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Published on September 22, 2014

Author: navut


advertisement Budget Wisdom| Best times of year to go on vacation Oceanside beach scenery There are many factors involved in taking a well-deserved break from the job, school, or life in general. But what are the best times of year to go on vacation? With our fleeting summers, long winters and limited vacation times which require complex scheduling, it can be a confusing thing for Canadians to book a good time for vacationing with friends or family. While of course, there are different situations for everyone, we’ve taken a general look at a few popular getaways for Canadians and put together this list of factors to consider in terms of the best times of year to go on vacation, from a perspective of getting the best bang for your buck. All-inclusives and beach vacations are cheaper off-season Best time: May, early June and early September

An example of an all-inclusive destination in Cancun, Mexico This one might seem like a giveaway, but it’s easy to get swept into the winter frenzy of wanting to get out of the cold at all costs. And those costs can be quite considerable, because all-inclusive getaway companies are pros at maximizing their returns during the popular winter season. Sure, we can’t argue that a few weeks in Mexico in January is amazing, but if you’re willing to wait a few months, the prices you’ll encounter for that same Deluxe Grand Vista Five Star Ocean View Luxury Spa Extra Special Snowflake Room could be a couple of hundred dollars lower. It’s important to research and consider the weather in Caribbean countries before booking of course, but generally, if you’re able to avoid the most popular seasons for Canadian tourists, you might get a great deal. Similarly, if you’re seeking beach vacations North of the equator, where June, July and August are the most popular times, consider whether you can either wait a bit longer or arrive a bit early: May is less considered for vacationers, and the weather is just getting good in most of North America, so consider late Spring instead of full-blown summer tourist seasons. Alternately, late August and early September are usually still on the tip of great weather (just make sure to watch out for hurricane seasons near the equator as you near autumn), and even better rates as school begins and most vacation times are ending. Unexpected best times of year to go on vacation: Europe is best seen in the Fall! Best time: Late September, early October

A beautiful shot of the Eiffel Tower in the fall foliage If you’re less of a beach-goer, you’re in luck! Autumn travel offers some of the best sights at the best prices around. October is a month where the weather is still lovely, and the prices lovelier still, and is a top pick for the discerning traveler. Generally-speaking, the flurry of European touring has ebbed by the end of summer, and if you’re comfortable with wearing a light jacket during your travels, everywhere from Paris to Amsterdam is up for grabs at much fairer fares. The prices go down even more in winter for the bravest of the bunch, but for better weather, we recommend autumn. Bonus tip on local fall travel: There’s nothing quite like the Canadian colors in autumn. If you enjoy brisk air, hiking and leaves of all conceivable shades for as far as the eye can see, check out Canada in the fall! Tourists from as far as Asia flock to our mountainsides every year to see these seasonal sighs, but you’re already here! Why not give your own backyard a peak with some camping or a road trip?

Fall foliage in Canada Winter in Canada: Cool in more ways than one! Best time: December – February

Skiers take a trip up the chairlift While most of us frost-bitten folks understandably prefer to head for the beach in the winter, a more economic, and equally fun way of spending your precious time off might be through playing in the snow! If you and your family enjoy winter sports, just about every province in Canada can offer you the best there is in terms of skiing, skating, sliding, snow-shoeing and all the rest! You can stay local, enjoy the bounty of what the Great White North has to offer, and get a real kick out of trying new activities. Furthermore, many places like Montreal and Ottawa are hubs for the winter-weary, as they put on great festivals like Montreal en Lumiere, or Winterlude to keep you warm in the best kinds of ways. Summer’s a cliche anyway, right?

The Montreal en Lumiere Festival in February Make your own tourist season, and stay informed! A sound strategy for vacationing if you prefer less crowded and more affordable digs is to thoroughly research your destination. To really take advantage of the best prices, you have to be as crafty as the travel companies. Consider weather, high and low seasons and keep in mind that airline and travel companies are always looking to charge more during traditional “touristy” seasons. If you can afford to stay on the edge or off those high traffic zones, you’ll save a lot. Being flexible in terms of vacation time really pays off. Bonus tip for those not wishing to compromise: If you want it all, fair prices and great destinations at peak seasons, there’s one way to do it for the most organized of us: Plan ahead. We’re not talking a few weeks or months, either. By booking your time off a year ahead of time, you can save up to 50% on airfare and lodging. That said, we’re not sure why everyone doesn’t just do that either, but we’re not judging! Best time: Whenever you like! We hope you’ve enjoyed our thoughts and we wish you a safe and happy vacation! If you’re curious about some great places to visit during your vacation, be sure to check out Navut to find out more about some awesome Canadian cities and neighborhoods. PS: There’s still time for your summer vacation: Find out how to make the best of the rest of this summer

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