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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: BruceBix49

Source: slideshare.net


LinkedIn Hacks for job seekers, plus Ninja Tactics to help with LinkedIn inbound marketing of your profile, and Guerrilla strategy for business intelligence in the job search arena. Using Keywords to be found

5 Top LinkedIn Hacked, Ninja Tactics, and Guerrilla Strategies to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile A How To Guide BRUCE BIXLER

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LinkedIn Job Seeker

LinkedIn Settings

LinkedIn Settings

LinkedIn Complete your Profile Incomplete profiles are 40 times less likely to be viewed in key word searches Profiles w/o pictures are 7 times less likely to be viewed by people searching on LinkedIn LinkedIn's first search algorithm is search for profiles that are 100% complete Change the default URL for your profile to your name and link to your profile from other sites and posts http://www.linkedin.com/pub/bruce-bixler/16/171/493 http:www.linkedin.com/brucebixler49

Did you know about LinkedIn Headlines • Your Headline should include your Unique Value Position using KEYWORDS, it is the most valuable piece of real estate on your LinkedIn profile. • Your headline is the most heavily weighted keyword search area on your profile. • Your Headline is the ONLY totally customizable section on your LinkedIn profile • You headline shows up in ____actions you take on LinkedIn • Your complete headline shows up on _______ search

Keywords: You Are What Others Search! Place your name at the top of your Summary section as part of a “signature block,” using your name, adding your e-mail address, and DESIRED job title. By doing this, you’ll resolve three problems at one time: 1) bumping up your visibility for your common name 1) achieving greater visibility when someone knows your occupation or job title 1) helping you be more easily contacted by employers. I welcome connections at john.smith@gmail.com. John Smith Engineering Manager, IT

Keywords: You Are What Others Search! Add the same job title (Keywords) Past Experience(s) Add the same job title to other highly indexed fields, such as Job Titles, for even better ranking. Don’t take creative license with these fields, but add them as descriptors (“Marketing – Director or CMO”), if accurate – to show your true career level. Add the same job title (Keywords) in your skills & expertise section Add the same job title (Keywords) in your summary section

Your Profile “LinkedIn Mentions” Updates Type (@) • LinkedIn Mentions in homepage updates



Join 45 groups, and the 5 largest HR Groups Joining Groups is a great way to make yourself accessible to others, but it’s also a great way to get in touch with people YOU want to know. If you are in a group with them you can message them. If you want to send a message to someone who isn’t a firstdegree connection to you, look at their list of Groups and join one of them. Now, you can send them a note for free (plus, you’ll be in a good spot to be contacted by someone else in that Group). Joining Groups is one of the only ways you can allow recruiters and headhunters to message you (or connect to you) for free. Recruiters pay significant premiums to LinkedIn, so they love to contact professionals who belong to a shared Group and not have to pay a fee, which is one of the site’s “loopholes” for easy connection.

Keywords:/Skills & Expertise - KEYWORDS • Add Keywords to your LinkedIn Profile Skills section

LinkedIn: (5) Keywords People search for you by keywords On LinkedIn, to make sure your profile shows up you must strategically place keywords in your profile. To get to the top of search results do a search, check other profiles for placement and frequency of keywords. It is important to know that when recruiters are searching for prospects, only people in their network (1st, 2nd and 3rd level connections as well as members of the same group) will show up in their results. If you have a small network, you will have limited results. The same applies to anyone searching for the product or services that you offer. If you are not a part of their network, you will not show up. Adding new connections is an important part of an effective LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Keywords: You Are What Others Search! Add the same job title (Keywords) in your interests section The Interests section is heavily indexed on all fields. You can add keywords followed by a comma, that shows your professional interests, follow it up by including your “signature block” data or your name (“I’m interested in furthering my engineering career in management roles. John Smith”). Either way, your common name will get a little less common on LinkedIn.

Ninja Tactic: View Others Profiles 1. Go to settings & select 2. Profile – privacy controls 3. Select “What Others See when you have viewed their profiles” 4. Select “ Totally Anonymous” or “Anonymous Profile” 5. Now view Hiring managers profiles

Ninja Tactic: Join Groups & FOLLOW others 1. Join Groups to expand your network 2. Reconnect with colleagues and business partners 3. Follow others that will not connect with you 4. Select group, the click on the members tab, select follow 5. Updates from who you are following will show up on your homepage, LinkedIn doesn’t notify them that you following

Just LinkedIn: (15) Company Follow

Ninja LinkedIn: Rapportive

Guerilla Strategy: Job Search 1. Use LinkedIn to uncover information for job search. Do some preinterview ground work. Do you know the name or title of the person you are meeting? 2. Learning how they think, their background and some of their hot buttons etc., will afford you a one up especially if your competition has not invested their time to do some homework. 3. If that person is listed on LinkedIn, go to that profile and find out as much about that person as you can. First review all the recommendations they have given to other people. This will allow you to ascertain what personal or professional qualities are important to that hiring authority.

Guerilla Strategy: Job Search 4. Next, review all the profiles of the people that hiring authority has recommended; particularly those people who now work (or have worked) at that company or people at other companies who have worked for him/her elsewhere. This will supply you with job search intelligence as to the backgrounds that particular decision maker tends to favor, the character, values and work ethic that they admire, etc. 5. Lastly don’t overlook the people who have recommended that hiring authority. Endorsements will tell you a lot about that executive and why those endorsers have a high regard for that person

Guerrilla Strategy: Advanced Search & Google Use Google to find LinkedIn 3rd degree connections who only show First name and last initial.

Guerrilla Strategy: Google Use Google to find 3rd degree connections • “Copy” information including name, initial, title, and location • “Paste” in Google search box, and comma and LinkedIn, and remove the “word” group

LinkedIn Group members Last Name Copy Image URL Step one - copy image URL Step two - Open Google browser for Images Step 3 - Paste image URL into Google Image Search

THANK YOU Contact Information BruceBix49@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/brucebixler49 @BruceBixler49 Bruce Bixler

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