo of Gabon, the General Secretary and Heads of Departments in the Presidency of Gabon, and Supreme Court judges. These meetings resulted in vari-ous agreements ratifying the online publication of Gabonese legal documents. In pursuit of AIF’s Pan-African policy, an ALL team undertook another outreach trip to North Africa. Mrs. Sophie Bussmann, ALL Director and Dr. Ghislain Patrick Lessène, Senior Legal Advisor visited Tunis, the Tunisian capital, in September 2014 to meet academic figures such as the Dean of the Faculty of Judicial, Political and Social Sciences and his close associates, as well as parliamentarians at the Assemblée Na-tional Constituante of Tunisia and the Center of Legal and Judicial Studies of the Ministry of Justice of Tunisia. They also met officials at the Imprimerie Officielle de la République de Tuni-sie (IORT) and the National Library of Tunisia. These meetings were successful and concluded with agreements for cooperation as well as in-tegrating Tunisian legal documents on ALL’s platform. ALL’s visit to Morocco in September 2014 coincided with revisiting an arrangement to sign off on an agreement of cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Liberties of Morocco. The ALL team also met with the Vice- President and Director of Development of the International University of Rabat. The ALL team also met the General Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education of Morocco and important members of the African Development Bank (AfDB) involved with the Second Ministerial Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa. ALL is hosting its 3rd Partners Workshop in Rabat from 14th to 16th October 2014, with a special invitation on October 13th for students to attend a presentation about AIF and ALL. The number of ALL partners has been grow-ing steadily, with new partnerships established in Gabon (Ministry of Human Rights, Omar Bongo University), Mauritius (Law Reform Commission and Supreme Court of Mauritius), and Madagascar (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Civil Service, Labour and Social Laws and University of Antananarivo). AIF is awaiting agreements with the Faculty of Judicial, Political and Social Sciences at the Uni-versity of Tunis and the Imprimerie Officielle de la Republique de Tunisie. AIF hopes to have signed agreements with the International Uni-versity of Rabat and the Ministry of Justice and Libertie of Morocco shortly. To date ALL has more than 60 partners in 21 African States. For detailed information, check the full list of partners online on www.african-lawlibrary. net.

3. Enriching the ALL network and nurturing partnerships By John Miller and Patrick Lessène Further to our visit being hosted by the University of Rabat in collaboration with African Development Bank, the 3rd workshop for ALL partners will take place from 14th to 16th October 2014 in Rabat. This workshop follows on the heels of similar events held in Nairobi, Kenya in May 2013, and Cotonou, Benin in March 2014. It will bring together more than 50 participants from 21 African countries. The objective of this workshop is to strengthen ties between ALL and its partners with the ultimate goal of creating a united community committed to promoting law and governance at the national, continental and international level. 3 African Law Library (ALL) Senior Legal Adviser Patrick Lessene and Senior Librarian John Miller attended the 2014 Law Via the Internet (LVI) Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa at the end of September, 2014. They presented a paper on the ALL program, networked and met potential partners in Johannesburg. Keynote speakers at LVI 2014 were Justice Kate O’Regan (formerly on the bench of the Constitutional Court) and Prof. Richard Cal-land, a distinguished advocate who supports transparency and information disclosure. Prof. Calland is an Associate Professor of Pub-lic Law and Director of the Democratic Gov-ernance and Rights Unit at the University of Cape Town. He also leads AJTI, the new Afri-can Justice and Transparency Initiative, work-ing with ALL Partner SAFLII (South African Legal Information Institute) and AfricanLII (African Legal Information Institute). Transparency was a recurrent theme throughout the entire LVI 2014 conference, as were discussions on the lack of reliable funding to finance free access to law initiatives across Africa. Several delegates expressed their interest in collaborating with the African Law Library and offered materials for the library. Discussions focused on what control document providers would retain over ‘their’ materials after consigning them to ALL. This has been a sensitive issue since the establishment of ALL; however participants were reassured of full rights over the content they make available to ALL. Offers of materials for inclusion in ALL and collaboration came from a number of LVI participants, while AUSTLII offered to source considerable quantities of African legal materials from UNSW (University of New South Wales) if ALL can finance the required scanning. ZIMLII Zimbabwe Legal Information Institute) expressed interest in collaboration with ALL, as did SEYLII (Seychelles Legal Information Institute). Shirley Graham (Oliver Tambo Law Library) volunteered to help ALL find content on customary law while Yolanda Boozen (Centre for Human Rights) offered ALL access to CHR’s new online journals. LEXIS expressed interest in future collaboration on offering premium services to those who might want them, without undermining ALL’s core mission to provide free access to legal documentation. The African legal information scene is in a state of rapid development, with new initia-tives being launched on a regular basis. The take-away is that this generates both oppor-tunities and risks for ALL. Focus is needed on the following issues: • Increasing demand for legal information in Africa • ALL initiatives to service these enquiries with the help of partners • Developing facilities and accessibility in the Francophone legal information sector • Competing sites may not begin as pan- African in scope, but can grow: however ALL already has pan-African coverage and a head-start in offering one-stop access to legal information resources from across the African continent • High technical standards for ALL are es-sential and must be maintained • Potential partners must be reassured that they retain full control at all times over content submitted to ALL . Rabat Workshop Law Via the Internet Conference 2014

4. Free Access To Law Movement (FALM) The 2014 Free Access to Law Movement (FALM) held in Cape Town in September 2014 was attended by two senior members of the African Law Library team - Legal Adviser, Patrick Lessene and Librarian, John Miller. This annual event brings together lawyers, librarians, academics, content providers and others committed to the provision of free access to law, a fundamental tenet of the ALL. A number of ALL partners and potential partners attended the meeting, including Roger Gachago from SAFLII, Long’et Terer from Kenya Law, and Mariya Badeva-Bright from AfricanLII that sponsored ALL as a member into FALM in 2013. LEXUM delegate Ivan Mokanov talked about a WORD-based app for easy access to law on mobile devices, and Long’et spoke of the development of a mobile app for Kenya Law – presented later during the LVI Conference. Graham Greenleaf of AUSTLII expressed concerns about the cost of de-veloping and then continually modifying apps and explained that AUSTLII (whom he represents and whose software underpins SAFLII’s database and others linked to it) instead recommended the development of fully responsive and flexible websites that can work on any platform including mobiles. If well-designed, these have the advantage of avoiding the need for continual updating as is necessary with apps. Roger Gacahago hinted at increased functional fusion between SAFLII and AfricanLII as both now operate within the same department at the University of Cape Town – the Democracy Governance and Rights Unit and the joint sponsor – with SAFLII and AfricanLII – of AJTI (the new African Justice and Transparency Initiative). SAFLII are introducing a consolidator tool for legal citations. The meeting also reviewed the second issue of the Journal of Open Access to Law. This publication aims to promote itself as a non-academic communication tool, creating synergies and opportunities for co-operation with ALL. FALM membership continues to grow. Stay connected to us at ALL .... Contribute to our blog and interact with us on social media. We invite you to become a user and partner of the African Law Library so you are kept abreast on the great news and conversations around innovation, law and governance, as well as upates on other conferences, workshop events and opportunities. It’s simple: just follow the African Innovation Foundation on Twitter @ Afrinnovfdn There will be lots of new information being shared at the ALL 3rd Partners Workshop, and this includes ALL latest developments, library structure, content and social media, a forum in Science, Technology and Innovation; and a Panel on “Connecting Mathematics and Engineering Skills Development to Private Sector.” Contact For further information about the African Law Library Program, please contact: Mrs Rosa Aba Hänseler, Programme Coordinator rosa.haenseler@africaninnovation.org Tel.: +41 (0)22 7150925 You can also visit our online platform at: www.africanlawlibrary.org 4 Interested in tweeting from the ALL 3rd Partners Workshop? Do let us know so we can add you to the official Twitter list (http://twitter.com/ Afrinnovfdn). Hashtag is #AfricanLawLib. If you are blogging on the workshop, let us know your blog address and the RSS feed, so that we can add it to the blog roll on AIF blog (http://africaninnovation.mobi/blog/). Follow us Twitter logo: @Africanlawlib Facebook logo: https://www.facebook.com/AfricanLawLibrary African Innovation Foundation 3, Place Isaac-Mercier 1201 Geneva Switzerland Tel.: +41 (022) 715 09 25 Fax: +41 (022) 715 09 25

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