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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: bhamamp

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Latest releases from BhamAMP Business Arts MediaPlex for March 2014.

New releases include a literary opera called The Quarrel Oblique.

Update Now March 2014 Copyrighted Materials

Copyright © 2014 by Michael O’Connor ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No images or text from this volume may be reproduced without expressed written permission from the author. Copyrighted Materials

Copyrighted Materials Michael O’Connor BhamAMP ™ Owner & Director Publishing Immersive Visualization Environments & Transmedia Narratives BhamAMP™ Business Arts MediaPlex is involved with the publication of immersive environments providing for the collection, integration and display of visual, audio and kinaesthetic data. We conceptualize and develop three dimensional visualization environments which combine the fine arts and digital display information for multi-screen, multi-media and multi-modal applications. BhamAMP has been doing business since 2009, operating in the Pacific Northwest, and is involved in the Business Arts, eTheatre and Transmedia Narratives. From the Director

Copyrighted Materials The slides following provide a brief summary of new releases authored by Michael O’Connor. The latest 2014 release is titled The Quarrel Oblique. Links to Michael’s works can be found at www.bhamamp.com including new multi-media, multi-screen transmedia narratives with intensity. Michael’s latest release is a literary opera. New releases are scheduled throughout 2014. BhamAMP is also operating as a vehicle for designing and implementation of multi- media biographies for start-up companies and individuals. Design inquiries can be sent to bhamamp@gmail.com. New Releases March 2014

Copyrighted Materials The Quarrel Opaque is a literary opera which could be composed as a single act purposely for a caution to others who would read more into the actual story. Pass this episodic journey through English, French and Spanish, adding your own version of the story and the close to remote parts move more particular to the wind which blows where he is standing. The classical guitar duet provide for the subtle changes in the temperament and dialogs of the principal characters, and is at times accompanied by duel French horns and steadied timpani drums which accentuates and distills the quality and impact of the voices. The last we will see of him after the final curtain closes is one person moving off following the arc of the sun of a new day, with the torn pages of a fine manuscript trailing behind him. Hopefully we have not suffered much recognizing that his movements are our own entrances and departures. The Quarrel Oblique

Copyrighted Materials For better or worse all of their greetings are friendly as we approached the porch of the first dwelling we come to on the dirt path. There is music playing from inside and I immediately want to know the name of that song. I am standing on that porch for a very long time before I muster up the strength and conviction to enter behind the rest. No one stands behind me edging me on to enter and I do not know if I am to be greeted with humanity or outright dismay. But I do know that the one who remains just out of sight and behind the door has another task—holes are plugged and the only way out has now been closed. Theatre of the Puppet

Copyrighted Materials I am too tired to fight fifty. The role of middle age is still not apparent to me, but I know that I will eventually get it—I have to as there is no other choice. Bringing this glass to my face I am aroused by the role age plays in the selection of wine—too far apparent. The glass of Chianti in front of me is deep red and the bouquet is richly berried, finishing off quite dry. Chianti Dialogs

Copyrighted Materials FOR THE GOOD OF THE MIND AND SOUL; pro salute anime; I have created these pages in effect for the sake of providing the evidence. Any sequence toward pure evidence which leads me to the affirmation of the circumstance of self is a good enough proposition for creating period. I do not have to be prodded or even persuaded by any outside party to design and then deliver something which I can refer to further on as an exhibition. This exhibition is the culmination of the reality of at least part of my mind and soul, and the combined conviction to go on to that next likely place for more subtle experience. Kaleidoscope of Haiku

Copyrighted Materials TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE, and that circumspect account, I have developed the strongest presumption of peace walking through this forest and along side of this river like it is my own. There is something of proof in turning and seeing my footstep’s impressions in the soft earth that this tranquil passage is secured beyond any means as a command of an act of nature; my nature, so inclined to obey what I am told as I navigate further. To the strongest degree possible I am throwing myself at the very nature of this path that is will bring me someplace promising and that I will somehow be protected from the harsher elements that may or not exist beyond the next bend. My apprehension, if any, is derived from the previously unknown and the hope that there is further surprise as I keep going. There is comic relief in sight. Comic Relief North Fork

Copyrighted Materials Venice Beach No Apology Missy Campbell turned forty and is out to show the world that she can still work and play as hard; that is by her standards of course. This is a day and night on the beach for her, and it is a very peculiar time and space. “This is foreplay, my friend. Did you know the feeling one gets straddling across that seat? It is the physical entailment, those simple directions from brain to feet, and an appreciation of the eloquent character of Venice Beach with no apology. This echoes in my head as I cross from the Bike Path over to the main Oceanfront Walk ever so mindful of those who are standing before me and flagging me down. Someone else wants my attention.”

Copyrighted Materials Three Stages of Twilight THERE ARE THREE STAGES of twilight which all start after sunset and end before sunrise. The differences are a matter of degree. The truth is that there are three conceptions as to what constitutes truth: agreement of a thought and reality; eventual verification; and consistency of thought with itself. The differences are also a matter of degree. What happens when it begins to get dark is a range of a thing in time space, and how it is remembered is a matter of interpretation. That visual was so unexpected and the details were so clear that it nearly startled me out of my slumbered state. I had wanted to leap up and run but reserved curiosity would not let me interfere. I could not pull myself away until I found out just what that voice and visual presence had to say.

Copyrighted Materials Perceptive Sensations is the latest and third installment in the BhamAMP Business Arts MediaPlex eTheatre series written for smooth, snag free performance on all types of stages should they exit in physical or virtual terrains. Interests in performance are not absolute or conditional, and one assumes that they will be less structured than normal; given that normalcy was never a requirement. Perceptive Sensations includes full theatre with series photography and Intermission section. There is an accompanying external link for movie trailers on BhamAMP’s web site (www.bhamamp.com select Theatre Series: Coming Attractions and Exit this Stage). Perceptive Sensations

Copyrighted Materials THE COMPLEXITIES OF RELATIONSHIPS are compared as they mean to cause something prescribed, considered as an aggregate of something less likely stumbled upon. More often this is a haphazard balancing act of known and unknown components—as persons fleeing a storm of objects blown about by an emotional whirlwind may begin to wonder what went so wrong. There are disperse implications of breaking up and growing back together, just like clouds separating and coming back together, squeezing out the rays of sunlight which might have illuminated something far different. It may not imply a reduction to nothing, as by squandering or causing the relationship to simply dissipate instead. Capriciously Opaque

Copyrighted Materials THERE WAS A MOMENTARY QUIET that filled the brightly painted and amply lighted kitchen. The lime green walls were covered with hand-carved animal figures and there were several paintings as well with one depicting a bull fighter in the ring with his cape draped over the broad shoulders of a mighty black bull. One other painting gave abstract details to each kind of pepper that could be grown in this region. Even the back porch off of the room was lighted quite so with multi- colored lanterns of swirling glass that were hung with thin wires and swayed in the gentle breeze, and there were two very sturdy metal sculptures on the back porch that did not move but had shadows caused by the array of lanterns and light, that were cast over the porch railings, stairs and even onto the edges of the wood strips of the side of the house. Cumulative Evidence

Copyrighted Materials Evidence of Consciousness DURING THE LAST EPISODE of this series of inner-connected dreams had the room spinning like a top, and all of my thoughts quickly sharpened as I attempted to fixate on one point to gain my bearing—but not razor sharp. Because at that precise moment I had a sudden craving for clarity— as one seeks that clarity in first several moments of consciousness as the dawn evolves into a full morning—when you are aware that you have left the dream world and have entered an awakening state of something found (that was not actually ever lost). I really did want that feeling to come more quickly so I focused very hard and I began to squint until my face hurt.

Copyrighted Materials THIS IS WHAT I CAME TO HEAR. All around me sways constantly with the mild undulating currents as bits and pieces of organic material floats by in diagonal lines, then passing in symmetrical curves caused by the incoming and receding waves. The rippled arcs on the surface of the water gradually intersect and the interference patterns are a marvel to look at; predictably some materials buoy to the surface while others sink in succession into the shallow depths of this naturally carved out waterway. My movements are deliberately slow in the morning and silently in cold and blue gray waters because I do not want to cause any obvious disturbances with regard to the closest inhabitants of the rock wall I am currently mesmerized by. Fortuitous Event

Copyrighted Materials IN EACH MAJOR CORNER of the loft is a representational cluster of cultural art from places like South Africa, middle Mexico, Chile, United States, Spain, and Portugal. The art is predominately three dimensional, but there are several very small paintings that dot each major wall and are principally invisible until one wanders closer to each of the room’s four intersecting corners. To the very far right of the entrance stands a single and reasonably large clear glass vase. This vase holds two groups of tropical looking flowers with long deep green stems. Several of the stems are topped by broad and inviting green leaves that have numerous strikingly white dots and dashed streaks. The furniture in the room is ultra- tech; several chairs and double-wide loveseats are covered in richly dark brown leather trimmed in shiny chrome. Jack’s Day Off

Copyrighted Materials THESE ARE NARRATIVE ARCS in three parts: appearing when the outlines of a sail grew transparent against the backdrop of the sunset against the sky. The sails are taught angles as if proud in another moment of the steadied winds that passed from south to north. Long were the powerful strokes of the flight of sea birds passing loudly above; cursing or just enjoying the rising airstreams. Not too far in the past we had traveled by sailboat across an ocean from one small island to one much larger. We were sailors by profession but quite new to this type of vessel and trip. We were one engineer, one communications specialist and one navigator, by profession early on in our adult lives. Narrative Arcs

Copyrighted Materials FOR THOSE PEOPLE who are interested, the paintings on the front and back cover of this volume were created after initially being exposed to the history and perspective of Peter Beard, author of The End of the Game, published originally in 1963. Mr. Beards works focus on the extreme cycles and natural balance of big game in parts of Africa. During a much different type of expedition to Baja California in 1990, I was exposed to an archeological dig where scientists from Mexico and the United States co-discovered a site rich in the remains of ancient big game. The remains of the site were estimated to be thirteen thousand years in age. Silhouettes 3

Copyrighted Materials THE STAGE IS MOSTLY DARK. There is one source of light from the left side of a partition which is shaped like a three- quarter-sized door. The painted door is a medium blue against a crimson red background, and it is elevated at its base. The stationary door is several yards from the edge of a building. At the moment there is a person pacing in and out of the cast shadow in and around the door and to the left of the building. The person has one hand up at head level as the sectional stage lights come up ever so slightly and the once shadowed shapes uniformly reveal more detail. The details of the mid and far right of the stage are left deliberately darkened. The main body of this environment exclusive of actors, partitions, props, lighting and the like is the stage. The stage is a framework. The size and arrangement (geometry) of this framework suits the particular mission of the play at rest and later when it is in motion. As stated earlier this stage is mostly dark. Veracity of Ghost Light

Copyrighted Materials Photographic stills from video production Drumbeat

Copyrighted Materials Contact Information

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